‘Oft Go Awry’

I’m working on the new book, tentatively entitled “Arlo & Janis after Dark,” and here I am giving away the merchandise. Yes, production of the new book is behind schedule, but I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. And yes, it’s mostly old material, but if you’re worried that you’ve seen a lot of it already, think how I feel.

Buy the new book, "Beaucoup Arlo & Janis!"Today's "Arlo & Janis!"

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  1. Ironically, I was thinking over the weekend about posting regarding the lack of recent “spicy” A&J cartoons, as there been no sightings of Janis in the bathtub for weeks; no double entendres for weeks; and no implied “whoopee” since I don’t remember when. And suddenly the retro cartoons turn into an “embarrassment” of riches.

    I’ve broken a lot of things in my life, but never a bed. And I suspect you’d remember had you been involved in such an incident, Jackie.

  2. Well. since it is past noon…good afternoon Villagers….

    Remember that box put my whoas in? I opened it. The bottom of the box had a door..mahogany…with a gold door knob. I entered…..to find that the door that closes, one will always open……

    stay tuned my friends…

  3. Old Bear, thanks. It was the hands-on, practical application of knowledge I was after and you nailed it. I recognize it may seem incorrect, but I appreciate empirical testing even if it is anecdotal.

    Still didn’t follow link, so opining in the blind as it were. The installation and sealing of a floor made of thirteen thousand pennies could easily cost $1,170.00. Thereby creating the clikbate hook to get everyone arguing.

    As a younger man, in my first party-paradise, den of iniquity, ahem – bachelor pad, I had an inherited bed-frame with 3 wooden slat spreaders between the rails. That design is supposed to counter all vertical displacement forcing rails to twist. After the second object of my affection was horrified at what happened, I drilled the rails in two places and added baling wire twists to prevent excessive spreading. Solution had been provided by a more experienced hand. Read that as you will. Always good to get advice.

  4. While we have never experienced the bed collapsing, there was one time in California when it was really shaking. The 1999 Joshua Tree earthquake topped the scale at 7.0. Everything in the room was rocking and rolling; Loon was OMGing.

  5. Ghost Rider 6, that kovot fondue set looks simply elegant. And then I got a new awareness, normally I would rant against the over-use of caution statements. They can turn an owner’s manual brochure into a lengthy novel making it impossible to find information. But I have visions of a thoughtless, or drunk, person grabbing a handle to drink. Even if they stopped short from the heat they now have a waxed lap, possibly still lit. Thank God I didn’t become a helicopter parent earlier in life.

    Think you’ll be seeing cheese ads for days now?

  6. Jimmy, I didn’t get your retro title right away today. And it bugged me because your quotation marks are usually a give away. Then I realized Arlo is no mouse, but his plan of quiet nooky didn’t work out anyway.

  7. So the Ghost is a fan of Wayfair too? How about Zulily?

    In a fit of depression night before I ordered a bakers dozen of European balconette bras for full figured women or some such euphemism for size 42DDD although I got adventuresome and tried some F and G sizes.

    We shall see. I know the brands do fit unless I keep eating chocolate bakery cupcakes in tonight’s fit of depression.

  8. The reason I am depressed is a second sailing friend from Florida in a month just lost his youngest son today, a family I know including children and grandchildren. Much loved and wonderful family. They used to come to my house as large family group, boy had toddler child and wife.

    From condolence comments it seems to have been a violent, sudden death. At lunch his parents were posting photos of their new camper at state Park, tonight posts announcing death with no details.

    Last week I was happy my friend was out of hospital with apparent cancer surgery. Tonight family is grieving again and in shock.

    I ate three chocolate cupcakes.

  9. Got kitchen cleaned AGAIN and I will cook chicken legs cacciatore which isn’t right but I don’t much care. A) I bought chicken legs on sale for 59 cents a pound at grocery and they were out of thighs B) Everyone loves my Italian food C) I have lots of colored peppers and zucchini D) No one has actually eaten cacciatore except me so I can claim anything is right as long as there are chicken and marinara sauce and pasta.

    In the morning, with garlic French and Italian bread. And pre-made deserts from bakery. I left them in van so I would not eat tonight.

  10. Love the caricature Symply. I CANNOT believe you are a grandfather of eight. Of course I cannot believe I am grandmother either, I prefer to think of myself as Mame.

