May 31st 2012

Hello, Jimmy, nice to meet you. I hope I can help out.

If you have faithful, longtime followers, I suspect many of them may already have accounts on and this could be why they are getting stuck in a cycle. If they were a (Cartoonist’s note: That’s the old United Media Web site.) user, they automatically received a account. That is now a free account and they simply need to log in to get access (there are password and username reminders if they clicked here: ).

Simple answer might be:

If you were a user, you already have a free account. If you are getting one comic by email a day from GoComics, the email address being used is already set-up on

If anyone having trouble could contact us at , we would like to help them. We have a great staff here who can look up their user accounts and help solve the problems.

As a free user, comic fans get one comic by email of their choice. If they pick 20, only one randomly appears each day. I would recommend you tell fans to make “Arlo & Janis” their one comic pick with their free account. Then, they will get your comic every day.

I took a look at your site and I think I see what may be happening through comments left by others. Many probably already have active GoComics accounts.

– I wish I could contact “Dave in MA “ I would like to help him/her. I would like to get their email address and look into it.

- My bet is Mindy is already registered and the site will not let her create a duplicate account.

- I found your user “Michael “ in our system. He has two accounts – free migrated account and a premium, account. His “two email” issue is because of this. Some users cancelled accounts when they upgraded, others left them open. His was left open.

I haven’t looked at your subscriber number but I do see an increase in traffic to your comic on this week! May pageviews are up 20% over April.

Thank you for promoting and suggesting to your fans that sign up for an account!

Please let me know if any of this is confusing or if we can help with more, detailed information.


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