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Jun 26th 2018 Do you have a picture of the bicycle?


(Cartoonist’ note: I was going to wrap up the “Peggy Sue” thing today, but I found a couple of strips that I somehow overlooked. I like them both, so I’ll show them to you today.)
Remember when bicycles with gears and caliper brakes were called “English” bicycles? By the time I was in college, they were “10-speeds” and very much the rage. I owned a pricey model with leather saddle and extruded aluminum tubing that was, indeed, made by an English company called “Raleigh.” (I actually took out a loan to buy that thing!) In the colonies it was pronounced “RAHlee,” as in North Carolina, but my Aunt Joan, a native of England, told me it was pronounced “rally” in the motherland.

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