    Looks like you had a wonderful birthday celebration for the big 0 date.

  11. My friends son with a young wife and toddler child overdosed on drugs. Reading the condolences you could tell he was loved and touched all he came in contact with.
    The shock expressed by all is genuine at his death.

    This is insane. Kids are addicted, dying, giving up everything to be high. I feel so depressed for his parents, his family.

  12. c e-p
    I do not know scientific parameters but 30 + years of dealing
    with Gasohol has shown me a lot.
    Much experimentation was done to find 10% ethanol did not damage cars
    TOO badly. Mfg have upgraded fuel systems but don’t run E85 in vehicle
    not designed for it.

    The subject has taken up countless articles and I am sure more than one book.
    No one I know in the business has anything good to say about gasohol.
    Well maybe the additive people – each mfg. keeps coming out with a product that
    has finally solved the problem.

  13. emb
    Vincent Leonard Price, Jr. (May 27, 1911 โ€“ October 25, 1993) was an American actor, well known for his distinctive voice and performances in horror films. His career spanned other genres, including film noir, drama, mystery, thriller, and comedy. He appeared on stage, television, radio, and in over one hundred films. He has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame: one for motion pictures, and one for television.

    Price was an art collector and consultant, with a degree in art history. He lectured and wrote books on the subject. He was the founder of the Vincent Price Art Museum in California.[1] He was also a noted gourmet cook.[2]


    “Master of Menace”

    That was he doing the G&S.

  14. Ruth Anne: Enjoyed that food trilogy thought! I wonder if there can ever be a solution, given that taste lies in the opinion of the individual. Considering the stuff A. Zimmern (?) eats on his travels, it just might be the case that SOMEONE would enjoy whatever 3-component mixture another hatches.

    OB: gasohol, etc. As written, I could be wrong. Assuredly, I have made errors every day of my life and shall likely continue to do so even with all my training and experience!

  15. Good morning Villagers…

    As I entered through the door, there was a mist in the air and silhouettes of furniture outlined the room. I’m at my Dad’s house….he’s getting out of the nursing home rehab on Sunday. The only way they would release him was if someone was with him 24.7 for two weeks. I’m going to go live with Dad those two weeks taking care of someone I love very much.

    Making a list of things to take…my Scrabble game (it swivels too), Yahtzee and two stacks of cards and plenty of pennies for poker. (no, not doing a penny tile floor). I’ll be without a computer…gasp! But my one sister said she’d sit with Dad so I can go online at her house in town and do my bill paying and banking.

    I’ll be making changes in my lifestyle while there….I’m very excited to do this for my Dad, he’s been there for me for 63 years, what’s two weeks out of my life to give back to him. Oh, and Dad has cats….so there will be purring….good therapy.


  16. I missed yesterday’s topic on breaking beds. I have a good reason. I was getting a new bed. As to breaking a bed, yes I have. The slats broke. I don’t remember why. Jackie,I am so sorry about your friend’s tragedy . T his year has been awful.

  17. Good for you, Debbe. The single thing I’m most proud of about myself was that I was there for my mother the last, difficult months of her life. One day, you will look back and be proud of yourself, too. (I’m sure many here know what I mean.)

  18. Mentioned yesterday’s sundogs. Somebody at The Bemidji Pioneer got a photo shortly after sunrise. Across Lake B. is Nymore, the SE neighborhood of town, site of one of our two water tanks. Peace,

  19. Agreed, Jackie. Personally, I feel our society’s failure to successfully deal with drug addiction and its related deaths and ruined lives is one of its greatest failures.

  20. Here in SW IN, Knox Co. is known as the meth capital…..it’s horrible. One can drive down a country road and see the remnants of a ‘shake and bake’ lab. Then there is this synthetic ‘pot’ that people are overdosing on….I believe this generation is seeking the eternal high, scary to think what it will be like in several years.

    When I said I was going to go through some lifestyle changes….I am a smoker….I am quitting Sunday. Its never too late to quit I thought…just do it Debbe…. Plus. I can’t afford it anymore ๐Ÿ™‚ Plus, I’ll smell prettier too.

  21. Emb…all my cats have been and are rescue cats…they’re the best friends you can have. Lost my tortie several years ago…Shellee was her name. Cancer took over her, had to let her go. My vet buries the remains of the pets he euthanizes in his back yard…and yes, he does have a big back yard and a big, big heart.


