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Jul 11th 2018 ‘I have to look like I’m listening?’

A bit of trivia about this old A&J strip from 1998: for those of you who really know your vintage production sailboats, and for the rest of you, the boat in Arlo’s daydreaming was very closely based on the original Tartan 27, an early fiberglass boat originally manufactured on the shores of Lake Erie. They were heavy, capable little boats, though not considered so little in their day, and I owned one for many years. Hence the influence on Arlo’s fantasy boat. Eventually I sold my boat to a friend on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. He had it removed from the water and placed on a stand for repairs by a boatyard in Bay St. Louis. It was there, high and dry on the yard, when Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. It was never seen again.

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