It was good enough for Matthew Broderick

December 28, 1988

It amazes me how many things have changed in the seemingly short time I’ve been drawing Arlo & Janis. By “things,” I literally mean things. In 1985, computer screens were black with green type. Or maybe orange. And if you wanted an image, you had to be creative enough to assemble it from type font, of which there was only one available. And computers had nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with drawing comic strips. So much has changed. Telephones, television sets as well as television programming, music delivery, even appliances. The common denominator, of course, is the microchip, but it has touched almost everything in daily life. Not to mention, there are myriad things common now that did even exist 35 years ago. Now, you can spend the rest of the day discussing how primitive technology was when you got started. You’re welcome.