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Feb 14th 2017 Happy Valentine’s Day!

How’s your Yiddish this Valentine’s Day? Actually, when I was an unremarkable boy growing up in a southeastern mill town, I had quite a little vocabulary of Yiddish—or German—words, although I didn’t know it. Klatch. Bagel. Kvetch. Schlemiel. This was, of course, because television production in those days originated almost exclusively in New York City, and those early productions owed much to Vaudeville and even used many of the actors and comedians from the Vaudeville circuit. They made the outside world seem like such an interesting place! Then, it all moved to Los Angeles, and it didn’t seem that way anymore.
I know I have been scarce of late, but I’m recovering from the dreaded “flu-like illness” which has plagued me for what seems like an eternity. Updating a Web site doesn’t exactly tax one’s physical limits, I know, but an instinct for self preservation seems to kick in that prioritizes sitting in front of the television and having someone deliver a steady flow of soothing warm beverages. It’s working! I am recovering, thank you.
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