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May 15th 2014 Above us, only sky…

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I said I would address comments about the boat Arlo and Janis are supposed to have, the boat bequeathed them by Gus, and I will—sort of. First, I want to clarify something. While some of the comments over at the A&J GoComics site tend to be crankier than most here, it isn’t because I moderate in advance the comments made on this site, as was suggested in Monday’s comments. I don’t. A lot of readers post nice things on GoComics, the syndicate Web site, but I regularly get lambasted there for one thing or another. That’s what comments are for, I suppose. And someone asked if the “Schooner Cartooner” survived Hurricane Katrina. Yes, it did. The owners evacuated it from Biloxi in time. Now, about the boat. You know, it’s a much deeper subject than simply the boat. One reason I stepped away from the subject of Arlo’s obsession was that reader comments and “likes” led me to believe a vast majority of readers don’t particularly respond to the subject matter. I cannot stress enough what a terrible method that is for directing the creative process. But there it is. It is so much a part of what we do these days, especially as readership gravitates from print media to digital media. I’m trying to learn to live with it. Of course, the proper thing to do as a cartoonist would be ignore all external influence, but Hey! We have so much fun here, don’t we? So, will the boat show up again anytime soon? I think it will.

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