Busted Flush

A short poem today, for a short post. This is from 1996, 20 years ago this month. Someone asked me about this strip in an email the other day, wanting help finding it. At the time, I wasn’t sure where to look, and it was just as well. I would have sworn I drew it no more than 10 years ago. Yeek.

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354 responses to “Busted Flush”

  1. Don’t blame us for creating plumbing that is self accommodating; had we waited for a woman to do it, the chamber pot would still be fashionable.

  2. Jackie, discontinue your proscribed meds, force fluids, and call your physician ASAP ref your allergic reaction. Taking a dangerous narcotic Benadryl™ dope tablet probably would not hurt.

  3. Busted flush in Baton Rouge, waitin’ for a train
    And I’s feelin’ near as faded as my jeans
    Bobby thumbed a diesel down, just before it rained
    It rode us all the way to New Orleans

  4. And a woman, some two generations ago, who taught male primatologists what was really going on in the sociology and reproductive dynamics of langurs* and baboons, with implications for lions [the only social cats] and other social mammals. Besides, she gave better talks than the men at a symposium I attended at Gustavus Adolphus College some 20 yr. ago. *new word in dictionary


  5. Re today’s retro…guilty, in the past. No longer do that. Don’t ask me to explain why, either then or now.

    Blew my food budget last night on Asian dumplings and hand-roll sushi. No grilled oysters for me today. Will probably have to eat at Gruel-in-the-Box. Woe is me. 🙂

  6. Jackie, I so often want to write “What Ghost said.” Truly, stop anything that could be causing the reaction and call doc; wait on line till they resolve the issue.

    emb, I’m with you on Strunk and White.

    MontanaPhil, I’ve never known a woman to have that reaction to the sound of water. Women also don’t do the little boy pee jiggle. We just casually cross our legs and think “Where the heck did I see a restroom?”

    sand, how is your sweet Loon?

  7. eMb, was that meeting at Gustavus Adolphus one of their Nobel conferences? I managed to get to 2 of same and found them quite to my liking.

  8. Jackie and others who may be interested, from the Cabela web site: Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s Incorporated (NYSE:CAB), two iconic American outdoor companies with similar humble origins, and with a shared goal to better serve those who love the outdoors, today announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement under which Bass Pro Shops will acquire Cabela’s for $65.50 per share in cash, representing an aggregate transaction value of approximately $5.5 billion.

  9. Maybe narrow pipes has something to do with the reason some men dribble?

    I am taking benadryl and not taking any new oral medications, the only new med was the antibiotic by injection and whatever was in steroid cocktail injection which usually counters allergies. Was to wait to start the Z pack in a couple days.

    Looked at both legs to hips and I am covered in big red blotches randomly so assume rest of me is as well. Took 3 benadryl and calling doctor. Just looked, chest and other parts similarly blotches.

    Need Ghost here to play doctor. I am taking shower and new pajamas for now. And the benadryl.

  10. I do imagine Ghost does. Lots of practice.

    Just bought tickets for Kris Kristopherson at Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa. Waited so long they are probably in the hallway but still………..

    On subject of tickets when did they enter stratosphere, one way to the moon?

  11. Given a safe location, emb, feral house-cats will live together, helping to groom each other, and the females will help care for the kittens while their mothers are hunting. (They’re quite affectionate by nature, which is why they make friends with humans so easily.) Lions, however, are the only felines I know of that aren’t solitary hunters.

  12. Took shower, still itch. Look like My Little Pony after the five year old colors her with pink paint like a dalmatian.

    Covered in big spots from head to toe and itching. Put on short pj’s just in case so more spots visible. Not for esthetics but to see when they grow or shrink.

    Also retaining fluid, big increase in weight overnight. Drinking fluids however not that much.

    Love y’all. You know that don’t you?

  13. As I was saying on the previous page before I accidently deleted it all…

    The bad news is that we are in fact in Matthew’s expected path; the good news is that, barring a change in direction, we’ll be on the west side of the storm which is generally less intense. Bob and I are both native Floridians, with parents who were the same, so we’ve been through this before and know what to do.

    In 2004, commonly referred to as “the year of all the storms” (3 hurricanes for our area), the worst part of the experience was lengthy power outages. We hope that will not be the case this time. Most of the large oaks on our street died of old age and storm stress years ago and their replacements aren’t that big yet. The city has done a lot of work to upgrade the power lines too. Just in case, I’m making blocks of ice using all my old square Tupperware containers.

    There are a few other noticeable differences, especially with electronics:

    2004 –
    Communication: old phone on land line with cheap cellphones as back-up
    Information/entertainment: battery-powered radio and TV, using the latter sparingly as it depleted the batteries quickly; books, of course
    Lighting: flashlights; oil lamps, including some that came from our grandparents; camping lantern
    Cooking: gas grill and camp stove

    2016 –
    Communication: still have the land line but can’t find the phone; cellphones still cheap but much better, used more for texting than talking; social media
    Information/entertainment: iPad and tablet used with mobile wifi hotspot; books, of course
    Lighting: same as before with the addition of a variety of LED devices
    Power for all of the above: solar-powered chargers! (got a great deal on a set from REI)
    Cooking: same as before

    At least this time, the weather will be much cooler after the storm has passed.

  14. Yes, called doctor. Waiting for call back from nurse. Drinking water.

    Expect to live. Bought tickets to Dwight Yoakum concert in November. Love his guitar work, good performer.

    Since I am planning to have knee surgery I expect to stay home. Some anyway.

  15. Jackie, you need something with more efficacy than Benadryl. Also, pronounced edema is not normally associated with an allergic reaction. Not to pry, but have you been treated for congestive heart failure in the past?

    Personally, I’d rather hear the Temptations belch in an elevator than attend a Dylan concert.

  16. My opinion as well on Temptations. I used to love them. Look at those tickets again. I figure knee surgery won’t totally stop me.

    Yes, I have congestive heart failure. Supposed to be controlled. Looking at ankles and legs and no obvious edema. In fact, look fine. Weight jumped overnight several pounds.

    Still waiting for call back on hives or Ithacaria.

    Entertaining myself looking at who is appearing in various venues. Try classical, maybe insane inflation has not hit the arts.

  17. Have to dress and go to pharmacy for allergic rash meds.

    It is hot here again.

    Got call on Triggers door dings. Have to go to body shop. Too deep. $300. I hate the people who slam you like that. Had to be in motel parking.

  18. Looking ahead, tomorrow is National German-American Day. I’m a German-American, so…

    And October 8th is National Fluffernutter Day, whatever a fluffernutter is. Sounds vaguely like some kind of sex act.

  19. I must be in a musical mode. I bought tickets to the Kris Kristopherson awards night at Cains, a Dwight Yoakum concert, a string quartet chamber music performance at the Episcopal cathedral and an oratorio performance of a blue grass mass that includes shaped notes at the University of Tulsa.

    Let it never be said my tastes are not varied

  20. Sounds like the pre-sets on Bullet’s SiriusXM receiver.

    If you had, theoretically, an escort-cum-driver, would that escort-cum-driver get to, hypothetically, attend the concerts, too?

  21. Jackie, soaking in a tub of barely lukewarm water with baking soda added may relieve some of the urticaria and discomfort. Any result from the meds yet?

  22. My neighbor in Colorado made fluffernutter, marshmallow cream mixed with peanut butter. I never tried it…

    Jackie, how are you doing now? Just saw the thread about your allergic reaction…be careful!!!

  23. Message to Ghost. Southern ladies always buy tickets in pairs even when they are single ladies. It is just the way we are. Like the scouts, we like to be prepared, ready or available, which ever is needed.

    You do realize that while in remainder of month they are not on same dates? There are also an opera, ballet, lots of other things going on in Tulsa this month. We are not as uncouth as we get credit for actually.

  24. I must feel better, even if w-itchy woman. I loaded dish washer, picked up kitchen a little from weekend and started putting away clothes a little from bags I had in truck with me. Pulled together an outfit I “think” goes together but may not.

    Intention is to keep appointment with orthopedic surgeon for knees. She can look at rash and welts too. I must still be foggy, I think I have been whelping which is another procedure altogether.

  25. Jackie, you would not believe the number of doctors and nurses who don’t know the difference between welts and whelps. Good thing I work from home, since I have broken out laughing at bad spelling or improper wording of phrases. When I was in Nashville, we had one of the ER nurses who always spelled the name Louise as Lousie. And Jhons and Jhonathans by the dozen.

  26. Ruth Anne, Rusty: White bread [yech] + marshmallow fluff [yech]; what a horrible thing to do to good peanut butter.

    De gustibus non disputandam est, I guess, or chacun à son goût.


  27. I must confess I love marshmallows. Just plain unrelated dry marshmallows the dryer the better, like they began as a candy. I do not like marshmallow coated anything, fluff or otherwise. Never even ate a Smores at a campfire.

