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Oct 16th 2014 Lost at Sea

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Here’s more from the “wild art” file. Another project that never got off the ground. Or never left the dock might be a more appropriate metaphor. Look at Janis’ foot—I didn’t know I could draw feet that well! This was drawn about the time of the two pieces in the previous post. For the hardcore sailors among you, the cockpit is a fairly realistic depiction of that on a vintage Tartan 27 sloop I once owned. It was a tough little boat. I sold it to a friend, and it was lost in Hurricane Katrina. Just to illustrate how bad things were, the boat at the time of the storm was in a Bay St. Louis boatyard, “on the hard” as they say. This means it was on dry land, supported by jacks. Still, it was swept away and never seen again.

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