The Thinker

October 6, 2016

Let’s face it; old people can be boring. It’s always fun to draw vignettes from the past, and I find myself doing it more these days, and I probably will continue to do so. Plus, it is an interesting exercise. If you read Arlo & Janis much at all, you know the artwork in the early strips, when the characters really were much younger, was very different. “Crude” is a word that comes to mind. It’s fun to revisit that era and see what the characters look like now that I really can draw. Yet another word about comments: generally, the comment feature is working. Most comments get through. A few of you, however, keep getting trapped in the “moderation” cue, and it tends to be the same visitors. You know who you are. I keep hoping this issue will solve itself as the software gets accustomed to all the regular visitors. So far, that hasn’t happened. This is frustrating for us all, and I’ll keep working on it.