    The one exception to that ban was Southern ambrosia which required miniature marshmallows, pecans, sour cream, oranges, pineapple, coconut and maraschino cherries which I dislike as well. I love ambrosia but feed the cherries to someone else.

    I do not think I still have the Elvis Presley cookbook.

  28. Southerners eat a product called a Moon Pie which is made of two graham crackers in a round shape filled with marshmallow fluff and dipped in chocolate. I never ate these either but my late husband loved them.

    There has been a more upscale product around lately called Whoopi Pies which are large rather cake like cookies filled with marshmallow fluff. I think most of the Hostess brand deserts were cake like snacks pumped full of the stuff by injection.

    Maybe it is fact I have been dieting all my life but I never ate these things?

  29. That was easy, I found the recipe for the version of Whoopie Pies made with the peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwiched in between the two chocolate cake cookies. If you like stuff like that it might be decadent enough to substitute for sex.

    The fillings seem to involve powdered sugar, butter or shortening and marshmallow fluff.

    Marshmallow fluff is the main ingredient in Mamie Eisenhower Million Dollar Fudge which she took right from back of the jar and claimed as her recipe. A little political trivia.

  30. Wouldn’t you know? [sigh] I love maraschino cherries.

    Interesting factoid: In Mobile, they throw Moon Pies from the Mardi Gras floats instead of beads.

  31. I did mention I always feed maraschino cherries to someone else? Would never not put them in a recipe.

    I used to make a obscenely rich topping for ice cream that involved maraschino cherries, candied pecans, pralines and some alcoholic reduction. I didn’t eat that either.

  32. Butting In:
    Lid and Seat always down, unless in use.
    Marshmallow anything is good.
    Living South of I-10:
    Category 1: Cancel Picnic.
    Category 2: Pick up and put away yard stuff.
    Category 3: Batten down hatches, this is getting serious.
    Category 4: Leave and do not come back until power has been restored.
    Category 5: Make arrangements to live somewhere else for a while.

  33. Good morning Villagers….

    John II, great list…if there was a Cat 6, it would be to put your head between your legs and kiss your butt goodbye.

    Please be safe and take all necessary precautions to all my friends in Florida, my prayers all with you all…………Amen

    When we would build a fire out back, we made sure we had plenty of S’mores.

    Jackie, Benedryl is my best friend. After being at the hen house and the pollen around here, if I don’t take two of them before bedtime my head feels like a mucous factory.

    Mark, love the comic….cute and thanks for thinking of me.

    …..if today is Thursday….then that means tomorrow is PAYDAY!!!!!

  34. My new least-favorite TV commercial (although that tends to change almost daily): The one with on-camera interviews with people concerning their “experience” with a particular brand of toilet tissue. It makes the ones with the bears look positively highbrow.

    I know this is probably wrong on many levels, but I can’t help it. To me, the most uniformly entertaining thing on TV these days is watching the people who ASL for the hearing-impaired at the hurricane news conferences.

  35. Wish I had not clicked on hurricane news. I didn’t turn on TV. Just my weather channel app.

    Here is where I admit I am not much on praying but lots on loving. If you are in path I send both especially the prayers.

    Take your pets and family and get out if evacuation us called for. Remember my story of having to register with police and have identity written on us because we stayed when police came door to door?

  36. I’m concerned for my Jacksonville cousin, the widow of the recently deceased retired Naval Aviator. He had vast experience with preparing for weather-related problems, and I in fact learned a lot about hurricane preparation from talking to him over the years. One of his tricks was to stockpile about three dozen bags of potting soil in his garage. Not only did it serve its intended purpose during the year, but it made great sandbags to keep water out of the garage when it came rising up his driveway. Then, after the storm, if he had shingle or other minor roof damage, he could cover it with tarps weighted down with bags of the soil.

    It appears that J’ville is going to get pasted. She has two sons there but one suffers from TBI and won’t likely be of much help in a crisis.

  37. I’m even more concerned for my cousin since I Google Earthed her address and found it’s not far south of NAS Jacksonville, with a bay to the south of her and the Atlantic not too far to the east. On the positive side, I suspect her neighborhood is loaded with Navy retirees, and those folks look out for each other.

  38. On way to orthopedist in Tulsa. Right now I’d vote to keep both knees. I feel awful. Not shuffling much, just feel punny.

    Like you Ghost I am worried about the hurricane. No one wants to go to Tulsa according to song and commercial. I researched and there are now restaurants with raw, fried and grilled oysters, etc. In Tulsa. It is becoming more habitat and the museums are grest.

  39. Ghost: Most of the Navy wives I’ve known have been pretty tough cookies when they needed to be and you’re right about them looking out for each other. Looks like the worst of the storm will be south of Jax.

  40. Made it to Tulsa. Am supposed to be in Port Aransas, TX tomorrow night for wooden boat show. Do not want to go, stuck paying for cottage for 3 days. Rats.
    I need reason not to go.

  41. We were scheduled to meet one of my wife’s author friends in Atlanta tomorrow. However she lives in Jacksonville and was planning to fly there. Since they have to evacuate anyway, I would guess that they could drive to Atlanta.

    We will leave the metro Detroit area around 6:00 and drive to the hotel that I always stay at when i go to our plant. They gave me our corporate rate, which is $25-$50 less for other hotels in the area and the hotel has been recently refurbished. We should make to Atlanta by late afternoon.

  42. Another point is that in cases of full hotels with evacuation the rates sky rocket usually and hotels don’t honor corporate rates or even accept the stays. Ask how I know that one! Managed territory from Florida all the way back to southern California and my Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Texas guys were out of luck, often all the way to northern edges of territories if damage was severe.

  43. Thanks, R.A. Orange Park it is, a few blocks north of the lake that looked like a bay to me. I have never visited her there and was unsure of the elevation.

    Many years ago, I attended a business conference at a seaside hotel in Jacksonville Beach. I recall the last day there having lunch on a patio facing the ocean. The beach didn’t have much of a slope to it, as I recall, and the patio was barely higher than a nearby and not-very-tall seawall. I suspect we were sitting no more than four or five feet above sea level.

  44. Jackie, three reasons not to go to Port Aransas, TX:

    1. You are ill.
    2. Travelling and socializing will not make you feel better. (On the contrary, it will likely make you feel worse.)
    3. You don’t owe anyone your presence there, and especially not more than you owe it to yourself to regain and preserve your health.

    Does that help? 🙂

  45. I knew that without the hint, Ghost. We used to own ALL those books. I don’t think they survived the move.

    Jackie, Ghost’s 1 through 3 are all excellent. I would add (4), which you said yourself–you don’t want to. That’s all you need.

  46. Travis Magee and he won it in a poker game.

    My boating friends were incensed that the plaque was apparently removed by remodeling of marina?

    Just what I need, a forceful man with common sense. Yes, the helped. I am easily made to feel I owe people even when I know better.

    Just scheduled my first knee replacement for November 30. I have to get clearance from all my appropriate specialists asap which will be a project! Countless trips to Tulsa.

    Back on my serious diabetic control diet and no more cheating and eating badly, if at all. Back to exercising, especially legs to gain muscle strength and flexibility. My surgeon is a realistic female who cuts no words nor covers anything in fluff. She says I will be six months recovering and six months or more apart on surgery for both knees.

    I am not especially brave woman so doing this is going to be seriously courageous.

  47. Jackie, I second Ghost and Nancy.

    Do not confuse “duty” with what other people expect of you; they are utterly different. Duty is a debt you owe to yourself to fulfill obligations you have assumed voluntarily. Paying that debt can entail anything from years of patient work to instant willingness to die. Difficult it may be, but the reward is self-respect.
    But there is no reward at all for doing what other people expect of you, and to do so is not merely difficult, but impossible. It is easier to deal with a footpad than it is with the leech who wants “just a few minutes of your time, please—this won’t take long.” Time is your total capital, and the minutes of your life are painfully few. If you allow yourself to fall into the vice of agreeing to such requests, they quickly snowball to the point where these parasites will use up 100 percent of your time—and squawk for more!
    So learn to say No—and to be rude about it when necessary. Otherwise you will not have time to carry out your duty, or to do your own work, and certainly no time for love and happiness. The termites will nibble away your life and leave none of it for you.
    (This rule does not mean that you must not do a favor for a friend, or even a stranger. But let the choice be yours. Don’t do it because it is “expected” of you.)”
    ? Robert A. Heinlein, Time Enough for Love

  48. I wasn’t going to say anything, Jackie, but it seemed obvious you had lately not only fallen off the wellness wagon, you had tucked and rolled somewhere into the next county. Good to see you realized that also and are about to jump back aboard, bum knees and all.

    Joint replacements are not for sissies, but I never figured you for a wimp. And who knows, a tall, dark and mysterious visiting nurse may show up one day to assist with your recovery. 😉

  49. Jackie, my Spyderco Tenacious came in today. I like it, a lot. Size-wise, it seems to be larger than my Delica and smaller than my Endura, making it a Goldilocks knife that fits my hand very well. It has a heavier blade, also, giving it a more substantial feel. Envelopes, beware; you *will* be opened.


