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Jan 20th 2017 Snow Fun

Water, in all its forms, is interesting to depict. Owing to its reflective nature, it often is best represented by negative space. A lake can be understood simply by drawing a line of trees on the far shore. Snow, as on the coats in the last panel, is “drawn” with the mere absence of dark. But to me the more interesting thing about this cartoon from two years ago is the tracks in the snow. Arlo and Janis always walk single file, as they do above in Panel 4, because it’s conducive to dialog and to the camera’s point of view—at least I think so. It’s the same reason people on TV so often sit on the same side of the breakfast table (as do Arlo and Janis, now that I think of it). Anyway, the tracks in the snow were left by two people walking side by side, and for much the same reason they walk single file. Side-by-side tracks better fit the format of visual storytelling. Artistic license! Don’t sit down without it.

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