  22. Ruth Anne, my brain now has its goal for the day: consider food triads. I hope it will drive out “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas,” which has been stuck in there for several agonizing days.

    Jackie, I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend’s son. Sometimes it feels like the pain of the holidays outweighs the joy, but please try to remember that we feel the pain because the joys were so very joyful.

    Thank you, Old Bear, for confirming that was, indeed, Vincent Price. His classically-trained speaking voice was so memorable, but I had never heard him sing. And the makeup made it challenging. Your biography of him was wonderful.

    Debbe, you’re going to have a fun-filled couple of weeks. ๐Ÿ™‚ Scrabble, Yahtzee, poker…your Dad’s a lucky guy! This is a good way to keep up his rehab exercises and skills, too. One of the hardest things is to stand by while they struggle to do something. We just want to help and do it for them.

  23. Smigz….and my husband thinks I play solitaire for fun…I play it to keep my brain occupied. Dad was in rehab when I stopped by the other day, and they had him playing cards…putting them in sequence…that’s where I got the idea to bring my games……

  24. I am OK have been in kitchen cooking garlicky chicken cacciatore for my crew. I have Trula, Kyra and one year old Kayla here working today. They are daughters of my two workmen who are like family. They check on me, look after me.

    Trula is unpacking yard, patio, porch furniture and setting up, cleaning out workshop and storage second floor for me.if it warms up she is going to hang all my giant metal stars on fence faces.

    I guess I treat them like my grandkids too.

  25. Debbe, I quit cold turkey from chain smoking. I never lit another and now get sick if I am around smokers. I quit for Mike when I was 21 or 22, so fifty years smoke free.

    You can do it. Eat something, chew something, suck on something. It is as much a mouth thing as hand thing.

    Just don’t have them available. Expensive habit.

  26. Debbe:

    Someone I know well is in recovery, has been sober / AA and such for some two decades, and has also quit smoking. Says it was much harder to quit smoking than booze.

    Laura, deeply saddened / your husband. The people responsible knew then and know now they are killing people. They should be behind bars, lifers w/o parole. But we reserve that for repeater shoplifters and addicts from the underclass. But they get bonuses and their mktg. depts. target potential smokers from grade school.


  27. Been a change of plans…Dad has to stay overnight in hospital overnight on the 21st. He saw two doctors yesterday…a cardiologist and a urologist. It seems one falls and lays for a length of time, your system can go into a septic shock…now, what I what to flippin know is why it took 7 weeks to discover this….I am not happy.

    Jackie, glad to see your post…was worried. And I just may go to my Dad’s just to get the slam flack out of here….too many smokers here, and when I quit…they aren’t going to like the fact that I will make them go outside ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    And SS just called…I’m already drawing off husband’s SS…..CVS on weekends is starting to sound pretty good.

    Saturday it’s going to get up to 50 degrees….going into work and have a chat with the Boss tomorrow…..I know he can keep me busy just a few hours a week.

  28. please, people who know stuff….are there bears in Peru? What looked like a black bear (but moved more smoothly) just walked across behind/below the hummingbird nest.

    so many wonders in the world. i think that helps make up for the losses. at least it helps! hang in there folks ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Jackie…black licorice is great for quitting smoking….try lighting one up after sucking on one of those, I have and it’s not a palatable treat ๐Ÿ™‚ (Note to self….buy black licorice.)

  30. Debbe ๐Ÿ™‚ I had surmised you were a smoker, and the first thing I thought when you mentioned “life-style change” was, “She’s going to quit!” Good on you for that, too. I started in HS and continued through college and the military. At some point, I decided that continuing made no sense, so one day I put out the cigarette I was smoking and never lit another one.

    I recognize that every case is different, but I have no doubt that now you’ve made the decision, you will not fail. And yes, you will smell nicer. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Non deficere.

  31. Debbe, good for you! Please quit and stay quit. Smoking is what apparently killed my mother. My brother took her to her new doctor when he moved her to Montgomery. That doctor found her left lung was just a white mass on the radiology and his assumption was cancer which had metastasized to her bones. She died about two weeks after this was discovered.’

    That chicken sounds good Jackie.

