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Mar 29th 2016 Moment of Ruth

Welcome to a week of Gene, starting with his 1996 “introduction” to his soon-to-be girlfriend Ruth. Yes, the “other family” within Arlo & Janis is back in the current strip after a lengthy hiatus. I’m glad they’re back. I’ve missed them, as I know many of you have, because you tell me so, sometimes in no-uncertain terms. I deliberately gave them a rest; well, as much as I “deliberately” do anything. This gave me a chance to let some stale old story threads expire and, hopefully, restored my enthusiasm for the coastal crew. This is important, because concentrating on son Gene and his young family really is like drawing a different strip, and a different kind of strip at that. I’m going to talk more about this in the coming posts. I think we’ll have an interesting conversation.

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