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Nov 24th 2015 Mower shirt discussion

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The teasing is over. The new A&J line of clothing (AKA, tee shirts) is in production and almost ready for unveiling. I hope it can go on sale early next week, the first of December. Until then, you can help us. I know I have asked you to speculate about this sort of thing in the past, but it isn’t speculation now. It’s happening. If you think you might be interested in owning a shirt, let us know. I’ll tell you how in a moment, but first you’ll want to know something about the shirts.
The shirts are being printed in a ridiculously humble shop in north Mississippi. Artisans screen print each one by hand. I designed the artwork and have been involved personally in preproduction. There are two designs: one based upon the iconic car logo and another based on Ludwig, the cat. (I was there when they began to roll off; I think they look good.) Each will be available in two styles: short or long sleeve. The car-shirt colors are: natural, sport grey, military green, charcoal grey and Carolina blue. The cat-shirt colors are: sand, black, pink, red and gold. For today, use your imagination. I know there is more to consider, but I’m trying to keep this short. I’ll deliver specifics as Thanksgiving week evolves. Right now, it will benefit all of us, including customers, if you can help gauge demand. You would not be ordering! You would not be committing to anything, and (ahem) neither would we. There’s no money involved! We just hope you will help us establish a rough idea of what’s ahead, especially with Christmas so near.
I know you haven’t actually seen the shirt. I haven’t discussed price. If you want to wait a day or so for the full details to write, that’s fine. But we’re friends here, and if you’re pretty sure you might want shirts, go to the top of this page and hit the “email” link and drop us a line, or just comment below—but not both, please. Tell us what sounds good to you. Include sizes if possible. Really, folks! This is a seriously local operation. Thank you! — JJ

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