    Now, if you get a Spyderco Persistence model, we can be tenacious and persistent. 😉

  50. I think I have Salts if someone hasn’t walked away with them! Which brings up issue of where are my knives I bought for my workmen? I have felt so badly I haven’t even asked about where they are.

    Yes, I am going to start with wellness immediately with clean sheets and send the laundry out to laundry room until I feel better. I could possibly go a year on clean clothes supply in closets.

    Then I start booking appointments to get the clearances for surgery in morning. All while forcing fluids and drinking diabetic nutrition control shakes. Back on the wellness wagon.

  51. Pitiable attempt at humor not related to anything on this page:

    This just in: Samsung announced this morning that it is now a sponsor of the hit AMC series “Halt and Catch Fire.”

  52. Bunnies are good.

    Rick, I hope that’s only a joke. I hadn’t thought about it, but if my old “new” 50-inch Samsung TV should burst into flames, the result would be rather spectacular.

  53. What’s that great Mae West quote? Goodness had nothing to do with it?

    Seriously, I am saying prayers for all in harm’s way tonight.
    Yes, even skeptics are known to pray especially for others.

  54. From the film Night After Night, in response to the Coat Check Girl’s exclamation “Goodness! What beautiful diamonds!”: “Goodness had nothing to do with it…”

    Also, the perfect title for Miss West’s autobiography.

  55. Got clean sheets on bed. Dickens is licking from ankle to hip. He NEVER does that. I must be in bad shape!

    Recounting this at Mark’s suggestion who thought it funny. I woke up during night and half awake thought I had a man’s arm around my waist, from back. A very hairy arm.

    Dickens who worries endlessly about me had draped all ten pounds of himself across my waist under the comforter, for first time in his life. I was quite relieved to find out it was my usual bed partner actually.

  56. I got a call from the monument company this afternoon, saying they had completed the addition of the date-of-death inscription to Ghostmom’s headstone. I stopped by on the way home and found something I didn’t expect. When my brother-in-law and I moved her belongings out of her apartment, I gave him a wind chime of hers to hang on his deck. It was the one I had given her for Mother’s Day this year, and it had hung over her outdoor chair when she was well enough to sit out with me in the afternoons…watching the birds; enjoying the plants I had put in urns for her; and listening to the wind chime.

    BIL keeps up the grave sites and often puts out, among other things, small hanging baskets on a couple of shepherd crooks he has put behind the headstones. Today I found he had, God bless him, put the wind chime I had given her over Ghostmom and Ghostdad’s headstones. That touched me. Deeply.

  57. So, Jackie, now I suppose you know what it would be like to wake up in bed with a yeti. But only our dear departed troll would be likely to drink enough to carry Sasquatch home with her. No, wait; that would lead to way too much ickiness for her.

  58. Ghost, you are blessed. You know of course that we southerners visit family graves because they know we are there, just as we know they are. Your mother knows.

    I need to stay home and make some headstone decorations for my family graves. You reminded me it has been way too long since I did that.

    Mine often are stolen unfortunately. They are the kind the family can see while driving around the road. As my aunt said, “Well Jackquline Ann, no wonder they take yours, you can see them clear across the cemetary.”

  59. From the sacred and loved to trolls and hairy critters, our minds shift fast and furiously. I am laughing but biting my tongue to not reply what I am thinking.

    Sometimes I do. Not say what I am thinking.

    What was your mother’s and sister’s favorite flowers and colors?

  60. Nice about the wind chime, Ghost, and the flowers, Jackie. Re replacement parts, I suspect there are a lot of us bionic Village People. I have had one hip and one knee done, and husband Jim had both knees done (five months apart) 13 years ago now. My take on it is that it won’t be fun but you’ll love the results.

  61. Jackie, I’d been meaning to tell you this, since you had previously asked about the flowers and music at Mom’s funeral.

    I decided, knowing the style of the two speakers and knowing it would break their rhythm, to not have music during the service itself. I did want entry music for those entering the chapel, so I used an old iPhone to make a 30-minute playlist on Spotify. It was patched into the chapel’s sound system and began playing a half hour before the service began. I wanted a mixture of sacred and secular, and these were the songs I chose, all as piano solos:

    Amazing Grace
    You Raise Me Up
    Wind Beneath My Wings
    Somewhere Over the Rainbow
    May the Angels Lead You into Paradise
    How Great Thou Art
    Beyond The Sunset

    I must have done a fairly good job with the selections…the funeral director was blinking back tears when she handed me the iPhone after the service.

    As I believe I mentioned, my mom’s favorite color was pink, with lavender a close second. The casket spray I chose had, among the greenery, many pink roses, white mums, and what appeared to me to be sprigs of foxtail fern dyed lavender. If so, that would be even more appropriate, as that was the plant that provided the backdrop for the urns I had planted for her in the spring and that she so much enjoyed.

    I was pleased, and I know Ghostmom was, too.

  62. Jackie, whatever you were thinking, it’s very unlikely it was any worse than what I was thinking about lillyblack and the yeti. 😉

    I wonder if she (if “she” was indeed a “she”) still checks in here. My guess would be “yes”.

  63. That sounds lovely Ghost. As you might suspect, funerals are even more important in my opinion than weddings but because of emotional pathos they invoke seldom do they receive the planning they deserve. Your choices for your mother sound impeccable. I hope she was wearing pink or lavender. That is so soft and perfect for the skin and complexion.

    Hope Village doesn’t find it odd to care so much about funeral services?

  64. Are your parent’s and sister’s headstones a light gray marble in a traditional double or triple one piece design? Or are the headstones individual with an urn in space between?

  65. My description of their headstones, along with a factoid about the dates thereon, inexplicably dropped into the Dark Hole of Moderation.

    I didn’t realize that “headstone” was a dirty word.

  66. So far, so good here in central Florida! Parts of the yard resemble rice patties but we still have power and cable. The eye is due east of right now. We’re in kind of a lull with the rain and higher gusts but expect that it will pick up again.

  67. The birds are taking advantage of the lull to look for snacks. Unfortunately, although we dumped seed on the ground when we took down the feeders last night, we didn’t think about the fact that it was in a low spot. So now we have confused cardinals hopping around the edge of the puddle. Bob went out on the front porch a while ago and startled a wren that had taken shelter there; another was on a window ledge. (Winds are now from the north – house faces south.)

    Ghost: just the idea of the wind chime in the cemetery is lovely!

  68. I had thunder storms last night late, still raining. Put on cute hot pink and black pajamas in case any visiting nurses beyond my normal crew come by. Have black puffy circles under eyes to go with spots

    Seven pounds of fluid have vanished magically however. Off sodium and try to pour most of Diet Cokes down sink.

    Afraid to look at hurricane reports on Weather Channel app. Worried about my friends.

  69. Only had time to glance at The Weather Channel on TV this morning, just long enough to see that they are doing what they always do best…sending their poor reporters to stand out in the rain and wind to report that it is raining and windy. Of course, Cantore likes doing that, so…

    I will always remember from 2005 how much can change, weather-wise and otherwise, over just a few short hours.

  70. Nobody on the Atlantic Puffin loafing rocks. They spend most of their non-breeding months out on the open water. Birds of some sort out on the briny, but too far or flying to fast to ID. Soporific waves. Close expl ore. Peace,

    http://expl ore.org/live-cams/player/puffin-loafing-ledge-cam

  71. Just saw a road sign in Kentucky as we drive to Atlanta for Crackedr Barrel that said we break for Chicken Fried steak. If I wasn’t in such a hurry I will stop and get some.
    Enjoying Sirius, bit long trips are the only reason 2 have it. Not sure if it’s worth all the cost

  72. My problem with Sirius is I change stations constantly because I seldom like the next song after the one I DID like. It reminds me of my youth, dialing up the next station except faster and easier.

    Up eating diabetic shake and no sugar or artificial sweetener oatmeal. Insulin, iced tea and meds. Going back to bed. Seen no sign of the hired hands.

  73. Cracker barrels tend to overall be pretty awful. I agree with Mark. I have no idea why I was in a Texas Road House but was and heard waitress tell customer not to order the chicken fried steak because it was the item most complained about! Ironic.

    Blackened Peas used to do go CF but chain is gone I think.

  74. That’s the kind of food that’s better ordered at small family restaurants or non-chain places. They don’t use pre-made cuts of meat that is already battered, but make it fresh. Good one around here is called Blue Plate Diner. One owner, 3 restaurants in the state. Maybe I should run Jackie by there the next time she’s in town.

  75. Right! That’s the kind of support I need to eat healthy! A meat and three family owned restaurant that is no doubt delicious, grandma food with lemon icebox pie for dessert.

    I just had 15 grain bread toast with canola oil butter and sugar free apricot peach jam for lunch. Even cat didn’t like but I thought it was fine, I put away another bag of food and drink left over from travels.

