The Only Constant

As I have mentioned before, a lot of my household furniture, or former household furniture, finds its way into Arlo & Janis. One example would be the Queen Anne-style table that appears in the corner of many panels, whenever someone needs to drop a set of keys or the mail. I have a very similar table I found in an antique store many years ago. The style, I think, is more interesting than a simple straight-leg table, but that’s a happy coincidence. Arlo and Janis and I have the same table, because it’s a convenient model for me. I still have the table, but the ubiquitous sofa is modeled on one I had when the strip began, and it is long gone. It’s a good cartoon sofa! It’s low, allowing the characters to be seen, and it’s simple. I have thought of having it recovered, i.e. using a different color in Photoshop. I have to pick clothing colors that don’t clash too badly with the upholstery, and it’s generally icky. I used to not have to worry about such things.
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