Gray Area

Better late than never. This was drawn in November, 2014. It is one of my favorite time-change cartoons. This cartoon is notable in another way: it employs a benday pattern, the dots that produce the large uniform gray areas in panels one and three. For more than a century, newspapers printed with only one color, black. Any white was the color of the newsprint itself. All between shades of gray (and gray is all there would be) were created by breaking down areas of black with the use of dots which would vary in size and pattern. This is the benday pattern, named for its 19th-century inventor, illustrator Benjamin Henry Day Jr. Benday patterns have been integral to printing ever since, including the printing of color images, a varying but similar process. I say it is notable in this case, because I seldom have used shading to achieve gray in Arlo & Janis. Usually, it’s just black and white.

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  1. We had a small table lamp on a nearby bureau. Still there.

    50s? Brrrrr! Here’s yesterday’s next to last post from ‘Next’.

    Willmar is about an hour SSW of here. If ‘everything happens for a reason’, PETA would argue that Elohim are telling this guy he’s in the wrong business:

    We got 3” last night, it’s still snowing and drifting, and not supposed to rise above 32 F for the next few days. Astronomical and climatological winters are two different things. Forgot to buy a zucchini Wed.; will do without till we’re plowed out.

  2. As a faithful A&J follower I was interested in Jimmy’s explanation of the Benday process but as a former printer I realized he was only explaining the process from an illustrators position. The use of dots to break up photos and illustrations goes back much farther and is called “Halftone”. Wikipedia explains it much better than I can. Benday allowed illustrators an easy way to add shading without going through the more complicated halftone process.

  3. Jackie:

    Thanks for the reminder. Got mine, free, earlier on. Best shot I’ve ever had; actually did not feel the needle go in, nor the pressure from the liquid. One of the tangible benefits of volunteering at the hospital.

    The others = free lunch when on duty, free use of the gym 24/7, free outdoor feed for volunteers each summer, and a Holiday gift card that came in today’s mail, good for a ham, a frozen turkey, or a fruit basket at a local grocery. Doesn’t have my name on it, so will give it to the local food shelf. Intangibles are actually better.

    Will have TG, if the roads are clear, at my older son’s home and his UMC in Deerwood, and Christmas dinner at whatever local church is doing the Community Holiday Meal on Christmas Day.


  4. Smigz:
    Back then the Royal Oak Main was showing first run movies. Today they show more “art” movies and I think the last movie I saw there was Home Alone 2. My wife’s best friend’s son produced a movie and had a World Premiere there, but my wife went and I stayed home. The first run theater in Royal Oak is The Emagine, with lazy boy seating and even a bowling alley

    I actually saw Casablanca in Burton MI (right next to Flint)at the 1000 seat Courtland Center theater in 1982. The person behind kept saying the lines moments before they were said on the screen. Of course I had heard of the lines before and now do the same…except in the privacy of my home. They have since remodeled and about 6-7 theaters there now. I have not been to Flint in 15 years at least. However I know that Courtland Center is still there.

  5. Steve from RO wrote, “I thought I was familiar with the Bedday pattern as I used it a lot on my joints as I got older.” Is he younger now than before? Messages from the beyond? 😉

  6. The wine must have been very good, because I notice that Arlo and Janice are both smiling broadly in the fourth panel, even though they have forgone their traditional sides of the bed! 🙂

  7. Its inventor’s name, I think.

    ‘their traditional sides of the bed’. Does it matter, since it seems likely they’ve not finished moving around. My guess is this is not the first reversal JJ has pictured.

    We got at least another dense inch, and the private snowplows have already been here, after dark. Shovelers [at least, that’s how ducks spell it] for walks will likely come tomorrow.


  8. If you’re paying attention, you should be getting a little bit of an idea what we, as a country, have done. They say there are no atheists in a foxhole. God help us.

  9. I worked on an amateur super-hero comic book in the 1980s, and used various ‘densities’ of ben-day– or zipatone as we called it– for grays. It’s funny to think of it today in the world of photoshopping, cutting and putting the self-adhesive patterned paper down lightly on roughly the area to be toned, then cutting it precisely with an exacto-knife and peeling away the excess. I have comic strip art originals at least as far back as the 1950s that employ ben-day. Often on originals, the ben-day is badly yellowed, or has even fallen off leaving a yellow glue residue behind. The great Wally Wood apparently used a better quality type, as his ben-day film on the outer space strip “Sky Masters” (where he collaborated with Jack Kirby on the art) looks like new 60 years later.

  10. Here’s a Wiki site about such toning products. Had some Zip-a-tone sheets once, cannot remember what I fancied them for, ’60s or ’70s. Similar products were likely used to prepare a presettlement map of MN vegetation, used by Patricia Burwell in constructing map used as Map. 1 in “The mammals of Minnesota” [U. Minn. Pr., ’82].

    OB: Thanks. I turned 87 Thur. Doesn’t feel much different.

