Happy New Year!

Today’s oldie appeared on New Year’s Day, 2012, however its point makes it appropriate today and any other day. It also includes, as a bonus, one of those infinity puzzlers that intrigued us so as kids: is there a picture of Arlo and Janis dancing on the cartoon on the refrigerator and a picture of Arlo and Janis dancing on the cartoon on the refrigerator on the refrigerator, etc., etc. etc., etc….

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  1. My introduction to a parallel type of infinity goes back to my childhood barbershop. The place had mirrors on both front and back walls, and I often wondered how far into “infinity” I could see by looking directly into either mirror.

  2. Alas, said emporium had no P&P personnel, only old gentlemen of Italian birth. One of them signed my 8th grade autograph album. By great coincidence, I again met him around 23 years later in Florida. While officially retired, he still did some part-time clipping, which is why/how we met there.

  3. My better half is a 45 year cancer survivor and still feels like every day is a gift. Considering the type and year of her cancer the survival is pretty good. The newer, modern methods of treatment were still years away and one of the most common forms of treatment at that time was hack it all out and pray. Not to downplay the importance of prayer, but it really took a lot of prayer, and we still for both of us use a lot of precautionary means. Also we have invested in a very good cancer insurance. We’ve had a wonderful 40+ years of marriage due to her survival, so yes every day is a gift from God.

  4. cx-p:

    I remember being fascinated by the infinity created by two mirrors as a young child- got my mind blown and started me thinking about our place in the cosmos at a very early age.

  5. CXP,

    We had the same thing in the barbershop I went to as a kid and now, we have the same thing in our main bathroom. I often look to see “infinity” and my wife drives one!

    God bless us every one.

  6. Ursen,

    God has really blessed you and your wife. You are exactly right about each day being a gift from God. That’s why “now” is called “the present”!

    God bless us every one.

  7. Made my noon deadline for breakfast, blood check, insulin and medications. Seriously, that is my goal, noon.

    Got a new sleep shirt that says “A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear.” Found out Marilyn Monroe is credited with that quote. But debunked.

    I have to have clothes on to walk out and consult with my workmen. Good morning. Good afternoon.

    Unpacking and shuffling clothes off to Buffalo. Winter still on in Buffalo.

  8. I remember having difficulty sleeping one night as a kid. I have NO idea what was worrying me so much but eventually I started wondering “What is on the other side of the universe” and “What did God do before the beginning of time and what will he do after the end?” Alpha and Omega.

    Don’t worry, I eventually fell asleep. I just remind myself never to think that hard again!

  9. Have been unpacking, sorting winter clothes, hanging new purchases and collapsing intermittently from pain. Not best effort but I am done with minions.

    Found the bikini which is actually a yellow and black and white geometric stripe top and a black and white bottom. Have not seen a yellow polka dot nor an orange crocheted but I will look. I will also try this one on. XL was as big as top came in.

    I am.almost as picky as Ghost on bedding. Add ruined sheets and comforters, blankets to heinous crimes of one of five fired. My periwinkle blue deluxe fluffy blanket is now melted with animal hair, ripped and eaten with holes in several places! It goes in trash tomorrow and it was only a few months old. Goodnight John Boy.

  10. Good morning Villagers….

    Good to know you’re ok, Mark, and it was just your ISP…..by the links, it see it’s working.

    Some progress is being made on my car……

    dang email

    happy hump day

  11. Now if we all print this out and stick it to the fridge, we can duplicate the effect across the country. ?

    Cancer – wise, I’m 6 months out from surgery for “Round 2- This time it’s personal” . Doing fine and it’s always good to remember these gifts we call days.

    Best wishes for health and happiness to the other survivors in the village.

  12. For Ursen, I am a 10 year cancer survivor and I concur, every day is a gift to be opened carefully and used wisely. Prayer does work. When I was going through my treatments and finally surgery I had people who I barely knew praying for me. It worked. God bless you and your wife and I wish you both many more years of happiness.

  13. Ghost, I have a reminder every time I drive down University Blvd here. More than half of what was destroyed has not yet been replaced, nor likely will be. Today is warm and sunny, but that’s how the day started then, too.

    Folks, pay attention when they tell you to seek shelter. One of these storms can move faster than you think possible, and it’s hard to fathom the damage they can do until you see it firsthand.

    Stay safe, and God bless us all.

  14. The gutter installers are here and drilling away. More of my flood plan, they catch the water and carry it off via down spouts underground through French drains to the creek and not taking my soil with them. Knowing I would not be on roof I opted for the covered ones with lids to stop gutter blockage by leaves. Neighbors leaves at that.

    Have decided to tear down carport on front drive and not try to repair it so we will rebuild a new small guest house from scratch.

  15. LUCEEEE!! I’m home!

    Well, I haven’t really been gone, just sort of napping. Mostly I’ve been going to doctors appointments and having a few tests done. I have officially been diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome (or disease, depending on who you read on Google) which explains a few things. The doctors haven’t decided on a treatment yet, so more appointments ahead. rah.

    And yes, each day is a gift.

