Poet Laureate for a Day

May 5, 2019

We’re concluding our “Arlo & Janis Poet Laureate for a Day” contest with an effort from our outgoing Poet Laureate for a Day, Omar Khayyam. We thank Omar for his service and wish him the best. Now, with no further ado, our incoming Poet Laureate for a Day is Ken from Framingham, for the following limerick:

The alarm clock jolts you from sleep
But you think your morning will keep
Don’t hit the snooze button
Unless you’re a glutton
For hearing that son of a bleep!

We think Ken’s verse is witty, melodic, and we had to pick somebody. Jim Young was disqualified for lack of originality, because he inserted the word “Nantucket,” but we did think his limerick was funny:

There once was a man from Nantucket,
Who kept all his clocks in a bucket,
The alarm clock would ring
The bucket he would fling,
Far from the sound of Nantucket…

The Honorable Mentions are too many to mention, but you can see most of the entries by returning to Tuesday’s post. Thank you, and drive safely going home.