    Apparently walk-shovelers were here while plows were working. Lots of lights on trucks. Think I’ll drive to hospital gym to work out tomorrow. Above freezing temps not due till next wk. Hope roads are decent by Tue.


  11. Let’s see if I can word this one right? Asked Mark if I might have been guilty of posting religious or political comments along with my usual offensive remarks?

    He replied no, I hardly mention religion and was avoiding politics like the plague. I said like an ostrich with my head buried in sand and my tail feathers sticking up.

    Mark said I was afraid I’d be ostrichized if I spoke up.

    I said I’d do an Ann Rand feathered fan dance to avoid either subject. He said I had wrong Rand, I meant Sally Rand, Ann was author and while both were shocking, for different reasons.

    It was funny pun.

  12. Jackie, a chicken fertilizer is a rooster. You must mean chicken manure. Wonder what Hal thought your joints needed to emulate? Normal, non-painful ones I hope! Maybe you need to go back to the emu rub along with the chicken juice Nancy spoke of.

  13. Good morning Villagers….

    Emb, a happy belated birthday….87 and still going strong, an inspiration you are.

    Jackie, at least Hal didn’t use the word ‘bidet’ 🙂 which also rhymes with Sand’s bedday! As for the chicken poop, I can really sling it when needed!! Looked up that quote and found this article, hmmm…..

    Smigz, watching that video helped me keep things in perspective….now where is my password for the Social Security 🙂 Patience, Debbe, it’s the gubment, right?

    Too cold to work today and tomorrow.

    Mark, what chicken juice did Nancy bring up?


  14. EMB,
    Happy belated birthday. I’m less than a decade behind you and every year is very welcomed. I had two cousins who made it 104 and the last one went to a local casino and played the slot machines two weeks before the end. Here’s to many more good years for both of us! Pax te cum, my friend.

    God bless us every one. God bless the USA.

  15. P.S.
    I am reminded of the old Sinatra song:

    “If you should survive to a hundred and five,
    Think of all you’ll derive out of being alive.
    And here is the best part,
    You’ll have a head start,
    If you are among the very young at heart!”

    May we all be young at heart!

  16. Jimmy: Today’s A&J, 3rd panel, “. . . Gus’ kitchen . . ..” If one were not reading that but simply saying it to someone, it would probably sound thus: gúhssiz, and be written Gus’s. To indicate possession, one generally should add ‘s to any noun, as Strunk and White indicate in chap. 1, Elementary Rules of Usage, number 1, “Form the possessive singular of nouns by adding ‘s.” Rule is accompanied by examples and exceptions [one of which I don’t follow].

    Peace, emb

    Strunk is now in dictionary, but not “gúhssiz”.

  17. emb

    I was taught that it was acceptable and common just to put
    apostrophe (‘) after a noun that end in S – Gus’ or when
    at the end of multiples – bridges’

    But I am the last to ask because American is my first language. 🙂

  18. OB: So was I; elementary teachers all said that. But TCMITS/TCWITS don’t say possessives that way In The Street. I will go to a column I wrote for an excerpt re what I was taught by JHS science teacher. May have posted it here before. Peace,

  19. This was next to Debbe’s cheezeburger:


  20. Promised excerpt:

    ‘Miss Holscher was a horse of another color, whose name is legion. She was an eighth or ninth grade science teacher. Miss Holscher was certain, but often wrong. She seldom checked what she “knew” against observation. She told us only introduced insects were harmful (Colorado potato beetles?), and that, due to the sun’s brightness, you cannot see the moon in the daytime. I had often seen it, and even Venus, in the daytime.
    ‘You say, “Surely she was kidding, Evan; she was just trying to stimulate discussion.” No, Miss Holscher didn’t do discussion. She once used this true/false item: “The sun will last for eternity.” She marked “true” correct. I objected that Sol would eventually stop shining (not knowing the explosive details then). She said no, since humans would no longer exist then, eternity would be over. Savvy pupils know not to argue with ignorance cloaked in authority.’


  21. Grey cats in the dark? In my older age I have found women look and act sexier once they get past 50. That is especially true of my wife.
    I have my mechanic looking to snow tires for my vehicle. They are forecasting 4″-6″ of snow by Monday afternoon. This isn’t the first snow of the season but the previous snows have melted and everyone has forgotten how to drive on snow. I may have to switch from shorts to long pants soon.

  22. Hi, guys. Here are some more thoughts on “chicken juice” and knees–maybe more than most of you want to know, but scrolling is good. Synthetic joint fluid is often called “chicken juice” because it is made from rooster combs. The two main brands I am familiar with are Supartz and Synvisc.

    Here’s my right knee history:
    Arthroscopic surgery 10-15-04 and 1-12-07. Corticosteroid injections about once a year from 04 to 07. Supartz synthetic joint fluid January 2008. Synvisc April 2012. Synvisc again June 2013. Replacement surgery October 2013.