  16. Mark until a celebrity famous tennis player was diagnosed with it and had to drop out of world competition it never got much publicity. No charity benefits.

    People run up to you wanting to do heimlich to stop the cough. My teeth decayed and I did root canals and replacements. The glands swell, you get sore throats, pneumonia type infections, dry skin.

    So my manicure and pedicures, facials, skin care, even expensive glasses are medically related. Even my hair care, hair loss is a characteristic.

    And you thought I was just vain!

  17. I do a lot of medical reading, and that was a new on for me. To save some lookups, this is a brief description of the syndrome from the Mayo Clinic’s website:

    “Sjogren’s (SHOW-grins) syndrome is a disorder of your immune system identified by its two most common symptoms โ€” dry eyes and a dry mouth.

    “Sjogren’s syndrome often accompanies other immune system disorders, such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. In Sjogren’s syndrome, the mucous membranes and moisture-secreting glands of your eyes and mouth are usually affected first โ€” resulting in decreased production of tears and saliva.

    “Although you can develop Sjogren’s syndrome at any age, most people are older than 40 at the time of diagnosis. The condition is much more common in women. Treatment focuses on relieving symptoms.”

  18. When I was diagnosed it was by a nurse practitioner at the rural health clinic who sent me to a world famous autoimmune specialist who confirmed. I had never heard and had gone through University of Texas and Oklahoma both med school.

    I asked specialist how everyone else missed and he said it was obscure. I said Doug got it and he said it was because he read to the end of the book and the two pages that covered it in class.

  19. Yes, it is a bizarre disease. I have had a problem with dry eyes and mouth for years now, and was told to use eye drops and mouthwash. Didn’t help. Last year a young optometrist that was working at my eye doctor’s office asked me if I had been diagnosed with Sjogren’s, and I had to go look it up. Then it took me a while to get around to asking my doctor to do the test, and now I’m seeing a rheumatologist. She and my pulmonary doctor are revisiting the old diagnosis of sarcoidosis for the lung crud I’ve had for years since 12 years ago Sjogren’s wasn’t heard of where I lived then. I know it can’t be cured, but as I said, it will answer some questions, and be better than “well you know, Jean, you are getting on up in years”. I told Husband that I was going to spit in the eye of the next doctor that said that to me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. Hello, all, and thanks to those Villagers who wished me Happy Birthday on Facebook (or here–thanks, Llee.) Jackie and Jean, that was really interesting about the Sjogren’s Syndrome. I too looked it up online, Ghost–even before you did it for us! It sounds nasty, but I very much agree that it’s always better to KNOW what is going on.

    Jackie, the peafowl I have known don’t cackle, they screech. And guinea fowl are even worse, I think.

  21. Jean I sucked on hard candy for the cough for years, only to find out it was worst thing I could do. It dries out skin all over body, moisturize everything. Watch chemical and perfumes, fabrics.

    Yes, eye damage worse than dry eyes. Joint pain and stiffness. Lung diseases that resemble legionaires disease. Be sure and visit your dentist and tell them no cure but you can head off complications.

  22. And yall just thought I spent all that money on a perfect smile so I could flirt and pose for Playboy if they wanted world’s oldest centerfold!

    I am outing that this disease destroys teeth.

  23. Peafowl [males only?] do scream. They wander loose, or did, at the Bronx Zoo, so I was always greeted by screams when I got to work the summers of ’49 and ’51. Once saw a peahen in the wild at Watkins Glen, near the head of Lake Seneca in NY, one lake west of L. Cayuga and Ithaca, also in ’49-’51. Peace,

  24. Eight years free for me on the serious one and just minor skin cancer more recently and hopefully that’s all gone. For dry mouth and eyes you won’t believe this but I swear that it’s true. Take fish oil capsules and I don’t mean the ones that you buy in Wally World. If anyone wants to know I will be glad to provide the details, but they make a big difference for me. B-day coming up for me too. I’ll be just 3 years away from 70. You know what they say , 70 is the new 50. Well I say it anyway.

  25. You can’t make this stuff up. Cruz has named Fiorina as his running mate. I wonder if they will start with a 5k. I thought that this was all decided years ago, but they have discovered a new planet out past Jupiter and named it Makemake. It has a moon too. Maybe they will named it Mickey. Does that make 10 in the solar system? 8 and a half? 9? 9 and a half?

  26. Jerry: I believe ‘they’ have discovered strong evidence that a possible large planet may be the reason 5 Kuiper objects have certain peculiar orbits that converge when they are nearest Sol [out in Kuiper territory beyond dwarf planet Pluto, the innermost Kuiper object]. ‘They’ have not imaged said planet; don’t hold your breath until they do. It’s the best explanation so far for those seemingly trapped orbits. I think nobody has suggested naming it Fiorina, or Cruz, or Mop.

    Peace, emb

  27. I think the fish oil I was taking was some of that outer space stuff. It was prescription and I think 5000 or 50,000 ID every day. Kind of like my nonexistent Vitamin D which I was taking 50,000 units daily too.