    It is cold outside. I am heading for jeans and a sweater if I can find. Guys say top of one of my oaks snapped off about forty feet up.

  76. Steve, ditto re SiriusXM. I haven’t had it long enough to decide for sure, but I normally won’t be in Bullet long enough at a time to get the full benefit of it. Also, what Jackie said about the song rotation. Also, I find the DJs can be a bit annoying. (I guess I was expecting more music and less gum-beating.) Also, like cable TV, if I subscribe to 80 music channels, I’ll likely end up listening to about a half dozen of them. Add to that the many other music options I have available on my smart phone which can be patched into Bullet’s audio system, and I’m a bit ambivalent. (About SiriusXM, not my sexuality, I hasten to add. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. 🙂 )

  77. Jackie, when you mentioned Oakley sunglasses recently, I mentioned I wore Wiley X Valor ballistic glasses. (Oakleys are great glasses but, I feel, a little pricey when compared to the WXs.)

    In the fun and excitement of adopting Bullet and getting ready for my trip, I managed to lose mine. When I returned, I searched enough to conclude they were truly gone, and that very night I got an email ad from a purveyor of outdoor and tactical porn equipment…for a pair of black-frame, polarized grey lens Oakleys, at less than half the retail price. So guess who is expecting delivery sometime today of a pair of new sunglasses. This Ghost.

    I’m also expecting delivery today of a good quality floor mat for Bullet’s cargo rear area. I swear, it’s just a matter of time until a UPS truck and a FedEx truck have a collision in my driveway.

  78. You can do what I did and take out a post office box downtown and everything gets sent there. I need to get dressed and go downtown and pick up a month’s worth of packages and mail. Take them some cookies, I know how to be sweet. It’s bred into us.

    Oakleys, black tee shirts, graying beard. Add a kilt and an eye patch and you’d be my ideal Mystery Man, especially with a holster somewhere. I’d probably bid any amount on that, especially with bike leathers. A one man fantasy trip.

  79. Pretty close Mark. Not necessarily all at one time of course. I used to be huge fan of Brenda Starr Girl Reporter and her Mystery Man who wore a beard and an eye patch.
    Little more sophisticated than Kurt Russell but Kurt’s not shabby except his ripped up clothes in some roles.

  80. Found the Brenda Starr movie, Brooke Shields was Brenda and Timothy Dalton was Mystery Man. I tried to post here. Can’t seem to do it. Mark find one of Brooklyn in low cut dress with Timothy please.

  81. Basil St. John was Mystery Man, bred black orchids and engaged in international espionage. I can’t seem to copy anything to post.

    Found my Spyderco knives finally by beginning get to unpack suitcases. Glen loved his. Got two of three delivered.

    Is Tenacious black blade?

  82. Me too. Great fantasy comic for girls like me. Still looking for Mystery Man.

    Dyes my hair the color and style of Brenda’s once in college. I kid you not. I always wanted to be the Girl Reporter, probably why I began writing for newspapers.

  83. Oh yeah, add an eye patch to that Timothy Dalton with gray beard and hair and you have a winner. In a kilt a double winner. Better than Sean Connery.

    Eye candy definitely. I never watched zjames Bond for the female pulcritude.

  84. Just heard that they had a tornado in SE Kansas where we were last week. Tree and window damage. Fine with me to miss that excitement.

  85. Rice paddies, not patties – and that was me, not Hal! The yard is still soggy and we’re still getting some gusts. The birds (and a squirrel, of course) have found the seed I put out in a saucer on the ground. Coolest temperatures in a while will make cleanup a lot easier; se don’t have much to do anyway.

    As our neighbor said, sitting out a hurricane isn’t that bad when the power stays on!

  86. Okay, Ghost I agree on the ugly shirt and ugly model. Definitely.

    So, you are telling me you look like a really clean cut Texas Ranger in a white shirt, tie, suit and hat?

    Not a thing like a Federal Marshall aka Rooster Cogburn?

  87. Good one Trucker! I cannot believe Ghost did not know about this literary heroine? Can anyone blame a young Southern girl child for wanting to grow up to be her?

    Able to write a lead paragraph with the five W’s in a single bound and file it from the middle of the Amazon?

  88. Don’t have the hat yet, but yeah, working on that image.

    A female reporter that showed up to interview me dressed like that would get a scoop…even if I had to make up something.

    To look like Rooster Cogburn, I’d have to grow a full beard and grow out my hair to shoulder-length…which according to P&PHS would take at least a month.

    Did anyone else notice that John Wayne Rooster Cogburn wore a patch over his left eye, and Jeff Bridges Rooster Cogburn wore it over his right eye?

  89. What will happen to beard?

    Not that I don’t like federal Marshall’s, Texas or other state’s law enforcement officers including Rangers, Secret Service, FBI, Treasury and other gun carrying officials. Or do you just want to look like one?

    No soup fairies came and cooked for me. I had to open a can of Tuscan white bean soup with kale. Decent. I made a shopping list for vegetables.

  90. “A priest from California was charged in Dakota County District Court with criminal sexual conduct for allegedly engaging in sexual activity with a woman while he was conducting mass in Mendota Heights.” / Strib.


  91. emb, maybe they meant while he was assigned to perform mass there, rather than during the mass itself? Looks like bad writing to me. Or a priest with a scary ability to multitask.

  92. Thanks, Ruth Anne. It looks neat, and I have saved the site.

    eMb, Mark/TT: We need a word for someone doing two things simultaneously, only one thing of which is an actual task. Herein, the other may be presumed to have been a pleasure for the perpetrator. I offer:

    “The jobjoyer is thought to have….”
    “It’s a real jobjoy case.”

    You have anything better?

  93. I’m trying to find an example of my beard and mustache combination and, oddly, am having trouble doing so. The nearest I can describe it would be if this one were shaved straight downwards from the widest part of the mustache, leaving my cheeks clean-shaven with fairly short sideburns. I also keep my beard and mustache shorter and more neatly groomed than this one.


  94. Hey, just noticed; my beard/mustache is a lot like the one the musician on the left has in that video. Except mine is less bushy.

    Got a lot more hair than that, too. 🙂

  95. Thick flat slabs with rough-hewn edges and polished top surfaces at heads of parents and sister/brother-in-law lots; two low headstones on each with angled fronts where the inscriptions are. (The cemetery has a height restriction for headstones.) Between the headstones, a small urn engraved with entwined wedding rings and their anniversary dates.

  96. Jackie, the above is a revised version of the answer to your question last night about my family’s headstones. I deleted the second paragraph and it didn’t fall into Moderation.

  97. BTW, I noticed again today that the dates, reading the markers from left to right, are August 17 (sister and BIL’s anniversary), August 18 (Ghostdad’s date of death), and August 19 (Ghostmom’s date of death. I suppose that, in the interest of continuity, I should die on August 16th (one of these years).

  98. And that was the second paragraph that went into moderation last night, and also just now until I split the post into two parts. Curioser and curioser.

  99. Just woke up. Everyone is probably asleep.

    Ghost I have green eyes but you probably remember that. It puts us into that tiny green eyed monster percentage at the top percentile.

    Do not have a beard but love short beards. If anyone who looks remotely like George Clooney shows up at my front door I will cook anything he wants.

  100. Have been unpacking and putting away clothes from tote bags and suitcases. Realized some of these dated back to period of summer when epic trip to buy boat began. I have to put on clothes other than pajamas and flip flops and go get mail in a few laundry baskets, go to bank and Walmart.

    That is a major outing.

  101. Someone is going to shoot a clown before this is over.

    Just in the foot hopefully. Large target.

    How about I set up a private e-mail account for you Ghost so you can send me a Ghostly image? Of course I would have to come up with a mystical way to transfer the coded address to you and not a thousand others!

    It appears I will be driving through Mississippi the latter part of next week. Since I did not get to send flowers to your mother’s services, I would like to drop off a memorial arrangement for her monument urn and one for your sister’s as well. I will be happy to do so to any location you’d like, you need not be present. I wanted to send flowers, as I am sure most of Village did as well.

    Believe me, I have done stranger deliveries as a florist.

  102. Good morning Villagers….

    Well, it finally happened, my modem bit the dust. My ISP delivered a newer version out to my house Thursday afternoon, and my old Dell couldn’t ‘take’ it. So, you all will be happy to know I am in the possession of a HP laptop. The speed in which it takes to download links almost makes my nose bleed 🙂 It has Windows 10. Now to educate myself.

    Jackie, all 4 reasons listed above are valid…stick to them. I’ve always adopted the philosophy of “when in doubt, throw it out”.

    Had to file a report with the Sheriff’s dept…some one stole my prescriptions…just left a few in each bottle. So now I have to pick up report and take to pharmacy and get refills….more money. I had them in glove box, looked into my one bottle of benzo’s and they left me 27 out of 90 as I had just had them refilled on Monday. The other was a mild pain reliever for my arthritis, and it is a controlled substance also. And yes, I do take them responsibly whenever I need to.

