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Dec 3rd 2015 Crash Commercialism

Buy the new book, "Beaucoup Arlo & Janis!"Today's "Arlo & Janis!"
The T shirts will go on sale tomorrow unless something unexpected crops up, which is not outside the realm of possibility. After all the advance chatter, you’re probably expecting a brass band and an F-16 flyover, but it’s all going to be very low key. I hope. This site will look as it always does, except there’ll be a link which will take you to “Galerie Arlo and Janis,” the same eBay site I have used in the past to sell original artwork. As with the artwork, purchasers will use PayPal, but they do not have to be a member. Just follow the instructions and purchase through PayPal as one would almost any online retail transaction. There are always those out there who hate eBay or hate PayPal, with cause I’m sure, but I must do it this way for now, to assure getting the shirts out in a timely manner. In the near future, I plan to have my own “store” associated with this site. That’s in the works but nowhere near fruition. There’s so much to discuss! I’ll be back later today with an update. Have you noticed we haven’t discussed price? We’ll get to that.

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