    Summary: Four years with c. yearly corticosteroid injections. Joint fluid four years plus on relief from first. About a year on second. Nothing on third. Replacement scheduled ASAP at that point.

    Left knee: Corticosteroid no longer effective. Synvisc in April this year. I think the four years plus I got on the right knee are highly unusual. I’m not getting that good a result on the left. It’s definitely still better than it was, but it’s not great. Hurts a little a lot of the time. I’m going to Europe with Master Chorale of Flagstaff in May. I may seriously consider replacement when I get back.

  23. I started about 15 years ago with steroid and synvisc into both knees as often as insurance would allow which was four times year. There were times I would have injected them myself they hurt so badly. This is fifth time I have scheduled surgery but first time something traumatic has not happened to cancel it.

    Am still walking bone on bone after all these years. Sitting on bench in museum resting. Wore hiking boots.

  24. My only comment (today) concerning politics is this: Since I first voted in 1972, Republicans have predicted disaster under every Democratic president and the Democratics have predicted disaster under every Republican president. We’re still here: We’ve survived several recessions, runaway inflation, stagflation, exuberance and malaise. Now we just need to figure out how to start shrinking the national debt before it crushes us.

  25. OB: Proofing, noticed this, which I had overlooked: “. . . or when at the end of multiples – bridges’.” Really? “. . . cows’.”, “. . . women’.”, “. . . troglodytes’.”? Maybe “the end of multiples” is not what you meant.


  26. Steve: Depends. If the pun or other play on words is clear to an ingroup but not to an outgroup, then you may be one up, and able to say, like Tom Lehrer, ‘The rest of you can look it up when you get home.’


  27. Here is Philbrook Museum as featured on PBS on the series America’s Castles.

    Had lunch there in LA Villa looking out on gardens, then toured house and galleries. Didn’t stay for garden lighting and gingerbread house displays but I get another chance before I have surgery on 30th.

    Anyone else been to a good museum, musical performances or gardens? We need to be positive and find the good.

  28. And a final installment on the Philbrook mansion and gardens. It is celebrating its’ 75th anniversary as an art museum and gardens. It is totally self supporting and impeccably maintained and displayed.

    The hallmark of their collection is Native American art. I hope to get to part two tomorrow which is a separate museum and in the Brady Arts district. Just in case y’all think Okies are without class? Even if they had to buy it
    with oil money.

  29. Jackie, there was a gardens I came across one time in the mid 1980’s. On US-2 heading east, coming down out of the Cascade mountain range in northern Washington, heading into Wenatchee. A roadside attraction that rated state signage, its name has been lost to me for some years.

    I found it at a convenient time to stretch my legs and refresh for an evening drive, but a poor time for viewing. A winding path up and down several terraced levels, with water features and rocky outcroppings that defined grotto-like viewing areas for a selected variety of ground cover, flowers, shrubbery and trees. Each with a bench or two for contemplation and descriptive placards to ID the foliage. In the short time I spent, and more exercise than I had expected, it occurred to me that arriving mid-morning and with a friend would make for a very enjoyable day. The displays were obviously maintained throughout the season. But I was so much more interested in the landscaping and paths, trying to decide if it was an installation in harmony with natural features, or skillfully created like many eastern U.S. parks. But the failing light had me leaving before I could decide.

    I have thought of that place a few times over the years. Never made it back. Time being what it is, busy life and passing relationships just would not coincide to a day off and a willing partner.

    More recently, was it this the summer of conventions or last year, that area was devastated by wildfires. So while online looking at fire information, the memory re-surfaced. But I was not able to identify a name, or even recognize the particular stretch of road. It may have been left to be reclaimed some time ago. I can no longer decide if it was still up in the hills or down by the confluence at Wenatchee. But I have it in my head for now.

    Thank you, for bringing it up.

    As for concerts, The Gorge at George is a natural amphitheater on winery grounds further down-river, Columbia that is, that grew into a major venue and festival grounds I believe. Toured the winery once, forgot the name, never saw a show there. It seemed short on accommodations for after the concert. Probably grown by now.

  30. Had an exciting day in the new quarters. Woke up with 3 out of 4 cats on the bed, hearing strange bloop, bloop noise. Checked washing machine due to having washed clothes before bed. Nope. Went to use bathroom and when I raised the lid, there were big air bubbles coming up in the bowl. Went, flushed,turned back and heard running water hitting the floor. Had Niagara Falls leak coming from between tank and bowl. Turned off the shut-off knob and started getting out towels. Had flood in bathroom and bedroom. Handyman checked and said he couldn’t find anything wrong but bought replacement seal. Hope he puts it in tomorrow as I am afraid to flush the toilet now!

    Excuse any typos you may find, cold fingers not accurate. Finally getting into 30’s and heat went out, on weekend. Hope to have it fixed sometime next week.

