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Apr 24th 2018 Before there was Facebook…

Not long ago, about all you could do with your computer, unless you were a technology geek, was read the news, send e-mail, play digitalized card games and visit rudimentary Web sites. Like this one. Speaking of Web sites, I want to thank those of you who visit my pages on The home office, so to speak. Early this year, we had a few conversations about the new realities, about the future importance of the Web to those who draw comics and those who enjoy them. I told you that when you visit any creator’s site on GoComics, it helps them directly, if only in a small way. However, the effect is cumulative, so there must be something to accumulate. If you “like” something or “share” it, that helps further. I encourage you to be objective in this. I am sensitive to artificially goosing the numbers: I prefer to know what’s really going on. I say I want to thank you, because the numbers for Arlo & Janis are up demonstrably over the past few months and are continuing to climb. You are doing that, and with only a little goosing from me.
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