  32. Left everyone eating chicken and pasta and garlic zucchini and peppers, garlic bread. They are all family. I am off to Honda dealer re van and Lowe’s for wooden caps for rails on walks which guys are installing so I don’t fall going over deck bridges on ice.

    And shopping.

  33. My Mother-in-law was talking with her sister one day and her sister told her that she was going to hypnosis to lose some weight and wondered if my MIL wanted to go with her to stop smoking. A few months later, my Father-In-Law went to grab his cigarettes, crumpled up the pack and never smoked again. My MIL once asked him why he didn’t stop when she did and he said “I wasn’t sure if you had stopped for good. I wanted to make sure that if you started again, then I would miss out on a lot of good smokes!”

    Many years later, my MIL finally asked her sister “How much weight did you lose? You were never fat to begin with!” Her sister said “Not a pound. But hopefully I had gained a sister for the next 30 years.” My MIL still chokes up when she thinks about that.

  34. Debbe best of wishes for so much of what you have in front of you. Sounds like you are doing it right.

    Steve, that is a beautiful story of helping your neighbor. The fact it was sisters makes it sweeter.

  35. emb, why is this the case where government intervention doesn’t matter, and is held blameless?

    As a child, it was no secret that cigarettes kill. Hell’s Bells, we called them coffin nails. My teachers used a gullible kid to try and ‘make’ my free-willed father quit smoking by hiding his packs if I found them. You can imagine how well that went. And the teacher wasn’t there to shoulder the blame. Learned lessons that day about allowing others to control you.

    Yes, Big Tobacco advertised all over, but no one was in the dark about the effects, including me. And I started. Probably for all the same reasons so many others did. Failed at quitting MANY times. Pack a day habit means you quit smoking twenty times a day, right? Then it stuck. Everyone has a plan, but it is actually hard to predict what will work. Wish I’d heard of the black licorice solution. Burnt sugar will put off most any craving. Can’t imagine the anise oil would help.

    But all that is groundwork to prove I’m worthy of an opinion. My question is, how do you morally punish someone for growing, advertising, selling, buying, using, dying from a LEGAL product? Sanctioned, protected, subsidized, and revenue collected by the government. Why does the government have no liability here? Make the product illegal before lighting your torches and grabbing your pitchfork.

    Do Not punish the free use of a legal product. Make the poisonous product itself illegal, for general use. Cocaine is more effective, and more predictable than Ritalin and the associated goldmine pharmacopoeia. But the risk of abuse is too high. Executive power does not require permission or vote when clearly in the public interest. Was used that way many times before the current President made it unpopular through over-use. Your preferred method of trust-busting comes to mind.

    Failing that, all you really want to do is control people and make them feel bad, while raking in a little revenue at their significant expense. The most REgressive tax we have. Then explain to me why legalizing recreational pot makes sense.

  36. Morphy, unlikely Feds will outlaw tobacco. They are as addicted to the taxes collected as the smokers are to the tobacco. Same for states. Too much of the budget depends on “sin” taxes. Doubtful prohibition will work any better for cigarettes than it did for alcohol or has for drugs. Only real solution would be to cobble up some anti-tobacco genetic mod in a lab to kill all the plants at once and hope it didn’t mutate to destroy food crops.

  37. Here in Oklahoma our Native Americans benefit from tobacco sales. Those concerned are trying to get their tribal members to stop usage and sales of a sacred product distorted by the white man for recreational use.

  38. I had no idea that you were sinning, Ghost. What sins are you guilty of? The ten commandments are the ones I try to observe.

    I suppose mild gluttony on my part but I don’t abuse anything nor addictions . They tax anything I would eat, even Diet Coke.

  39. Two days ago the long term forecast for Sunday was a high of 39F and a low of -12F. Welcome to Canada. That has changed and today they are forecasting a high of 20F and a low of -5F. That is still a pretty large swing but only about half of the original forecast.
    It is currently -4F, going down to -13F today with a wind chill of -28F. I may have to switch to long pants soon.

  40. Sorry to co-post Gary. I hadn’t been following our best friends of the Great White North. But you are sharing your weather with some family I have in Steve’s area, this week. They don’t mind the blessings later in the season. But didn’t feel ready for it after such a warm autumn.

  41. Mark, interesting solution. There has been a weevil, I think, maybe a blight of some kind, that tried at one time. But I do fear man-made solutions. See the dingo fence in Australia, and other examples.