    Off today, going over to help sisters clean homestead…..


    Prayers for all in Matthew’s way….Amen

  103. I am genuinely glad to not be in Texas. Do not feel good at all and know I would feel worse after that trip. I have to be well enough to rescue remainder of Mark’s mama’s cats by next weekend so his brother can sell house.

    Know I may not feel well by then. Switching antibiotics and decongestants et al. It is in 50s here, time for jeans and sweaters.

    Debbe, lock your car and with all the people in and out your house, maybe in house too. Drugs are a frequently stolen item even non pain ones. I picked mine up in Walmart several years ago and paid, put in cart to keep shopping and they took entire month’s supply.

    Hope my friends and loved ones are safe, especially those on East coast.

  104. Debbe, the laptop sounds nice. Just think, you can use it all over the house, on the porch, or in the yard. Cool! I have a desktop, but do almost everthing on my Note 5 “phablet”…gee, that’s an awful word. “Phablet”…looks and sounds so silly.

    Ghost, the entwined rings and anniversary date…it says so much more about them than that they were married.

    Hoping Steve from RO is managing safely in Georgia.

  105. Yay, new computer for Debbe!

    I’ve been concerned for a while that the one you had would give up the ghost (so to speak) and leave us wondering what happened to you.

    Don’t worry, hone, I’ll help you rebuild your YouTube links (the music ones, anyway) at a rate of one per day. 🙂

  106. I’ll admit that I haven’t followed college football too closely this year, so I was just delighted to learn that Notre Dame has a player named Equanimeous Tristan Imhotep J. St. Brown. (They call him Equanimeous for short, of course.) And apparently he’s as interesting a person as his name is an interesting name.

  107. Here is serious question. I CANNOT bring myself to vote for either candidate for differing reasons. I think however we SHOULD vote and do something.

    If we write in candidate, pick a third party or don’t cast vote what is effect? Are we truly helping elect a monster? And if so, are we wrong to do that?

    I did that once or twice and late husband never forgave me.

  108. I just became a Libertarian but I probably was already.

    Oklahoma voted overwhelmingly for Bernie and Ted. Does this mean we will all become Libertarians?

    I think Libertarians are not unlike Unitarians so Jimmy probably won’t mind this question.

    I am dressed and heading to get mail. I bet my surprise from Jimmy is there! Yea! Christmas Stockings!

  109. I cannot bring myself to dishonor the memory of the many people who died to ensure I have the right to vote by not exercising my franchise. In my opinion, not voting is not a viable option, this year or any year. Who does get your vote is between you and your conscience, as it is between me and mine.

    God bless the United States of America.

  110. Same way I feel. My father died for this. My ancestors fought in Revolution for this. My ancestors were loyal to America in civil war. Most were some not. I personally registered to vote on day first voter registration took place in my parish for minorities.

    That is a strong history and I cannot refuse to vote as a protest. That is cowardly.

  111. For Jackie, and everybody else who finds both candidates objectionable for whatever reason: “If you are part of a society that votes, then do so. There may be no candidates and no measures you want to vote for … but there are certain to be ones you want to vote against. In case of doubt, vote against. By this rule you will rarely go wrong.”

    ? Robert A. Heinlein, Time Enough for Love

  112. Jackie, voting for a third party candidate in this election is no more electing a bad president than voting for one of the bad ones. As in the quote above, vote against both the people you would not want for president and vote for someone else.

  113. This is a discussion of ethics and morality, personal, mine, others a particular candidates. I am sure it is for many of us here, so this is not political discussion but one of character, ours, not theirs.

    Just bought a ton of funeral silk flowers to make memorial pieces. Going to set up a work and design station. My mama’s will have cotton bolls and magnolia leaves, grasses and branches, along with hydrangeas, roses, and other flowers. And a plastic snake.

  114. “A strong nation, like a strong person, can afford to be gentle, firm, thoughtful, and restrained. It can afford to extend a helping hand to others. It is a weak nation, like a weak person, that must behave with bluster and boasting and rashness and other signs of insecurity.”
    Jimmy Carter

  115. My mama just loved to shoot snakes and we grew up on a Southern cotton plantation.

    Wish Hal would quit changing what I type totally.

    Oklahoma has a third party candidate. I am getting hair, nails done and pick up new meds. May it cure what ails me and improve my attitude.

    God bless America and Miss America as well.

  116. The question I’ve been pondering is which candidate would have Congress acting as a brake when that candidate wants to run us off a cliff? Which candidate would have Congress’s willing acceptance and help run us off a cliff? The president doesn’t govern in a vacuum unless Congress and the Court allow it.

  117. Most write-in votes are effectively null votes. In my state, a candidate has to declare as a write-in candidate, else the votes aren’t even counted.

    Clinton or Trump will win. Which would you prefer?

  118. Lost: Exactly so. One candidate reminds me too much of Germany in ’33. [Not in detail, for many procedural, economic, historical, and other reasons.]

    C1 is a rabble-rouser, and appeals to the worst in the electorate. The man who ghost-wrote C1’s Art of the Deal, which C1 denies but is documentable, now deeply regrets having done so, and says [again documentable] that he would rewrite it now as ‘The Sociopath.’ If C1 [and civilization] survive a 4-yr. 1st term, I think we will by then have become a fascist nation. C1 is a demagogue, as was the leader of what was to be, in ’33, a 1,000 yr. regime [it lasted 12 yr.]. One difference is that said Leader had an attention span [C1 hardly does]. They were/are both racists and misogynists. Neither that man nor C1 was reliably rational [witness Operation Barbarossa], but C1 is more reliably unpredictable. I do not want C1’s finger on the Button.

    C2 is not the best candidate we’ve ever had, though better I believe than many who became POTUS. C2 is not a socialist; C2 defeated a socialist. Neither C2 nor her opponent for the Dem. nomination could turn this country socialist, not even as socialist as Sweden, because Congress, even if both houses had Dem. majorities, would not let that happen. We are so far from that, it’s pathetic. The USA, for instance, is the only major country that does not have nation-wide required paid parental leave during a child’s first few months. All the so-called ‘socialist’ measures of the last 8+ decades still leave us far to the right of most ‘developed’ nations of the ‘free world.’ C2 also owes nothing to the Religious Right, which is no friend of democracy.

    Any vote other than for C2 is a vote for eventual fascism. I realize this is political, and leaves me open to being banned from this site. Too bad, no apologies, it is patriotism as I understand it. With all its warts, I still love this country. It may not be ‘Great’, but I want it to remain as great as it is.

  119. Considering moral issues while having pedicure done, not so far fetched. Bet Secret Service has to do waxing now for either candidate. And spray tan inspections.

  120. Given the efficacy of Congress over during Obama’s term, I don’t see them ever standing up to C2. She will get everything she demands, else the media will lambaste Congress. OTOH, C1 will be curtailed when he goes off the rails.

  121. Peace from me. I am worried about all those hay bales I passed on my 6000 mile journey. They all supported same candidate. All they needed was orange spray to double as Halloween pumpkins.

    On a personal note a political difference didn’t keep me from loving my husband all those years. And I doubt he cared about politics of whom he slept with.

    Politics makes strange bed fellows. Who said that?

  122. Dear emb, Your view of the candidates is well reasoned and perceptive. I feel the same way about them and have all along.
    Thank you for posting your well thought out comments. There is a whole lot more I’d like to say but I don’t have your literary skills, so I won’t.

    Love and good wishes to you and all the Villagers, and special wishes to people in danger from Hurricane Matthew!

  123. I see lots of discussion here. I was reading the last 50 comments hoping to find some discussion on the cartoon named Arlo and Janis, specifically, Does anyone understand today’s comic?

  124. James, I think it has to do with the shape. Arlo must be thinking that Ludwig’s face will fit it without leaving him room to spill food. I don’t think it would work though, because his whiskers would touch the sides when he tried to eat.

  125. James, strange but we seem to leave the suppositions on what comic means to TDS, the dark side, on go comics. Unless pokies are involved usually. In which case we have an authority.

    We tend to move onto deeper, darker woods unless we get side tracked by the light and frivolous. But we render opinions when asked.

    Me, I think it looks like the Weather Channels Cone of Uncertainty.

  126. I’m puzzled by todays A&J also.

    Foliage: local wasn’t bad. Introduced scarlet maples were splendid. Lotsa yellow / poplars. Been windy, so many trees are bare. Oak leaves [mostly brown, some dark red] don’t have a dehiscent layer, so tend to hang on until late winter or spring, unless wind is real strong.
    Sorry, we don’t have sassafras or beech.


  127. Going shopping for soup ingredients. The soup fairies did not come make any. What I make depends too on what is in garden.

    Do visiting nurses cook? I looked at recipe for bernaise and hollandaise and remembered why I quit cooking them.

  128. What are your feelings about chili, Jackie? I’m thinking the last Great Chili Discussion here occurred before you became a “regular”.

