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Jul 19th 2016 This and That Old House

The Return of an Undead Building

Cross my heart and hope to die! I pulled up a batch of about two dozen old cartoons from 2004, looking for something interesting to share with you today, and this was among them. I couldn’t pass it up. Nonetheless, I wanted to post something today that would give us a semblance of normalcy around here. I’m sure everyone is as tired of the teeter-totter art as I am. It is Tuesday, however, and I almost never miss a Tuesday. If you only check in periodically, click the new link above or go back a couple of days to see what we’ve been up to. As for the rest of you, there is news about multiple rewards and other things. We’re going to get back to the barking, but we have time. I’m going to leave this with you for now. Semblance of normalcy is what we’re all about here.

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