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Jul 6th 2016 Digging Up Bones

Presented without comment, two comic strips from 1997. Name a nightmare. How about an ex-wife who churns out books that, no matter the subject, are heavily weighted with autobiography? Welcome to my world. Actually, it’s not that bad. In fact, my friend and ex-wife Rheta Grimsley Johnson has produced a new book entitled “The Dogs Buried Over the Bridge,” in which she dishes on dogs, husbands and other trappings of domestication. She also has a new Web site, Of her previous books, my favorite is “Poor Man’s Provence, Finding Myself in Cajun Country.” It makes Rheta mad when I single out PMP for praise; I don’t know why. Of course, if I were better at knowing what makes Rheta mad, she’d be writing different stories. But take a look at “The Dogs Buried Over the Bridge.” Just don’t believe everything you read.
Buy the new book, "Beaucoup Arlo & Janis!"Today's "Arlo & Janis!"

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