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Apr 7th 2017 Rug Test

I’m sorry posts have been sporadic lately, but I’ve been on the road much of the past two weeks. This morning I am in Demopolis, Alabama, which tomorrow will observe its second annual Rooster Day. Rooster Day is something new, but it is a commemoration of the city’s famous rooster sale in 1919. Like much of Demopolis history, the rooster sale was a quirky, unique thing. To raise money to build a bridge to span the Tombigbee River, locals raised money with a giant rooster auction. Some of the money also went as a local contribution toward completion of a transcontinental road, which is now U.S. Highway 82. It is said President Woodrow Wilson himself took time from wrapping up World War I and brokering a peaceful world to contribute a rooster to be sold. (I’d guess he had a secretary do it for him.) To try and make amends, I’ll be back tomorrow morning, in the early hours of Rooster Day 2017, with a special Saturday post sharing my own experiences with the Rooster Bridge.
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