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Sep 11th 2018 Still Lost

(Cartoonist’s note: Continuing today with the next three installments of “Lost Key,” complete with original commentary. Should have stayed lost! This stuff is awful. If thought it was very clever at the time I drew it.)

Enter Davey. Davey was to be a central player. Davey. Get it? As in “Davey Jones’ Locker.” Looking back, I have the same trouble with Davey that I have with the character Linguini in the otherwise excellent animated film Ratatouille. Both Davey and Linguini are such doofuses (doofusi?) that it’s difficult to sympathize with them. They even look a lot alike, don’t they?

Yes, I misspelled Mr. Buffett’s surname. I blame my old friend Curtis for that. My first serious exposure to Jimmy Buffett’s music was from a collection of cassettes Curtis copied for me from his vinyl albums. In the process of labeling the cassettes, Curtis misspelled “Buffett,” and I went on to compound the error. Not only did I listen to Jimmy’s music without paying, I didn’t even spell his name right. I believe I subsequently have purchased enough legitimate Jimmy Buffett music and merchandise to atone.

Enter Konk. Could I have gotten more unimaginative with the names? It seemed horribly clever at the time. Konk was to be Davey’s mentor and boss, of some sort. I’m not sure what business Konk was in. I knew better than to ask.

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