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Jun 28th 2016 Shore Thing

Still at the beach! It’s fun putting several strips from a series together this way. It becomes a comic book! We talked about “More” magazine in the previous post. Today, it’s “Myspace.” Myspace is still around, but it’s no longer tres cool, or “very hip, very inside.” I mean, for crying out loud, this strip ran, what…? Nine years ago!
The Kickstarter thing. It isn’t my intention to tease you, but I feel I owe you updates. Things are proceeding well, actually. Much of the creative work is in place, but we are taking time to assure the financial records are properly in place. I would hate for the project to be taken down on a technicality in the middle of our fun! Speaking of fun, I might as well take this time to ask what you would like to see as a “reward” for your Kickstarter pledge. I have some goodies in place, but I’m very interested in what you’d like to see. I know you don’t even know what the project is yet, but for now let’s not worry about that; just assume it’s something you’ll want to support. I think you will.

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