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Dec 1st 2017 Four eyes walk into a bar…

Forget the boat. What happened to Arlo’s glasses!? Friday isn’t the best day to start a series nor is it a good day to begin a journey, but I’m going to do both. When I was young, I remember reading an anecdote told by Charles Schulz. In Peanuts, he depicted Charlie Brown’s sister Sally in a new set of glasses for which she’d been fitted by the “ophthalmologist.” According to Schulz, he received vociferous pushback from optometrists, who saw themselves sidelined in favor of a medical doctor. Sparky had not given the matter any thought beforehand, but apparently it’s a touchy area with optometrists. It’s just one of the great things about being a cartoonist: you never know from whence the slings and arrows will come. Sally went on to lose her new glasses, too.

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