    Trapper Jean, if they haven’t done so, have your Vitamin D level checked. Even with sunlight and foods I have almost none and the over the counter stuff doesn’t raise it, so prescriptions.

  28. Good morning Villagers…..

    And to all the cancer survivors…there is indeed power in prayer…….Amen

    Jean and Jackie, that disease sounds so overwhelming, you both have my prayers, and another Amen here.

    Old Bear, never had thought of answering that question that way…. too funny.

    Cruz Control…… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Going in early, packer down an hour yesterday, and I have belt rolls and blocks and lotsa eggs to bring in today.

    I saw that article on Accuweather also….started to read it and realized the time was getting away from me.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day

  29. Ghost Sweetie, I do indeed! Anyway, I’m not old, I’m vintage! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Debbe, thanks for the prayers. I’m just learning my way around this thing and can use all the help I can get.

    Part of the problem is that I’ve had bronchitis since I was a little girl, so that confused doctors for a while. What hurts is that I cough until I’m out of breath, and still have to cough. Not fun.

    And yes, Jackie, I have talked to my dentist. I do drink too much coffee and tea, probably, but I also always have a glass of water nearby, and if I leave the house there’s at least one bottle of water in my bag. I will check on the Vitamin D thing, though, and see what the rheumatology doc says about that. Thanks for that tip!

  30. Nancy, a belated wish for a very happy birthday!!

    A friend who lives in a subdivision says a neighbor, who already has something of a petting zoo in his back yard, has just acquired several peafowl. My friend says they screech a lot. ๐Ÿ™

  31. Jerry,

    I hope you’re right about 70. I’m less than 2 years from 80 and still no prescriptions! Is 80 the new 60? I hope so. Happy birthday to all who have had one or will have one soon.

    God bless us every one.

  32. Trapper, dentists are now being taught about Sjhogrens (see I can’t spell it) and because of the rapid teeth decay I have been on a six month appointment schedule for 20 years, now moved to four months with the beautiful and costly caps and bridges.

    My mama used to gripe endlessly about the amount of water and tea I drank. It is why I am always fighting Diet Coke addiction. She carried huge hard candy containers for me to sucked on, didn’t help teeth!

    Your ophthalmologist will be seeing you often too!

    This is such a bizarre and unknown to public disease I just explain the cough as not sick but allergies. I am back on plaquenil but refuse to go back on steroids. There should be some new treatments for you.

    Being so tired and in pain is hard to deal with but you just keep going. It beats the alternatives!

  33. Even my Weather Channel feed is talking about Mississippi, Alabama and Florida coastal disaster. You all check in if you can, I worry about you all. Jerry, save the kitties on the top floor.

    Mark I know you are inland but I think I should look at radar.

    Biloxi Gulfport looked awful.

  34. There is a homeless woman and her cat out in grass off side of Walmart parking lot. She did not look ok so I circled around and stopped to talk to her, gave her some money and asked if cat was ill, I would have taken them to my vet. She was worried about a kitten she had been feeding behind a closed restaurant I used to eat in. I am sure she was living around it. So, I promised to take a live trap and catch the kitten, add it to my collection.

    Two or three of those adolescent cats we neutered and spayed are coming up to eat the Endless Kitty Buffet now, along with the spayed mother and her spouse. So, some are alive. We live trapped them all.

  35. Nancy, I couldn’t believe I’d missed your birthday, until it was mentioned here it was originally mentioned on Buch der Gesichter and not here. That ‘splains it. So Happy Very Belated Birthday to you.

    Love, Ghost

    p.s. My cousin doesn’t come out of the Canyon until Saturday. I wonder what’s it like to spend two weeks with no cell phone or InterWebNet access. I think I’d be willing to find out if I were given the opportunity.

  36. Ghost, I offered you that chance and you declined. I would let you bring your guns but I am not sure about Canadian law?
    I promise, it was that remote unless you put in to shore at the two towns that had WiFi and cell phones. Just lock them in a drawer and be in remote serenity. Unfortunately since neither you nor I are skilled power boaters we might never do it alone.

  37. Good morning Villagers….

    Nancy, like GR, I missed sending you birthday greetings….so happy belated birthday. So is it your 29th?

    And Jerry’s is coming up too….you already told us how old you were going to be, so I know it’s not your 29th ๐Ÿ™‚

    Congratulations on raising a find daughter TR, may she make a difference in some students’ lives.

    Jean….and another Amen for you. Keep us informed, OK? Still have those flannel sundresses?

    Jackie, you are so giving….thanks for helping those who need it.

    The day before, we had a severe storm come through. Heard the rumbling of thunder. Next thing I knew, there was a bright flash of light and not even a fraction of a second came the thunder…loud, very loud. Ian was out in the middle of the hen house and it even lit it up. Then the hens went spastic….I don’t know what was louder, the thunder or the screeching of some 75,000 hens. It was deafening.

    And it’s Friday, got another seven day paycheck coming and going.

    …Old Bear, you made me have to REALLY think on that one…too early for that ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ya’ll have a blessed day.

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