  31. Ruth Anne you are amazing.

    I could never come up with a four letter word, beginning with ‘O’ to name a flower garden. In prior attempts WA sites didn’t work. And when I tried Pacific Northwest, I would end up in Washington Park in Portland Oregon. Home of the International Rose Testing Garden, and for a time The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, you know OMSI, obviously. Reading from your link, I must have come upon this beautiful place during its in-between period, where the gentleman had long passed, the family maintained as they could, before government funding came in. I wonder how close the fires came.

    Thank you for closing a long open loop.

  32. Debbe, that little trip down memory lane lead in a roundabout back to you. I’ve known farms that keep a variety of poultry for hobby raising all my life. But to drive a car from Wenatchee to George, you have to climb out of the river valley before the gorge is cut where a road is not practical. So you come up on the high, barren plateau and drive for some miles. And you start to wonder what the hell that smell is. Summer in Eastern Washington can be very hot.

    Quincy is a town on that high plateau that doesn’t seem to hold as many people as poultry, by a factor of a thousand. The barns don’t look all that big until you realize you are still a mile away.

    And in my best Han Solo voice: That’s no barn.

    I’m not familiar with your area, but that is what I picture when I read your comments. Thanks for all the eggs.

  33. Morphy: I couldn’t come up with that garden name either – I just used the clues you gave us (garden Wenatchee WA). Ohme was the first thing that came up and the highway you mentioned was nearby. Glad I could help!

  34. Good morning Villagers…..

    Morphy, you are so right about the size of the buildings…so glad two of my sisters came in right before the purge and saw the six aisles, each being six hundred feet in length and over fifteen thousand cages with over seventy five thousand ‘Miss Prissies”. It was a job I enjoyed and I miss it terribly. They could not handle the smell either…I gave them dust masks to wear. I got use to the smell….it was the dang flies I couldn’t handle…..I hate flies.

    And my rooster went out too, but after reading Nancy’s post, may his comb be beneficial…he was one of the most beautiful roosters I’ve seen in the five years I worked there.

    Mark, you are right on with that one, but it lead me to this one:

    Saw the Eagles in concert at Evansville many years ago….’78 maybe, EmmyLou Harris opened for them…and Joe was with them at the time. His wardrobe stood out, as well as his Funk 49.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day…..

  35. Morphy, thanks for sharing that experience. Some of the best places I have found in life were while on the way to somewhere else.

    Mark, the new place sure sounds like it has its own personality! I net the cats were waiting for you to wake up and discover the source of the “bloops” for them.

    Rick in Shermantown, “No man has ever been shot while doing the dishes” ~ attributed to Joe, Stephanie”s husband.

    Debbe, that is one vengeful-looking cat. Dogs seem to either love you or hate you, but you can never tell what a cat is thinking.

    Don’t worry, Ludwig, another leaf will fall. Another leaf always falls.

  36. Debbe,

    You are quite welcome. I do not say much but observe quite a bit. I guess that’s why we have only one mouth and two eyes and two ears.

    God bless us every one. God bless the USA.

  37. Just as I read about the blop blop and water rushing from the toilet, my wife cheered as we have been living with a balky toilet for a month or so. I have snaked it,but it still does not like to flush everything down. Tomorrow I am taking the day off and was just on google looking for a plumber to call tomorrow.

    About that time, I heard my own blop blop coming from the bathroom and my wife yelling “Oh $%*#! I ran in and she had dropped the nail polish bottle and it had spilled it’s contents all over. I ran to get the paper towel and nail polish remover. Fortunately I had the spill cleaned up in no time. We were a bit concerned about the spill on the wood cabinet, but I was able to wipe it off very quickly.

  38. We are having plumbing issues where new fridge and ice maker go into kitchen bath and I had water on kitchen floor and small bath. We turned off water there.

    My master bath is both running water into back redecorating nonstop and flushing erratically. So far no flooding.

    My deputy used to be a plumber and is good. I am going to beg he come look at issues when he testifies in trial coming up of a party he arrested!

  39. Steve
    What emb said about puns – I got it first time.

    Multiples ending in S
    Does the exception prove the rule? Dice’s (speller does not like that
    but does like dice’ )Dumb machine.

  40. How about plurals of words used in English but from another language – use the plural form of the original language or of English?

    More than one ulna would be “ulnae” or “ulnas”? More than one plateau would be “plateaux” or “plateaus”? More than one datum would be “data” or “datums” – I have never seen the latter. Yes, “data” is plural.

  41. Anon. [Jerry?] ‘ “datums” – I have never seen the latter.’ Good! Something to be grateful for Thur.

    At U Mich., a zool. undergrad [maybe 5 yr. my junior] once used ‘phenomenae’ on a poster for his seminar. That’s ok, he was a great student and ecologist, eventually became a pres. of the Ecol. Soc. of Amer., and retired a prof at alma mater, Cornell U. Sadly, died just a few yr. ago.


  42. On the apostrophe “s” debate – I read, years ago, so don’t ask me where or when, the only exception to a possessive NOT ending in “apostrophe s” is Jesus.
    So Jesus’ followers, and James’s followers. I’ve always followed this, mainly because James’ followers makes me think many people are following many James(es?).

