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Jul 13th 2016 Breaking News

Cartoonist’s Update: It’s out there! The truly curious among you won’t have a problem finding the information on Kickstarter—I hope. But for now, I’m kind of beat. I will be back here tomorrow with a discussion of rewards and the project and related stuff. It’s going to be fun! For now, I’m going to relax a minute.

OK! All right! I’m back. I was getting so flustered I promised myself I would not get back on here until that dang Kickstarter campaign was ready to launch. Well, almost true to my word, I am here to tell you that it will launch at noon CST today! As I write this, that is a little over two hours. I will come back here with a link, but where you really will want to go is the Kickstarter site, Search for “Arlo and Janis” or “parsonage.” But not until after noon! We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

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