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Nov 12th 2015 Stuffing Nonsense II & III

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I missed yesterday, so here are the next two comics from the 1996 Thanksgiving series. In my mind, this series is significant, because it represents a departure from my previous writing and humor. The top strip, an allusion to a scene from the movie “Jaws,” and even the silliness of the next strip were outside the norm for the body of Arlo & Janis that had gone before. Until about this time, A&J mostly had been an unvarnished “slice of life” strip, concerned with the literal if hopefully humorous doings of a young family. About this time, I occasionally became more whimisical and absurd with the writing and have continued to this day. While still a “slice of life” strip (That’s what they’re called in the trade.), I like to think such stretching of the boundaries helps to set A&J apart a bit.

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