  43. emb did you like the painting I did for you in Melcher’s style? I instantly thought of you when I saw Bathseba. Well, you and Ghost.

    And for some reason I simply could not look at the scantily clad muses running around the walls of the music room life-sized and not think “pokies.”

  44. Had a card once w/ pretend birds’ names on it. Ruffled spouse was one, don’t recall all. Some were naughtier. Some that sound so aren’t; e.g., Blue Tit, Great Tit. Latter are common in UK, slightly larger than other UK tits. Not sure I saw the former. Did see either Coal Tit or Willow Tit, difficult to distinguish. One has glossy black cap, the other matte black cap.


  45. Datums are the points where the artificial spheres used in map-making meet the real Earth. Different spheres, and thus different datums, are used for different maps. The datums are used to relate the two maps to each other and the real world. Sometimes, these are called “datum points.”

  46. Jackie:

    That must be Bathsheba after she became Queen. Don’t think she had attendants when Dave first spotted her on the roof. Also, she doesn’t look Jewish, or even Middle Eastern. And what was out on that roof for in the first place, where she could be easily seen from the palace, by anybody, not just lover boy.

    A Catholic monk or priest once said [heard or read this somewhere w/in last several years], “Everything in the Bible is true, and some of it actually happened.” Wise.


  47. I think the painting was an excuse for the artist to paint a sexually explicit erotic painting for his sponsor and pass it off as religious. Hugh Hefner of the 1600s perhaps? I only consider a few things in Bible to be historically true but your priest nailed it.

    The museum considers it a treasure and I thought it over the top beauty salon the Kardashians would have enjoyed.

  48. ‘Cuse me, erotic art of the 1700s, midcentury. The attendants look pretty European like English country girls or milk maids.

    There was one painting where the country girl is lying sprawled in the dirt by the fields, so realistic the artist included the dirt stains on her big toe!

  49. Jackie, I noticed that the pillars King David’s balcony are Ionic, and are probably an anachronism. I’m not sure exactly when King David reigned, but I’m fairly sure it was before that archetectural style had reached Judea, presuming that it had even been invented yet. Probably it’s similar to the way medieval painters would show biblical figures in what was then modern dress, simply because that’s all they knew.

  50. Dear emb, what you said about the truth of the Bible made me laugh out loud. Very funny, and true.

    I have gotten a few pedicures as I can’t reach my feet well any more. The last time I went, I said “I’m here for a pedicure,” and the manager replied, “What color?” I was nonplussed and said, “Color?” She waved at a wall full of bottles. I am a Senior Citizen and wear support stockings — it seemed pretty funny. If I go again I’m going to ask for “foot care”.

  51. This is beginning to intrigue me. There are over a THOUSAND paintings of Bathsheba-her-toilet on Pinterest.
    The articles about her show she is one of most frequently painted Biblical subjects, yet there are few lines about her in the Bible and nothing historical? They obviously invented a lot of what they painted to get a good erotic painting. Some show a room full of nudes!

    But it got me reading about David, Solomon, Absalom and others. Boy, was there a lot of murder, intrigue, war, sex, incest and sin! Kept artists going for twenty centuries on little but imagination.

  52. Porn is ok as long as we rich are the only ones who can afford it. Then there are those cherubim [a nice non-s plural] with three pair of wings, one to cover their eyes, one to cover their ‘feet’, and one for flying. Same ‘feet’ that Naomi told Ruth to uncover.

    As Sportin’ Life sings in Porgy and Bess, ‘and found him, she SAYS, in dat stream.’


  53. There’s a good reason, emb, that cherubim (and seraphim, for that matter) are pluralized that way: they’re Hebrew words, and that’s how Hebrew makes plurals. Also, I realized that all of those pictures of Bathsheba had the exact, same error: there’s an ancient tradition that King David was a redhead, and they all show him with dark hair. Another thing that many people don’t know about David is that his great grandmother was a Moabitess named Ruth.

  54. Side:

    Thanks. Learned that a decade or two ago, in connection w/ El and Elohím. Apparently, an ancient Hebrew way of magnifying something was to make it plural rather than singular. Another is behémoth, plural of a word that is often translated as beast or cattle.


  55. Sideburns, in some of the paintings of Absalom, caught by his long hair in the tree branches, he is shown as red headed.

    The legend is that this is how he died, killed by another of his father David’s swordsmen against his orders after he had led a revolt against David. I’m telling you, the old testament is full of it all, incest, rape, revolts, murders, every crime and sin imaginable!

  56. Nobody posted while I was at Peak Performance working out. There’s a bacl view of the above sprite one arrow to the left. The photo op bridge I mentioned is where that photo was taken from; the left side view was taken from the path on the canal’s side. Model a bit older than Lewis Carol’s favorite subjects, but close to ideal. As Elaine often said, ‘All men are prancing, leering billy goats.’ Some of us stop at that.


