They’d Strangle Us

(Cartoonist’s note: this post appeared, in it’s entirety, 10 years ago. Most of you will have not seen it or will have forgotten it. Those of you who do remember, I applaud you and fear you a little.)
Normally, Ludwig the cat doesn’t speak or think out loud in Arlo and Janis. On whimsical occasions such as April Fools Day or a metaphysical exploration of Arlo and Janis as stage play with the characters as hired actors, he has been allowed to talk. Routinely, he just says “meow” and such, but I do stretch things a bit by allowing him to express himself with body language and facial expressions which, to me, seem more like caricature of true cat behavior than anthropomorphous indulgence. I do this, because it seems right. That shows what I know. If I let the cat talk, I’d probably be rich.
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