    As for me, I anticipate doing more taxing this evening than watching the Red & White team play the White & Red team. And perhaps installing the soundbar and sub-woofer I just got for my new “old” TV. Since the TV cost me nothing, it seemed a reasonable thing to do. Especially since I can blue tooth my smart phone to it and listen to all the really good music stored on it.

  129. Love chili. I just bought too nice hunks of beef for said purpose or for my secret recipe beef burgundy cum stew that involves Jack Daniel’s or sometimes burgundy wine.

    One of my chili dinners sold for $1000 back in the 80s before Houston went bust. That one starts out “Bone the hindquarters of a deer, 10# of sirloin roast and a 10# pork roast”. That was while we all had some money.

    I hand cut meat for chili but am pretty flexible otherwise.

  130. “Bone the hindquarters of a deer, 10# of sirloin roast and a 10# pork roast”.

    For some reason I’m reminded of “How to Cook an Elephant”.

    “First, get an elephant…”

  131. It reduces down a lot after you simmer it all for 12 hours. No beans, just meat and a really big restaurant pot. You have to remember in those days we thought nothing of huge feeds. I once did Coq a vin for 300 in my back yard. I was young and foolish.

    I have scaled WAY back. Two people seems about scale now.

  132. Hunks on fridge are only about 3 pounds each, no bones. I have eliminated the deer for obvious reasons. Shall I start simmering in morning or turn them into Cajun pot roast for Po boys and the second one into minced meat chunks for chili?

  133. Butting in again:
    I am thankful for Jimmy Johnson for creating this Blog and his continued support for us to loosely discuss the graphic novelette, “Arlo and Janis”. I am thankful for all those in this village and their amazing support for each other. I am thankful the men, women and children who sacrificed and continue to sacrifice for this wonderful country.
    I see nothing wrong with abstaining from voting for a list candidates or a proposition that appears on a ballot, you are voicing you opinion that you do not like the choices presented or do not feel you are qualified to make that decision. I personally try to be an informed voter, but occasionally when I get into voting booth there are candidates or item that I am unfamiliar with. So, I pass on that item and continue to vote on the rest on the ballot. I feel that a non-vote in some cases is better than uniformed vote.
    Not currently being a cat person or dog person for that matter, I am not sure of today’s ditty.
    Thanks to all,
    From a part time lurker

  134. Hey, don’t just lurk. We are pretty lovable here. Stay and visit. I lurked awhile, it was during Symply and Ghost and Bad Mindy and others and believe it or not they were scary. A Ginger comes to mind as well.

  135. Just starting to see views of FL with which I am familiar: St. Augustine, SAShores. There’s a lot of water around! It seems to have been car-hood deep in parts of downtown SA, more like axle- or tiretop-deep in other parts. Many branches and some trees are down, but I’d bet the Castillo de San Marcos wasn’t even fazed.

    Still trying to find recognizable photos of Melbourne, Indialantic, etc.

    Thanks to those Villagers who abstain from politics on this meant-to-be comic site. Please contribute to a political blog elsewhere.

  136. Jackie, you’ve been around longer than I thought, based on the names you mentioned. Minor correction, A&J commenters were Mindy, Mindy from Indy (Lady Mindy), and Virgin Mindy. “Bad Mindy” was the name I gave (after the fact) to the lady with whom I had the short and ill-advised relationship three years ago. Her given name was Melinda (like Lady Mindy), and her nickname was also Mindy.) Ginger was Mindy’s sister, unless I’m confusing her with the self-identified lesbian who apparently also had some connection with Mindy. I guess I chased them all away, with the exception of Lady Mindy. I believe Symply has some insight regarding that group, but he was possibly sworn to secrecy.

    Scary? Really?

  137. And sex. Some of us are interested in sex and that isn’t comic most of time, even if we try to make it so. Serious issue.

    And sorrows. Lord knows we have a train load of those and even if we try to laugh, we’ll. It only hurts when we laugh.

    Guess I am instigator of this discussion and sorry but zip don’t feel very apologetic!

  138. Yes, you all were scary to me. You were often cleverer than I thought I could possibly be and seemed so “inside the loop” and I so far outside. I would read you all longingly and want to be part of the banter but I just didn’t think I could be.

    And then finally I did. And obviously I am no longer afraid. Turns out I am feisty as well as salty.

  139. I recall a few over the years who mentioned they did not comment for a long time because they felt they didn’t have anything interesting to say. As I always told them, that never stopped me from commenting. 😀

    But I will say that some fun has been had here. And I do still wonder about some I engaged with over the years who have been conspicuously absent for a while.

  140. I think some people are here when they need support or diversion of some kind. They may leave when that need has been met. However, there are some one wonders about and one hopes that all ended well as possible, not badly as possible.

    It seems a harbor, a haven, sanctuary for some of us.

  141. It seems a harbor, a haven, sanctuary for some of us. Jackie.

    That is what attracts some of us to the strip, and then we end up here. And Jimmy manages to keep us guessing sometimes, like with Saturday’s strip.

  142. I for one am still waiting for my Mystery Man to sweep me off my feet and into his embrace……..

    Wait, that’s 9 CL……..or Apt. 3G……..or it’s Arlo dressed in a Zorro costume for Halloween.

  143. Jackie, think outside the framework: the spots aren’t getting larger – the irregular places between them are getting smaller! Perhaps those places will go away in a day or six….

    Yes, this is also somewhat a haven and a place of support, both worthy characteristics. From time to time I have received support here and appreciated same.

  144. Good morning Villagers

    Trying to adjust to this keyboard as compared to the old one. Have to type slowly.

    Ian got sick at work, had to go in and relieve him. So today I’m taking off. Going to Sheriff’s Dept. and pick up my report to take to Walgreens tomorrow.

    Cold outside, 43 degrees on my front porch.

    Hello, Miss Charlotte, are you doing well?

    ….and yes, I am going to exerciser my right to vote. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

    Have a blessed Lord’s Day………Amen

  145. 43F? 30 here, first solid frost on W.C. this yr. Probably light frosts in low spots earlier.
    About a month later than when we first moved here from Ann Arbor in ’58. First frosts, of course, fluctuate, but growing season for veggies runs about a month longer than 50 Y.A. No longer have a garden.

    Perfectly normal to abstain when you don’t know / particular office or issue. Patriotic to vote for better of two candidates or proposals. Are there any ‘perfect’ choices?


  146. Want an English muffin at least. Will forgo the Egg, crab cakes and hollandaise sauce. And the cook.

    Awake but taking meds with the muffin and going back to sleep with dog and two cats. Cold weather has set in when cats migrate.

  147. Morning, folks!

    I laughed at yesterday’s strip. 🙂 I could just see my brother doing that. It isn’t necessarily that the thing could be used as another and look cool (rather modern-art-ish, wasn’t it?). It was the “think about it!!!” and the hand motion/pointing to his head. Trying to convince a level-headed wife that his outside-the-box idea was brilliant. And you just know he’s going to fail! And he’ll put it back, shake his head and walk away.

    Jimmy is so good.

  148. On a couple days reflection I believe I would rather have a face lift than a knee replacement. I could enjoy the results a whole lot sooner.

    And frankly, no matter how bad my knees look on x-rays, I have adjusted to the pain levels and losing weight has made them bearable. I suspect orthopedist painted bleak picture to discourage me, feeling I will not get those clearances a second time from that pack of specialists.

    Of course I’d need them for a face lift too.

  149. I’m back…..dropped Ian off at work (he’s working alone), took overnight guest home, picked up my Sheriff’s report and discovered a new solitaire link 🙂

    Love my new laptop…

    GR, you can’t have date died on your headstone as August 16th….that’s my birthday….

  150. Debbe 😉 Forty-three degrees on your front porch? Geez, hon, did you move to Mars and not tell us?

    Actually, cooler temperatures have reached the Deep South as well. I walked outside about sunset yesterday afternoon to check something about Bullet (well, OK, I’ll admit it; it was just to *look* at Bullet; yeah, the new hasn’t worn off for me, as we say down here), and I felt something was amiss. Then I realized it was that the normally still oppressive heat of that time of day was missing. About danged time.

    Yes, the Village can be a very comforting and supportive place, something I have experienced on more than one occasion. I attribute that to the fact that have an unusual number of empathetic folks here…not to mention just plain nice ones.

    Oh, and I’m going to make this the watchword for my life. It once was, reflexively, but things have changed recently. Now I need to work toward it.

    “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life?” Luke 12:25, New International Version

  151. For a good example of the type of folks we have here at the Village, read Llee’s bright and cheerful (and preceptive) take above of the Saturday A&J cartoon. Do they have that over on The Dark Side? Noooo. There they have a commenter that complains that Jimmy’s cartoons are not always so simple that the point is immediately obvious, and so hilariously funny that he doesn’t fall down laughing every time he reads one of them.

    Given the choice (which I am), I’d much rather hear from Llee.

  152. emb, frost on the W.C.? Is the heat out in your bathroom?