  42. Jackie, Washington state has… I’d have to look it up, more than a dozen less than a gross- reservations where tribes sold to whites back in the day, and made a killing at it. But as Mark predicted above, the crack down came eventually. I think these days it is enforced at access road ‘border’ crossings that in my time didn’t exist. They cannot restrict the free trade. But if you did not pay the higher non-tribal rate, and cannot prove it, you will be fined in a way that made the whole exercise pointless. Still worth it though for the better flavor. I think they have a fresher product due to higher turnover.

  43. The point though wasn’t the morality of revenue. But the criminal attitude applied to a legal activity. And then in contrast to the permissive attitude to the still federally prohibited product marijuana. Mental exercise: WA, OR, even D.C. may claim their ‘legal’ marijuana arrived there by boat. How does landlocked Colorado claim to have obtained seeds that would have to have been transported across state’s borders, thereby subject to federal seizure?

  44. In Oklahoma large numbers of our Native people have COPY, lung cancer, heart disease and other ills that smoking contributes to. As does the rest of population here.

    If not first hand, second hand smoke kills much of our citizens. We lead the nation in all things bad.

  45. Sorry for the co-post. Not defending the health benefits of tobacco. Remember, I quit myself. Questioning the legal status. And public shame applied to what would otherwise be described as victims of addiction.

  46. Difference btw. punishment, if any, for white-collar crime vs. lower class crime? Big Tobacco = predation on the poor for the benefit of the owners with major lobbying, many legislators in their pockets. Hard to outlaw a profitable product w/ a long history of legitimacy [400+ yr.?], entrenched in the economy of many states [incl. CT, where they grow cigar tabac under cheesecloth]. They’ve been called coffin nails from at least the ’20s, but were not officially declared a major health hazard until Pres. Johnson’s committees report in the early ’60s., which was viciously attacked by Big T. Anti-science is still alive and well in other areas.

    ‘. . . unlikely Feds will outlaw tobacco. They are as addicted to the taxes collected as the smokers are to the tobacco. Same for states.’ The tax benefits to ‘gubmint’ probably are exceeded by public health costs and multiple other costs to the public sector as well as society as a whole. And, for many people, tobacco is so strongly addictive that they are unable to quit. Others are under social pressure to continue. Bemidji has major reservations to the W, N, and E. Went to a funeral, perhaps not tobacco related, of a BSU employee [accidental CO poisoning from a defective heater], and her friends and relations were outside the funeral home puffing away.

    This could get, or may already be, political.


  47. My childhood bed had to have its wooden rails bolted to the frame as well. Constructed more like a daybed, there was enough room underneath to play under, and having hair-trigger boards dropping springs and mattress on growing skulls was deemed “unsafe.”

    Addiction? Legal starting selling time for alchol in Indiana is 7am. Heaven help me of my register’s time is off, because at 7:00:01am, some one NEEDS a beer and the liquor store down the street doesn’t open until 10am. Cigarettes annoy me, but I will cheerfully take a smoker (wacky or standard issue) over meth, heroin, cocaine, or alcohol any day. (Or lottery addicts. A special kind of hell – we are under no legal obligation to cut someone off, and encouraged to push more instead. I refuse.)

    Marie might get to home early! From death’s door to amazing progress. They are going to bring her home next Thursday to do a mobility walk through to see what areas need work. Wonderful news.

    … which is the best news I have as I have another friend on a ventilator and a feeding tube. She was collapsed, unresponsive, on a floor for eight and a half hours before help came. That was Tuesday. No change since.

  48. My late husband’s best friend in his fraternity at college was a short go getter named Wendell Gauthier. Wendell worked his way through college and law school. He was labeled the King of Tort when he appeared on either Time or Newsweek cover.

    Wendell did all the work on the infamous cigarette manufacturers class action suits, holding them liable. I think he died before he could finish the suits but they went on to be tried by others who won millions. Sadly Wendell died very young of cancer. I will Google him and see what wiki says.

    The nation owes Wendell a lot.

  49. Excuse me, others won hundreds of billions on Wendell’s discovery of internal memos from cigarette companies proving consumer fraud of hiding medical evidence, making cigarettes even more addictive deliberately and other deceptive actions.

