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Feb 24th 2016 Web Comic

Remember when a Web page was an interesting thing unto itself? Well, that would have been about 10 years ago, when I drew this A&J strip. Actually, it would have been longer than that, because I’m usually at least three to five years behind the curve when it comes to popular culture. Incidentally, one of my regrets is not seriously studying language when I had the neurological pliability to do so effectively. I always hear that English is a Germanic language. That would be German in the third panel. Does it look like English to you? Well, aside from “falsch” for “wrong.” I earnestly have tried to learn Spanish and French in my later years and failed mostly. Nevertheless, I can say English also shares a lot with the Romance languages. As I said, I wish I’d studied linguistics. And as Arlo once told Gene about studying a foreign language, “At least you’d know you’d learned something.”

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