    Ghost, I’m with you. I’d rather hear from LLee as well. And I wish she would share some of her art with the folks here, as well as on FB.

  153. And if you knew Llee personally, as I am blessed to do, you would know what a beautiful and remarkable woman she is. I look at one of her iris paintings every time I open my eyes or sit up in bed.

    Not only is it beautiful it reminds me to shut up, get up go on with my life because I know a woman so brave and courageous who makes me laugh like a school girl through her pain. Sorry, Llee but you inspire me darling.

  154. Temperatures dropped into 40s here too. It’s 68 right now. I guarantee pokies.

    Going to put those three chicken carcasses remains into a large pot to make base for chicken vegetable soup. Think I will stay up awhile and slice and dice for soup.

    Someone needs to go get okra and peppers and some green beans out of garden. Dickens is too short.

  155. Yay, pokies! Perhaps that will make up for the dearth of sundresses throughout the past season.

    I was able to successfully attach my new soundbar to my new “old” TV. Which makes it much easier to hear all those annoying football commentators. But the music channels sound great. It just goes to show…you can’t have everything.

    Wait; why can’t you?

  156. Could something similar be done with that high definition it ion large screen in my living room if one had an electronic savy person working on it?

  157. Well, I suppose what I am wearing looks like a sundress e ought. I am going out in yard to cut zinnias, dahlias and other flowers for the kitchen table.

    You are right, I cannot recall sundresses anywhere I have been all summer. In fact, I would say a definite lack of fashion almost everywhere I went.

    What has happened to women? They just seem not to care any more.

  158. I like that in today’s strip, Janis does not say she is going for “a” walk. She says that it is her walk, indicating this is something she does for herself. How many of us carve out a little chunk of the day and say “This is for me?” Janis does walk with Arlo sometimes, but you know she would go for her walk even if he wasn’t along. Thank you for making Janis that way, Jimmy.

  159. I can remember when sundresses with shoulder-baring elastic tops and above-the-knee length hemlines, along with fashionable sandals, were de rigueur for summer weekend shopping trips by females ranging from high school girls to young matrons.

    Good times.

    Hi, Li’l Smigz. Your are correct, of course. I know married couples with one partner that refuses to be separated from the other at any time. Perhaps not surprisingly, none of marriages is what I would call successful.

  160. Had to eat some of garden vegetable soup to have room to put in remainder of vegs. Ran out of pot. It gets spinach and mushrooms, herbs yet to be added. Everything fresh and raw except corn. Didn’t have corn at market and I felt too bad to go to second.

    Okra, green beans, peppers and Swiss chard from garden. Everything else from local grocery store but I counted 19 different vegs, not counting herbs.

  161. And I can’t see Janis abandoning her walk through the neighborhood, because it keeps her connected to the doings around her. Too many people these days do all their living in their own house and ignore what happens outside their own property lines.

  162. I keep dropping words from my comments today. Have I had a TIA? Or is it just that my blood sugar is low because I haven’t eaten lunch yet? Probably the latter.

    One reason I haven’t eaten is that I’m watching “Latin Series: The First Four Legs” from the GrandSlam Latin Series on ETV. The male dancers all look like genetically-engineered Super Lounge Lizards, but the female dancers are incredibly lovely and sexy. Of course, I’m only watching to test out my new sound bar. Yeah, right, that’s the ticket.

  163. My marriage was so independent many hardly knew I was married. So was my late husband’s. What you do with that freedom and independence depends on the individual and his ethics and principles.

    Have known many joined at the hip marriages. They don’t work . A friend is struggling in one now, it is not his choice. He just wants to go fishing.

  164. I purchased a Samsung soundbar to avoid any compatibility issues. I also picked up a set of metal brackets that will allow me to rear-mount the bar to the top of the TV. (It’s sitting on the stand in front of the TV now.) The sub-woofer is sitting on the floor in front of stand. I really like it so far; the sub-woofer makes a lot of difference, especially for music.

  165. Really enjoying my veggie soup for a second bowl. My blood sugar was indeed low, plus I wore myself out slicing and dicing all those vegs and picking all the chicken off bones. If I were feeding this to a normal person I would add salt with the herbs and spinach and mushrooms.

  166. My friend plays in a band and she took up guitar so she can play too, only way he got to do that. You know I do not support clinging vines. I never stay long enough for Moss or a vine to grow on me!

    Women should have their own lives of course, own interests, hobbies, jobs. I subscribe to many old fashioned beliefs and values, I am Southern for heaven’s sake, but I am a independent person and always have been. The road goes two ways. Things done together should be by choice.

  167. Jackie, my husband calls my veggie soup “Two-Pot Vegetable Soup” because for years I would start out in one large pot (with broth and long-cook veggies) and end up scooping some into a second, smaller pot by the time I added the last, quick-cooking veggies. After a few years of this, my Mom-in-law gave me a truly huge pot, so I finally got it down to just one pot. 😉

  168. My late husband referred to many of my dishes as “growing.” While I can follow a recipe and have even taught and demonstrated cooking live like the TV chefs, that just isn’t my style normally, so things “grow.” I even made myself put one piece, like a yellow squash or turnip, or half like a small cabbage.

    I am too short to reach big pots.

  169. “Running out of pot”… I hate when that happens. Pulling out a larger pot, splitting it into 2 pots, yuck. Usually hits me while I am making chili.

    It is Canadian Thanksgiving weekend up here. I have a spatchcocked bird in the smoker while my wife is using every bowl/pot we have for the rest of the meal. I was assuming the bird would take 3-3.5 hours. It has been just over 2 hours and it looks like it might be done soon. I will spot check it with my Thermapen soon. I don’t want to overcook it.

  170. Spatchcocked cooks faster Gary. Glad to hear from you.
    Happy thanksgiving! How is everyone other than cooking? What is rest of menu like? Hug your family for me, they can’t catch this virus onlinr.

  171. I just took the bird off the smoker. The meat is fully cooked, moist and very tasty. The skin is nicely crisp. A 15 lb. bird cooked in just over 2 h. We now have to wait another 1.5 h for everything else. The rest is scalloped potatoes, baked acorn squash, stuffing in the oven, balsamic honey glazed carrots&turnips.

    We are doing well up here. If you were closer, I would bring you over some dinner.

  172. I would definitely enjoy some of that dinner. I like everything that you are having. The balsamic glazed turnips and carrots sound like a great combination

    What’s for desert? Desert is always a huge deal in American thanksgivingovernment. Okay, I am leaving that one! I typed menu and Hal typed that!

  173. Since Ghost has not put in his requests I am turning one chunk of roast into Cajun pot roast poboys with French bread and fully dressed. They are not good unless gravy runs down your wrist all the way to elbow.

    The other roast I will turn into a Cajun beef stew with new potatoes, pearl onions, carrots, peas. If I were being decadent I would bake a fluffy pastry shell and turn it into a Louisiana pot pie. Talk about comfort food. Jack Daniel’s beef stew in a personal size flakey crusts with a decent dry red wine. Or maybe just Beaujolais Villages.

  174. Happy Thanksgiving to Gary and all the Canadian Villagers! I read the Yarn Harlot’s blog (she’s a Torontonian knitter) so I usually keep up on holidays like Thanksgiving, 2-4 Day, and the Queen’s Birthday; but she hasn’t posted much lately so I almost missed it. One can never celebrate too many holidays. As a Michigander, I figure our peninsulas have a lot in common with the Great White North, and I sure do like the CBC.

  175. Jackie. I am embarrassed to say but we have a store bought pumpkin pie for dessert. But we will whip our own cream to go with it.

    Smigz, you are right, never too many holidays to celebrate. My company has different holidays in different countries so we have to be aware of at least the US holidays and the US folk need to be aware of ours.

  176. Happy Thanksgiving to y’all in the Great White North.

    Note to self: Celebrate both Canadian and US Thanksgivings next year. (Use Gary’s menu for former.)

  177. Good. Where would you like for me to deliver your mama’s urn silk flowers for her monument? You do not need be present to accept them, they are for her and your sister.

    Happy to deliver them anonymously to funeral home, cemetery ofice, church or anywhere else designated. You can pick any location in Mississippi or Alabama. I have to be there this week for another reason.

    Southern women, especially florists, feel strongly about sympathy florals. If you do not need them now, save them for when fresh looking ones are needed.

    You are welcome. I would have liked your mother. We are diminishing I suspect.

  178. The eat’n, at least as much as we can fit it right now, is done. I have carved up the remainder of the bird and am now boiling the carcass and sundry gibbons for soup later on this week.

    I am going to see how my better half feels about another big turkey dinner to celebrate the US Thanksgiving.

  179. You could have ham or other bird like duck or goose. I have to confess it has been a LONG time since I roasted a goose. I have even done pork roasts, especially I ally crown roasts with the cute bones garnished with orange kumquat and the whole in middle piled with stuffing.

    Obviously I once had way too much time on my hands or else set my goals just too dang high for my place in life.
    Want a recipe for cranberry cheesecake or pumpkin cheesecake with candied praline pecan topping?