    This is the article from the New York Times when Wendell died of liver cancer at 58. http://mobile.nytimes.com/2001/12/12/us/wendell-gauthier-58-dies-lawyer-in-big-damage-suits.html

    Not bad for a poor boy who worked his way through college and night school for a law degree.

  50. Mindy, great news. And valid observations from the front lines.

    Jackie, you continue to amaze with your 6ยฐ of separations. Wendell played a huge roll in the ongoing hopes of cleaning our society’s missteps in keeping our neighbors healthy.

    But emb, you continue to give government’s motives a pass. If there were clean hands, then absolutely blame everything on those bastards at Big Tobacco. But there is not. Any more and I would repeat sections of above.

    You yourself point out the term coffin nails predates the surgeon general’s warnings by more than a generation. If everybody knew, then how was Big Tobacco fooling anyone? They certainly didn’t fool me. And I really do not think I am all that special. Even if my massive inferiority complex doesn’t come through in print. (;

    left bracket, cause I look at things backwards.

  51. emb, I was going to pass on your white/blue collar false contrast, but what the hey….

    I believe there is a parallel because:

    1 the end victim is demographically ( I included ) lower class

    2 whether you speak drug war era Colombian Lords, or
    2a modern era headshop millionaires soon to be billionaires, they are

    3 Of a substantially higher means than the end user described as victim above, and

    4 the functional equivalent of duhn, duhn, duuuuhhhn, Big Tobacco

  52. Morphy, I could tell you so many Wendell stories. He was as outrageous and wonderful when we were young as he was legendary in older age. I suppose I do have a number of those 6 degrees of separation with people over the years. More than you all know to be honest.

    They are just people.

  53. Note to Ghost, Trigger is in Oxford, Mississippi now should you be anywhere near. You could visit him for me. It is still not certain he can be repaired

  54. Ironically, tomorrow is a travel day for me. But I will not be passing anywhere near Oxford. If I were, Bullet and I would pay our respects.

    As I recall, Trigger was rear-ended. I suppose it will depend on how much frame damage there was in addition to the sheet-metal damage.

    I assume Allstate was somehow able to finally find its corporate arse by using both its corporate hands.

  55. After my sweet cousin who is still working for litigation firm on mostly BP lawsuits in Gulf area (and is my guardian trustee) got involved and took over. They still have not gotten a copy of accident report nor done anything beyond sending me three form letters saying my case is being investigated. He got my truck released and made Allstate pay charges. I was being robbed by sweet Southern wrecker owner apparently who wanted my wrecked truck. No one could do aluminum work that was certified and vice versa.

    We do not know if there is frame damage yet and aluminum umbrella body parts are in short supply. I am driving Honda van.

    I feel I am being repaid for general hubris in buying truck and flaunting an in your face attitude toward someone who told me not to get it because Americans had a big truck attitude toward rest of world. He didn’t say women, just Americans in general, but I am sure women must have ranked as least able to justify driving pickups. I love trucks more than cars and drove my last F-150 for 15 years. Nor did I go buy an egarious F-350 in defiance, just another F-150 almost same as last one, just as I had always intended.

    Loved that truck.

  56. GR6, Jackie may correct me, but I had pictured a T-bone event, that accounted for injuries. Am I confused?

    Jackie, I did not mean to provoke a bout of modesty. There are fair and equitable people, but not ‘just’ in the minimize sense. The least among us, and all that. You have been blessed with meeting more than the average number of exceptional people, the ability to recognize notable people on sight, or the ability to recall these experiences easier than others. Probably all three.

    I fear I’ve derailed flow this evening. But I think we kept it civil.

    If my white/blue comment was political, let me balance with: The U.S. government’s hands remain dirty in that realm also. ‘Both sides’. Let me throw out the non-exhaustive list of Contra rebels, Noriega, Fast and Furious, and on….

    It is late, I must seal my last move, and withdraw. Tomorrow will show if it was an adjournment or a forfeit.


  57. I would say all three and all my life. Being open, friendly and pretty helps I suppose. And intelligent. People like that. Fearless helps too.

    Ghost, you are going away for Christmas? I think you mentioned that. If you elope with someone from your past my hopes will be shattered. Don’t get married for Christmas please.

    Goodnight all.

