Dream Come True


Today’s old A&J reaches all the way back to 1988; I’m tempted to say it was a different strip then, but as I look further, it is much the same. Years simply have passed. As I write this Tuesday morning, there is a little over 24 hours left in the fundraiser. I’m not going to whip you, or spur you or exhort you to a final burst of effort. However, if you’ve been meaning to donate something to the parsonage/art center project and claim a reward, now is the time. We’ll be recapping this thing the rest of the week. Thank you!
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82 responses to “Dream Come True”

  1. JJ – I really enjoy the very early strips as I didn’t discover A&J till the very early 90s. Of course, Beaucoup A&J helped with that a lot. Looking forward to the KickStarter book too.

  2. Jimmy, your humor was never in question but your drawing has much improved. You are in my opinion the best artist drawing a daily strip. I don’t understand why they keep awarding and rewarding others?

    We are $150 short of hitting $16,000 for parsonage.

  3. About today’s real time strip……this really hits home. I was a step child like Meg and the pain of not belonging never goes away. Since neither of us has a father it can hurt even more.

    Of course my mom’s second husband was her cousin so I was already related to them but had she not married into his family I doubt I would have known them. You are always painfully aware of “your family” being different.

  4. Read this online about the dangers of assuming the other person does not understand your language:

    My favorite moment was early on when I first moved to Japan in 1994…. Waiting on the train platform in a rural village when a mother and her young son come through the gate. Immediately the son grabs her mother’s hand and tells her in Japanese that they have to be careful of me – that I’m a dangerous foreigner.
    He promised to protect her but he was hiding behind her. We had a long wait. Eventually he decided he could creep closer. Still muttering under his breath about the foreigner. So I muttered back, “I love Japanese children. They’re delicious.” He ran screaming.

    I was at a restaurant in a rural area near Mt Fugi and obvious a little boy had never seen anyone that ever looked like me. I started making faces and the kid laughed. So years from now the kid will tell everyone how goofy Americans are….

  5. Good afternoon. Home again at last. Dont know when I will get results of tests. Off to work in a few.

    Congratulations on the progress of the Kickstarter fund, Jimmy.

  6. Not as funny but I had two Hispanic customers I was calling on, one spoke English, her employee did not. So they were commenting in Spanish about how hideously ugly some of the silk flowers and colors were. I listened while they talked and finally said in Spanish I too thought the same but it was my bosses bad taste, not mine, I just had to try and sell it.

    Laughter is a good language.

  7. I don’t want to get TOO political, but I’m wondering if there is a process in place for a party to withdraw a nomination of someone for president. Suppose the person is charged with a criminal felony or says something or does something so outrageous that it cannot be explained away by anyone no matter how hard they try.

  8. Please look at my post of early this a.m. on the previous page; I’d truly like to know about the degrees of separation matters mentioned.

  9. Old Bear, I should have mentioned this earlier. As I am very personally aware cancer can move VERY quickly (don’t believe anything that you read to the contrary). Speed is of the greatest importance in your friend’s case. I put my surgery off by a couple of months due to urgent family problems. If I had waited one more month my situation would have been much worse. Another month or two and I wouldn’t be here.

  10. Jerry I’ve loved questions like the one that you have posed and have reviewed it over the years. Part of it was because of McGovern replacing Eagleton in 1972 with Shriver and the close elections of 1968 & 2000. Basically it comes down to this:

    Both the DNC and RNC specify that the executive committee of the Party has the authority to replace a nominee (either President or Vice President) who dies, stands down, or becomes ineligible between the conclusion of the nominating convention and the general election. Typically the National Committee will respect the choice of the Presidential nominee, if it’s the Vice Presidential nominee that needs to be replaced, and will advance the Vice Presidential nominee to Presidential nominee and choose a new Vice Presidential nominee if it’s the Presidential nominee, but ultimately it’s up to the parties.

    A more interesting question is what happens after the election but before the Electors meet. Again, basically the same process (Party Central Committee picks the nominee), but the electors could decide to vote for their own. My guess is that electors in both parties might decide to vote for someone else instead the nominees. Interestingly some states require the elector to honor the candidate, but constitution scholars are in some debate over that. SOOO, if one candidate gets 270 and the other gets 268 (or they both tie at 269) one or two electors could change the election or throw it into the House of Representatives. The House would actually vote by state delegations and not by straight vote up or down.

    I could go on and on. The post-election of 2000 might have been as interesting as the actual election. We are fortunate to live in a republic that can go through that and remain strong.

