The Televised Was Not a Revolution

I said we would explore some more bad verse. This particular example is from 2007. I readily admit, the improvements in television technology are wonderful, especially after prices fell in line. “Improvements” really is a whopping understatement. My last cathode-ray television set had, if I recall correctly,  a 33-inch screen, but it took two grown people to lift it. The picture, of course, was made up of a fixed number of raster-scanned lines. If you are of a certain age, meaning “young,” you might wonder why I had such a small TV. Well, a 33-in. screen (measured diagonally) was considered large. If you got much larger, the picture would look awful. Remember those huge projection TVs that started showing up in bars and in the homes of people with a lot of money and adventurous ideas about how to spend it? They were ghastly! You get the picture. To say modern flat-screen televisions are better is to state the obvious. Now programming? Well, I refer you to the above.