  180. I have a pork butt in the freezer (15-20 lb). Maybe next weekend I will do some pulled pork (too dang much food in the fridge right now to think of anything but leftovers for the next week).

    TR, if you ever make it up my way, we will feed you well.

  181. Trucker, Gary and family are wonderful fun people and he is sincere about the food.

    The same applies to me. I come from a tradition of over feeding everyone and then send you home with leftovers.

    I will add to and reheat my veggie soup and bake some cornbread to feed any of my workmen who show up tomorrow. Tony already said to save him some when he came by to pick up check. Sweet tea, soup and cornbread.

  182. Jackie, at one time I had a large George Foreman rotisserie. It was great for cooking standing rib roasts. Crispy along the outside and medium rare on the inside. It really was as easy as putting water in the drip pan, setting the temp and time, put the roast on the spit and let’er go! It did a wonderful job with whole chickens too!

  183. Afraid I have never been much of a cook when it comes to using things with a plug on a wire. I am just a basic turn on the oven and put it in a pan, then baste and brush it and baste it some more.

    In fact, I was looking for recipes earlier and they all seemed to be for crock pots. I am going, well where are the recipes for a roasting pan or a braiser?

  184. Typo Mark, not gibbons… gubbins. The giblets are considered gubbins (scraps) by some.

    I have the giblets, heart, liver, carcass, neck, wing tips and the spine I cut out of the back when I spatchcocked the bird. What some would toss, I am making into soup.

  185. Jackie, the crock pot is a useful tool. I make a nice Hungarian goulash with mine.

    And my smoker has a plug too. There is an auger to feed the wood pellets, a hot rod to initially light the pellets and a fan blowing air through the lit pellets. It draws maybe 300W when lighting and then runs at about 40W there after (just running the auger and fan).

  186. I used to laugh that my mother had been raised by a pack of appliances and was obsessed with them. She didn’t cook much! She owned 100s of cookbooks too.

    The genes passed to my younger daughter who has a closet for hers.

    If you give me a Japanese chef’s knife, a cutting board, a skillet, a grill and a braising pot and a wooden spoon and I an cook most any meal and some desserts.

  187. Jackie, thank you for your incredibly generous offer to do a silk flower arrangement for my mom’s gravesite. She will love that. The thing is, I’d rather take delivery of it in person. The other thing is, that will not be possible for me this week, as it appears I will have to be out of town for most or all of it. So can I get a rain check on that until you pass this way sometime later…or until I can get to Oklahoma?

    Yes, you would have liked my mom, and she would have liked you.

  188. Good morning Villagers….

    So much for a day off, had to go in and help Ian. Really, one person cannot do it alone. Too many things can go wrong. Indy Mindy once wrote a job description for a poultry house worker. I have it on my bulletin board at work. It’s a good one, I’ll bring it home and retype it.

    So much food in the above posts….husband has gotten good on smoking pork tenderloin on the smoker. He’s grocery shopping today, hope he picks one up. It also makes good sandwiches.

    Gary, a belated, blessed Canadian Thanksgiving to you and yours. Sounds like you had a bountiful one.

    Read an article about changing Columbus Day to Indigenous People Day. Hmmm, I could never understand why there was a Columbus Day….

    Going to take a while to get use to this keyboard….seems my curser jumps around every now and then.

    Old Bear has been MIA for too long.

    gotta go

  189. Good morning Ghost and rest of Village. Thank you. I hope your sister likes pink and lavender because I got enough flowers to do two, along with reds and creams for my mama’s headstone urn. Could not find snake for mama’s vase but I will. Probably scare cemetery workers to death.

    You have NO idea how hard I tried to find your mama’s obituary so I could send flowers from the Village for her service. Then I kept searching because I was going to send or deliver a silk memorial floral and put on grave. You are most definitely a well hidden ghost.

    Frustrated florists have to admit what they are trying to do and ask for a delivery address. I would have liked just placing flowers as a surprise for them. Memorial flowers always make me feel good, placing them and seeing how the grave site suddenly looks so much softer or brighter or just pretty.

    Talent is of little value if one never shares it or gives it away.

  190. The temperature outside is 56 and I seldom turn on heat in house, I prefer cool. Woke up to neighbor pumping in propane. We have natural gas here so the propane tanks are by choice. At least he removed it from my bedroom wall and property line!

    Putting on jeans and light sweater to go shop for mums and fall vegetables, pansies and violas and iris if I can find some. I am panicking at idea of knee replacement in six weeks.

    Of course I have to get five clearances and not be I’ll at that time.

  191. I wonder how often natural gas delivery gets interrupted by your local weather disasters?

    OTOH, I have heard of country homes and farms with propane that have to ration during power failures (propane generators) in bad weather because they don’t know if/when they will get their next delivery.

  192. Another great song courtesy of Pandora. https://youtu.be/qx1LqnIJLj8

    Late great Jerry Garcia on Deep Elem Blues. Did not know this was recorded by CW legend Hank Thompson in 1959?

    Of course deep Elem, an area in Dallas has been much gentrified now and is full of pricey lofts, condos, trendy shops and restaurants. But probably still blues?

  193. Unbelievable. Either you run into significant expense so that any possible disabled person can take a free course or no-one will be allowed to take a free course. And they will sue your butt for good measure.

  194. Had a decent day healthwise, beginning to feel better. Fed my workmen homemade soup, then went off on errands. Made it home seven hours later with five flats of perennial herbs, 25# of chicken feed, entire passenger area full of daffodils and tulips, hyacinth bulbs on clearance from Lowe’s, plus ordered the last flat of pave stones for patio just off porch and Hardie board to repair storm damage to porch.

    Came home a t dark and braved snakes to go pick zinnias. Interestingly all the plants I planted personally are still blooming after six months or so but only others thriving were done by my Carter team, dad, brother, wife, daughter. The three sets of minions were a total bust. We think they threw bulbs away. And killed roses and shrubs, because ones we did lived even though on clearance.

    Gardeners are ever hopeful. We believe in miracles, pray a lot and never get off our knees or butts.

    And brave snakes to weed and pick flowers.

  195. Bought myself food porn to take to bed. Southern Living Special Anniversary Edition, 50 Years.Best Southern Recipes.

    Cover is pimento mac and cheese. I am lost, opened first article on breakfast brunch and there is pain perdu, lost bread, the very recipe I used for a food cooking demo. And crabmeat brunch scramble, my favorite crab on English muffins. And the original quiche Lorraine from 1972!

    Almost all the recipes still begin with melt a stick of butter. Especially the historic ones. Southern Living, you wrote my life or at least taught me to cook.

  196. Debbe 😉 Self-explanatory.


    Today was National Kick Butt Day. I was going to celebrate it by finding someone that really needed one, which would have been easy to do, but then I found out it should be called “National Kick Yourself in the Butt Day” (i.e., get started on something you need to accomplish), which kind of tempered my enthusiasm.

  197. Hey, they’re playing my song. Not that one, Canon in D for lutes and violins? Burned myself out on Tejano and accordions. Even Flacco Jimenez can be too much. So good night all.

  198. Good morning Villagers….

    GM back at you Old Bear 🙂

    Just another day at the chicken house….same old chicken poop.

    TR, sorry, I didn’t mean to step on anyone’s toes, read the article….thanks.

    This stupid curser wants to play hide and seek with me, it also could be my fat fingers 🙂

    Got my scripts refilled. Whoever stole them will be in for a surprise when they see one of the scripts is for my thyroid 🙂

    A blessed Tuesday to all.

  199. For anyone who wants to start a National Day, October 11 could probably use another couple of them. All that is listed now is National Sausage Pizza Day, National Coming Out Day (and I assume that’s not coming out to get a sausage pizza), and General Pulaski Memorial Day.

    I’ll bet Li’l Smigz knows who General Pulaski was.

  200. I do know a bit about Pulaski, Ghost, especially on this side of the Atlantic. In my mind, the Father of the American Cavalry will always be linked with one of my Grandpas who served in the U.S. cavalry in WWI. Thanks for the link to the fort, Ruth Anne! I’d like to visit it someday; the old forts up here in Michigan and Ontario are fascinating.

    Mindy from Indy, I hope the job search is progressing and the cat tails are friskie.

    Prayers for those impacted by Matthew…my family members in NC made it through with not much damage.

  201. Counted ten towns named Pulaski on Weather Channel. I may have been in all of them but Pulaski, Mississippi and Tennessee are the ones I have visited the most. There are counties named for him, as well as many regional parks and memorials. He was as revered as Lafayette once. It occurs to me few know about Lafayette either.

    I worked as a botanical classification aide to one of Polands last calvary nobles whose horse was shot from beneath him in the opening charge by tanks. He read and spoke thirteen languages but English wasn’t his best. He came to Lafayette, LA from a POW camp and never left. He had nothing to return to. He had little in Louisiana but I will never forget the Polish calvary.

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