  11. The parsonage is to over $16,000 and I hope goes higher in final hours like those old telethon used to do.

    The chickens moved out to garden and Dickens got up searching for them everywhere. He has gone out to yard to visit them in their pen. They took to dirt, grass and bugs like, well, like chickens and are happily scratching away.

    I need to go buy them some hay or straw for their beds and look for a bigger dog house to keep them dry for now.

    My yard help brought in basket of tomatoes so I am making homemade chicken, spinach and tomato pasta for dinner to use them up, in

  12. From yesterday:

    ‘Many of the worst accidents happen in bed. You see the results all around us daily.’

    Would like to blind-copy this, but know too many first-borns, at least one of whom this fits, except that she’s a wonderful, person, mother,[ and grandmother?] whom I wouldn’t hurt for the world.


  13. Thanks, I sometimes can get a zinger off now and then. Even half asleep. Still in my nighty but awake. Got dinner planned and my bed made up. Time to do some laundry and sweep up debris from seed packet opening.

    Not overly enthusiastic about going to post office for mail. Too hot.

  14. I tried to copy the previous comment from the end of yesterday’s comments and could not. I need lessons! I meant to type it here anyway, as did not notice Jimmy had a new page up.

    Senior moments.

  15. Jackie Monies on 02 Aug 2016 at 9:04 am #

    Good morning all, got a call from nice guy in New York about my boat trailer, sound asleep and slid off bed on slick new sheets I had put on bed last night. Bet they don’t have any TV commercials of old ladies in racer back short gowns on floor. “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.”
    Fought valiantly for my footing and managed to push body backwards onto bed.
    Many of the worst accidents happen in bed. You see the results all around us daily.

  16. I had a similar, but not as funny, language incident in Milan in 1989. We were on an exchange visit for Louisiana Very Special Arts sitting one American and one Italian for supper, when the Italians began talking of how the US got into WWII. I could understand a good bit of Italian then and can understand more now with college study, but the conversation was more of the conspiracy theory type and I won’t go into it here. It was quite interesting since they didn’t know the extent of my knowledge of the language. I learned most of my Italian from my grandmother and followed up with a minor in college.

    God bless us every one and prayers for all who need them.

  17. What idiot came up with satin sheets? Like trying to …… (fill in the blank with your own answer) on ice skating rink. Need grab handles on the bed to keep from sliding out of bed. Almost stopped at out, then realized how that would look in context and changed it. That is what an editor is supposed to do for writers. Looks like a dying art for newspaper these days.

    Jackie mentions Hal changing her words. Not all mistakes are the equipment. Got a long laugh from listening to dictation once. Dr. was describing patient’s pneumonia, and continued, “orgasm unknown”.

  18. Thanks Mark. Only place worse are tubs which is where I head next. And Jimmy got it right about Janis with the bath oils crawling out of slick tub. I have no idea where that panel is but I bet Ghost can find it!

    The other night I thought I might be in tub a day or so before I was missed.

  19. They aren’t actually satin but one of those new blends of synthetic fabric that aren’t supposed to wrinkle. They are almost as slick. I once bought satin sheets for a king sized bed and yes, you could definitely slip and slide!

  20. Having no idea I was going to really need them I gave away all the handicapped grab rails when I remodeled house. I recently bought some new ones for trial but have not installed them yet. Also bought some that can go on and off ceramic to pack in travel bag for motels. I have handicapped on profile for motels but I like soaking tubs so don’t limit myself to official handicap rooms.

    Right now I use my upper body strength to get in and out. Hey, I never thought I would be getting into tubs to soak at all! Or on my knees at all.

    Off to buy bale of straw for chickens before feed store closes.

  21. My mom had an awful afternoon and evening yesterday with pain from the pleurisy in her right lung. Then this morning, she was zonked out from the meds. Thankfully, she got better this afternoon, both pain-wise and zonked-wise, and was still doing well when I left her a short while ago. Every day is an adventure.

    I too am wondering about Miz Charlotte.

  22. For some reason, this Presidential campaign has begun giving me a recurring mental picture of two groups of early hominids, contesting a honeycomb by hooting and flinging poo at each other. I wonder why that could be.

  23. Jimmy, you could give me that one as my reward for the parsonage. Or any of Janis in the bubble bath soaking. I swear I did not take this up until a year ago and Janis is in my mind every second.

  24. Just sent a note to Miss Charlotte on her Facebook page from all of us and especially from Ghost. The last thing posted was over a week ago, a photo of her in convalescent home with her daughter.