  57. The heating and air people came however and I need a new part that costs $576 but in meantime they fixed it with some bailing wire. If bailing wire works I don’t need part.

    There are things I love about the country. And I have lived here long enough to be considered a local apparently and am no longer a “flat land tourister ” as Snuff Smith used to say.

  58. Good night everyone. Just read a book straight through tonight without stopping, The Optimist’s Daughter by Eudora Welty. I have always loved and admired her work.

    Another gift from The New Yorker magazine. I don’t know if I read her first there but I read her often in their pages. Has anyone read an especially good book, old or new?

  59. Good morning Villagers

    GM Old Bear…love your quote, sort of goes with today’s real time strip….ahh reality.

    Going through some sleep deprivation, bear with me.

    Jackie, hope your ‘fridge and freezer come today.

    When GR said he’d be gone awhile, he meant awhile…..

    Today is warmer, but rain coming in tonight….going to hen house and do some cleaning.

    ya’ll have a blessed day

  60. Good morning. I understand about sleep disruption issues.
    Mine are always with me.

    Dickens my little sleeping buddy is licking my foot right now, he is trying to make it “feel better” the only way he knows. Skipper the cat is licking himself, difference in cats and dogs.

    Need to get dressed and call Lowe’s, find out where fridge is. And go back to cleaning a little.

  61. Nope, not good at all Jackie.

    Procrastinating about going into work….haven’t even got dressed….still in bathrobe. Still though, I need a paycheck next week…should really call Jonathon…ok, I will


  62. ok dokee, called Jonathon. Need to wire brush the steel rod conveyor and put mineral oil on the rods so they don’t start rusting again. The boss is still optimistic about another egg producer. I just love that man, he’s strong in his faith, family values too. Most of the time he has his two grandchildren living with him, and that is good considering the alternative….their parents have ‘reality’ issues.

    On the dark side, some of the comments are good ones….nostalgic….remember party lines? The telephone operator, never having to dial, just gave her the number, I still remember ours, 336.

  63. Jackie, hoping the best for your fridge! I’m currently reading: “The Norths Meet Murder” by Frances and Richard Lockridge, “Darwin’s Ghosts” by Rebecca Stott, and “You Learn by Living” by Eleanor Roosevelt. All three very good.

    Jimmy, I got a kick out of Arlo’s “old reality.” But Arlo, it still IS your day!

    Debbe, I’m sorry to hear about the sleep deprivation. Does a purring cat help any? Or maybe a bedtime book?

  64. I imagine that everyone who was alive on this date in 1963 can tell you exactly where they were at a little after 12 noon EST. Mine was the Officers’ Quarters, Maxwell AFB, AL.

    God bless us every one. God bless the USA. Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving.

  65. Oh my cat…these are hilarious 🙂 Guess you can tell I’ve not made it in to work yet…almost 50 here. rain coming in tonight.

    Smigz…my Boss is a keeper, that’s why I did what I did for 5 years….he once told me that I was the kind if employee that every employer wanted….best compliment I’ve heard told to me in all my life.

    I can’t remember what grade I was in at the time JFK was assassinated…but the elementary school was Catholic, and we went to church when the news came out….loved those nuns, and their habits. You could hear them in their big, thick, black lace shoes coming down the hallways on the wooden floors…with their beads (rosary) swinging back and forth hanging from their waste. Took 5 years of piano lessons too.

    Thanks domaucon for bringing up the memories of yesteryear…..

  66. Second grade. I was not in school that day…out sick. We usually had the radio on, but didn’t that day. My Dad walked in the door after work and told us “President Kennedy is dead.” Dad’s voice shook and he seemed in shock.

  67. College. I don’t remember when I heard but I remember sitting in lobby of dorm watching black and white t.V. crying. Finally one of my male friends drove us back home for weekend and I cried all the way. Never quit crying.

  68. Here is a topic of conversation from lunch. We were eating the bean soup and cheesey Mexican corn muffins. One of my workmen friends asked if it was true about Southern church ladies drinking cough medicine and patent medicines to get drunk?

    I said “Hadacol”, the factory was in Lafayette, LA right behind my late husband’s family lumber yard. People all over America were addicted to it. So I read this article to them. It is fascinating, the last medicine show.

  69. Jackie, Merry Minuet is the one that immediately came to my mind when you mentioned Kingston Trio. (Sloop John B is another of my favorites). Jim and I still hear something on the news and start singing “They’re rioting in Africa…whistle.” Isn’t it awful how appropriate that still is, from the 60’s!!!!

  70. I agree on both songs. They hit me hard at the time both were released about same time. I never forgot either one and yes, little sseems changed. And yes, I have always sang along with the news the song’s lyrics, “There’s hurricanes in Florida and Texas needs rain” whistling.

    Ghost is so missed but his spirit kitty is making up for it out in my yard. Everyone has been recounting cute Ghost kitty stories of his latest mischievous behavior. Wish his namesake would report in. Hope he isn’t on a honeymoon with a long lost love from his past. That would be the final straw.

