The Color of Funny

Today’s old strip from 2012 is offered without editorial opinion. Through the years, Janis’ interest in sports has been revealed to be purely sporting. I think this arose long ago when Janis routinely would do well in her office’s football pool, while Arlo perennially wasted his dollar. I think it’s a cute juxtaposition, and I’ve had a lot of fun with it. And, yes, “cute” can be the appropriate word on occasion. I was talking about the colorization of Arlo & Janis last week. I was saying that I personally color the Sunday strips, while a third party at the syndicate colors the dailies. Until now. As of this week, all the new strips that you see in color at GoComics and in many newspapers—daily and Sunday—were colored directly by yours truly. Me. Yes, they finally convinced me this color thing isn’t going away.

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