  25. Hey, that’s what I need…a Book of Faces secretary.

    Seriously, thanks, Jackie. I know Charlotte said her daughter was helping her post on her tablet, and since we haven’t heard from the daughter, perhaps it’s nothing serious. I do know rehab can be very fatiguing under the best of circumstances, so maybe that’s all it is.

  26. I have daughters name and I am sending her a friend request so I can contact her. I just went through my Facebook life on Miss Charlotte’s likes. I am an entertaining person it seems. I try.

    I hope it is just the tablet too. I have come to love her and yes, I wish I’d driven there.

  27. Perhaps others of us can put a note to her on her Facebook page. Why did we not think of that? Mark just added a note.

    Ghost, anytime but do not ask me to help you connect with women to date. I draw the line there.

  28. Great news, I just heard from Miss Charlotte’s family and they say she is making great strides in the rehab facility. She is trying to learn the iPad tablet and is having trouble. But it sounds like she is reading posts?

    Those who are friends might send her a direct message, I will, and convey best wishes of those who are like Ghost shy of exposing himself to Facebook.

    Ghost, if you showed up in that on my doorstep I would either snicker hysterically or think Death had updated his look.

  29. Looks like stewardesses from early days of Southwest Airlines.

    Conveyed best wishes to Ms. Charlotte via her family and asked they let her know.

    Missed dinner by falling asleep in broad daylight so had very fashionable dinner of chicken vegetable soup composed of a lot of leftovers and some canned things. My blood sugars keep dropping too low so I had a Multigrain English muffin with Michigan sour cherry jam and Alabama lemon honey. Not together but Dickenson wanted the butter part.

    In other words I woke up not long ago.

  30. The 70’s should have been so much fun, but it was by far the worst decade of my life. It made me a better person after having gone through it though.

  31. I just read a couple of online articles on uniforms and gimmicks like paper uniforms that tore? There’s a book out on the airlines, stewardesses and uniforms, promotions.

  32. Hi Jackie. I got an answer on a hypothetical that I posed yesterday. The answer is that a revote somehow would have to be done by the convention delegates.

  33. Since I personally do not know anyone who seems to admit supporting either candidate, I wonder who does? And if the public doesn’t admit supporting them, then how did they win primaries and get nominated?

    The rest of us can’t decide what to do with our votes other than sit it out so we can shake our fist no matter who wins. It is a sad state of affairs.

  34. It looks increasingly likely that one of them will withdraw prior to the election. The question now is what if it is just before the election? I bet those Italian conversations are getting really interesting now.

  35. Good morning Villagers….

    Thank you, Jackie, for getting out a message to Miss Charlotte.

    Need to go into town and check on my Dad…..I worry about him falling. He’s not very steady on his feet. His Dr., wants him to go into nursing home. Dad is debating. I do not like nursing homes….lost too many grandparents, parents and aunts in them. They came out feet first.

    Oh, and the presidential race commercials…..I hurry up and mute them. The one just grinds me.

    And ‘Skittles’ did a fantastic job on the steel rod conveyor….he zipped tied the pressure washer wand (bet you can’t say that fast ten times) to a railing on the front deck, cleaned it and then put mineral oil on it….we’ll see if it gets painted this time.

    Sleepless again….think I may go lie back down.

    Glad you survived the stress test, Mark.

    ya’ll have a blessed day….

  36. Just heard from Miss Charlotte’s family again and they are going to see that she hears about any messages from us. I will add yours too Debbe. Yours too Jerry in case she doesn’t read us. I was going to have her family read us to her but they might not let their mama talk to us again!

    Jimmy, I imagine she would love to hear from you. It gets lonesome in those rehab homes, even nice ones.

    Did we know Miss Charlotte got her degree in English from Tufts University? I am impressed. That would have been early 50s.

  37. Thanks. Had two deer in the yard yesterday afternoon. Cool. I don’t mind eating them, but I could never shoot one. I used to hunt, but I never shot at a deer.

  38. Jerry: ‘It looks increasingly likely that one of them will withdraw prior to the election.’

    Source for that? Why would either one withdraw? Impossible job, of course, but legions seem to want it.


  39. That is scary and about what I suspected.

    President Obama has declared Trump unfit to serve as President which seems obvious yesterday according to New York times.

    The other side is waiting for Clinton to be charged with some criminal offense. That is what Jerry is talking about I think. One or t’other.

  40. Dear friends, I am so touched by your loving concern. Many thanks. Rehab is progressing even faster than hoped and I am feeling good. The tablet, Apple product, is so different from Microsoft have always used. Only can type one letter at a time … Slow. Love you all.

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