    Back to the past my friends.

  71. By the way, someone at Lowe’s found my fridge which was in warehouse for delivery since Sunday morning and they are delivering it tomorrow. So, I will cook Thanksgiving dinner here. For my crew. I will pull something out of freezer for meat, seem to have most everything else and I think they are bringing some food too.

  72. Was standing in line to get booster shots (Cuber missile crisis the year before)
    at Fort Dix.

    There was all sorts of elixirs for “female problems” that were 80% or more
    alcohol. Yet the lady would not have Demon Rum in the house.

  73. Walking in the past dredged up this incongruous bit of trivia. The character of Oliver, the hero of Love Story, the best selling book of 1970 and the movie, was based on a combination of vice president Al Gore and his Harvard room mate Tommy Lee Jones (the actor) who the author had known at Harvard.

    This is even more bizarre than all the rumors about who The Graduate is based on (real people) and The Texas Trilogy by Larry McMurty (real people) because it was written when Gore and Jones were young and both went on to prominence

  74. Rough night here. Heavy thunderstorms, lightning and the sound of storm warning sirens to spice things up. But we finally got much needed rain. Should be hitting Alabama today and wetting things down for Jimmy. Y’all stay safe.

  75. Good morning Villagers….

    Raining here all day, and I do need to get out in it. aauurrgghhh!!!!

    But I have taken some much needed time off.

    Smigz, yes I have a cat, white at that her name is Snowee and she sleeps on my left side every night, and she purrs, lays her head and paws across my left chest…hears my heart beat, I think. Very territorial, she’ll slap any of the other cats who jumps up.

    Boy, you guys have dug up some old songs here. Bil and husband were talking about Earl Pitts..anyone here heard of him? See if I can pull up some U tube on him.

    I’d say stay dry, but some of you need this stuff.

    Glad Jackie is getting her ‘fridge today.


  76. Should you need to change the subject during a family gathering – but maybe not at the dinner table – you could discuss where this fits in the great scheme of things:

    The friend who made me aware of this ad said that at first he thought this might be a spoof. I found it on Air-Wick’s webpage so I guess it’s real.

  77. After spending most of night loving on me and licking my face to keep me alive and breathing, Dickens has curled up on a pile of blankets at my hip and decided to go back to sleep. I seem to have lost the cat from the bed that started here.

    Good morning. Dogs barking in back yard. Lowe’s?

  78. Resolution not good enough to see birds’ markings, but who but Black Skimmers would fly just over the water and leave a trail behind them? Close expl ore before clicking.


    Peterson says they are common locally in bays along both coasts. Hanson’s I. is in a strait btw. N. end of Vancouver I. and archipelago to the N. Some whales may have left for the winter. This particular vista seems to be a default when nothing is going on to follow in other directions.


  79. Anyone cooking already besides Symply? I know he is because he posted it on Facebook. I need to go look in freezer and pull out some meat to defrost to cook for Thanksgiving dinner. And hope fridge gets here.

    Symply made pecan pies. I am thinking I will make sweet potato instead of pumpkin and lemon ice box for a change. Oh, and Apple with a Dutch crumb topping and nuts, raisins in filling.

  80. Hi folks! Just checking in, and wishing everyone in the Village a Happy Thanksgiving! Ghost Sweetie, where-ever you are, Happy Day to you, too.

    Yes, Jackie, I’m about to start cooking. Pies are today, as is biscuits and cornbread for the dressing tomorrow. The turkeys(2) go in the brine bath tonight; tomorrow one will be smoked and the other roasted. Sides will mostly be done tomorrow.

    On the topic of fried turkey, along with the Failure videos one should also watch Alton Brown’s How to do it properly:

    21 minutes, but informative and entertaining.

  81. Made cranberry-orange relish last week so the flavors could blend. Apple pie today, using the snickerdoodle top crust that I saw on The Chew recently. We tried it – it’s good! Tomorrow we’ll be over the river and through the woods to Bob’s sister’s house in Georgia, her first Thanksgiving as a grandmother.

  82. Pumpkin pie, peach cobbler and cornbread made today. The Mince is still too young in my opinion to put in a pie, but come Christmas it should be just FINE. Even better by New Year. 🙂

  83. With great effort we got new fridge in space from old fridge. This is actually a bigger and better fridge than one I thought I was buying so either they sold me the one they shipped and I paid correct price or they shipped me wrong one three days late and substituted a better stainless steel one for the enameled one I thought I had coming. It is cooling down, we are loading stuff back in tonight and starting to cook too.

    This may be interesting. In meantime going to get hair cut and styled may calm my nerves.

    Have decided to bake a lot of pies since I have a number of pie crusts defrosted. Yes, Pillsbury ready made, not scratch ones. Pecan, pumpkin, sweet potato, chess, Apple cranberry and blueberry with walnuts, chocolate fudge.

    German chocolate cake and cranberry bread too.

