The Natural

I repaired a bathroom faucet myself just last week. The handle on the cold-water tap had become a bit loosey goosey, so I took it apart to see what I could do about it. Let me tell you: modern faucets are different. I couldn’t quite figure it out, so I took the big nut off to delve deeper into the problem. Without warning, a geyser of cold water hit me in the face, carrying with it an assortment of O-rings and springs and unidentified plastic doodads. It was like something out of a comic strip! Fortunately, the shut-off valves under the sink were properly installed and functioning. As I said, modern faucets are different. I had to disassemble the perfectly good hot-water tap just to learn how to reassemble the miniature innards that I had, with some effort, managed to locate. It took a while and some trial and error, but I finally got both taps back together and working. If I were that smart, you’d think I’d have known to cut the water off first.  

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