  84. On behalf of the Village, missing the Ghostly one. You know for a person no one has any idea if really exists, you sure are beloved and missed.

    Happy turkey day. And a bountiful turkey day to the rest of you. I am sitting outside a Domino’s Pizza shop and considering my options. Wonder if they sell slices?

  85. Good food talk, guys. I tried making a new one today–will let you know after tomorrow what we think (taking it to dinner with friends, along with Waldorf Salad–and a bottle of wine, of course.) The new one is “pumpkin magic cake with a pumpkin spice icing.” The “magic cake” deal is that “one simple batter turns into a 3 layered cake with a top layer of sponge, a middle layer of custard, and a fudge-like base.” You can make chocolate, lemon, etc, or as in this case, pumpkin.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all–and what the others said to you, Ghost.

  86. Have been out pulling stuff out of the real “ice box” on breezeway and transferring to new fridge. That big blue box is a professional shrimp or fish box for commercial use. It is four feet deep and rectangular and about six feet long, so 4 x 4 x 6. I may have dived as far as I can go tonight! But remarkably we saved almost everything!

    My hands are numb.. I start cooking when I get up. I hope someone will dig rest out in morning. I like new fridge.

    I finally found the Beatles song by cheating and reading. I kept waiting for Mark to identify. Congratulations to Laura. Hang around!

  87. Thank you, Gary! Have a good day in Canada!

    Happy, blessed Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope you day is filled with all your favorite people and things!

    Arlo, that’s why we can take time and effort on side dishes and desserts!

  88. Good Thanksgiving, Eight mile hike with one of my meetups, sausage cheese kolaches from Shipley’s ( unfortunately for some of you, not a nationwide chain) and a Klondike bar

  89. Hey, we had Bakersfield style enchiladas, stir fry fresh vegs, slightly burnt pecan pie and cold Dr Pepper and Diet Coke out on patio dining area.

    The big hit was the pumpkin streusel pie that tasted like no pumpkin pie you ever ate. Recipe follows.

    Crust for a deep 9 or 10 inch pie

    Pumpkin 30 Oz. Can (not pie filling)
    2 eggs
    1 can sweetened condensed milk
    1 tsp. Vanilla

    Streussel topping

    1 stick butter
    1 c. Brown sugar
    1/2 or more flour
    1 c. Chopped pecans

    Mix filling and pour into she’ll. Mix topping to crumbley stage and cover entire top of pie.

    Bake at 425 for 10 minutes and reduce to 350 for another 50 minutes or until firmly set in middle.

    Three people including me who do not like pumpkin pie ate it, declared it fantastic and had seconds! And no one wanted whipped cream or cool whip although recipe suggested it to serve.

  90. The Turkey is now done, along with stuffing, homemade Berry sauce, baked sweet potatoes and oven roasted vegs. Hopefully my friends will come back for a third Thanksgiving dinner later tonight after they go to family gathering.

    We are planning to eat this dinner all week too, along with pork roast in oven I forgot about. I need to make gravy still from drippings. May cook the German chocolate cake tomorrow, along with baked corn pudding I have stuff for.

    Honestly we lost little from fridge and freezer but I need to cook most of it up now. Still unpacking that ice box!

  91. Hmmmm, trying to remember how to invoke the return of a spirit and not how to banish one. I think this will work if we all watch the music and focus on our memories of the 1980s while willing our Ghost to leave the period of the 80s and the young irresponsible Ghost Rider 6 that he has returned to observe. You are NOT really having fun Ghost, you really want to return to 2016. The election is over. It is safe to watch sports again. Things will get better.

    Send positive thoughts and karma back to the 80s to Ghost fellow Villagers!

  92. Wild turkeys can indeed fly. I have encountered a few of them while driving along I81 in NY. They took off at the side of the road and crossed the lanes. Luckily they were just far enough away that we didn’t hit them. I saw some carcasses at the side of the highway that indicated not all of them were as lucky.

  93. Do not forget that Saturday is Shop Locally Day and go to a small business in your local community to shop. If we do not support our small businesses and locally owned businesses our hometowns will not be able to survive.

    We need to do our parts to keep Main Streets open all across America.

  94. Good morning Villagers…..

    I had a very blessed Thanksgiving yesterday….first one I’ve had in years, usually I’ve worked. Went to a niece’s and spent the day there. Came home with ‘doggie’ bags too.

    Thank you, Jackie for the links….

    Not going shopping, but to the hen house and do some cleaning. So over whelming and depressing to even think about it….kind of like a pygmy peeing on a forest fire Fifteen thousand some cages to inspect and pull out feathers. No hen heat either…may take my carharts and do the dance of the seven zippers… 🙂

    Some 40 degrees out there.


  95. Oh no! Just realized that IF my doctor even got the refill request for my arthritis meds and is in office, the pharmacy is Walmart! No, no, no!

    Black Friday Madness! Crazy people! No!

    Zombie Appacolipse.

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