  58. Smigz, sorry I didn’t see your question until now. I am in Ottawa, Ontario. We had what the weather office claimed was 8 inches of snow a few days ago (but it was more like 12″ in my area). The snow blower is not real happy right now. It could use a bit of servicing but it did its job. The forecast for the next few days is for another 10-20 inches of the white.

  59. Women are good drivers. I have met several professional drivers in my travels. I am proud of them and they seem proud of me. I think they hope to be like me someday when they are older. Seeing younger women moving into new for women professions is exciting for me. We are making progress from restrictions we once faced.

  60. โ€˜. . . unlikely Feds will outlaw tobacco. They are as addicted to the taxes collected as the smokers are to the tobacco. Same for states.โ€™ The tax benefits to โ€˜gubmintโ€™ probably are exceeded by public health costs and multiple other costs to the public sector as well as society as a whole.

    How does that ‘continue to give governmentโ€™s motives a pass.’? It points out, not that their motives are pure, but that their impure reasoning is faulty: the revenue generated w/b more than matched by other costs to gov’t. That’s what ‘exceeded by public health costs and multiple other costs to the public sector’ means.

    There are short-sighted politicians who continually cut funding to public education, and continually fund prisons, which cost much more. Despite white-collar crime among college grads [but not only them], it is well known that the un- or poorly educated are more likely to end up in the underworld.

    I was misunderstood before, and now again. I’m tired of it. Let’s drop it.


  61. Here’s something I have been thinking of about us here in the Village, the song We Are Family by Sister Sledge.

    But we are more like this the ending scene from the Bird Cage where Gene Hackman as elected politician and his family evade paparazzi by joining a group of cross dressing males while singing and dancing to the song.
    Loved the movie, if you have not seen it, I recommend it. A antidote to our upset stomachs over 2016 election year.

    And my 6 degrees of separation is that while working in New Mexico I had breakfast at counter of local tacqueria sitting by Gene Hackman who was a regular there.

  62. Jackie, until the USG starts dictating what we can and cannot drive (and it’s not for lack of trying they haven’t already), drive what you like and can afford. And do so if it hair-lips everyone who knows you.* Especially anyone who seems to be suffering from big-truck envy.

    I will be out of town, but I have no nuptial plans for Christmas or for any other major holiday in the foreseeable future. So don’t worry that when I come see you I will have a spouse in tow.

    Sweet dreams.

    *How’s that for a genuine Southernism?

  63. Good Ghost, I am totally sworn off married men. Not that I have not been sworn off marriied men all my life. But especIally married men who say they are divorced and they aren’t.

    Of course I stayed married to one of those for forty-eight years. You’d think I would know better?

  64. Forgot to tell everyone how totally beautiful little Ghost kitty has become. He is everyone’s favorite kitty now because he is so lovable and cute. He does not look like a real cat he is so pretty but looks like a stuffed toy. His fur is so thick and soft, he feels like a toy too. People just pick him up and love on him.

  65. GM Debbe

    this is the spittin’ image of our Rose

    Good Luck with your latest challenge – you have persevered in all else –
    so you CAN do this. Chew on your computer screen and rail to us, we will
    understand. I was a pipe smoker but quit when my corn cob pipe fell in the
    chicken manure 3 time in one day.

  66. Morphy, I have seen pictures of Trigger post wreck. Hit was on right rear fender, between rear cab door and back bumper. Visible damage was to the metal in that area. Looks like someone took a can opener to the flared section over the right rear tire, door handle gone from rear door, and exhaust pipe bent back in a U till it touched the right rear tire.

  67. Today’s strip reminds me of the scene in Christmas Vacation where Clark W. Griswald goes up in the attic and finds an old Christmas gift. He then sticks his foot through the plaster ceiling. That actually happened on the day of my Mom’s funeral when my older brother went up into the attic. Laughter among tears.

    When Clark is crying through the old home movies and then gets yanked down by his mother-in-law is one of the funniest scenes that I’ve every watched. Maybe because I was crying just as it happened? I guess there is a fine line.

  68. Good morning Villagers…..

    I cannot believe it will be 50 degrees tomorrow and then falling to 18 degrees at night. Mother Nature at her bet!

    GM, Old Bear, and yes I will say that is a beautiful tortie as emb recognized it too. Yeeks, three times in chicken poop…I know that was nasty…do ya think the Good Lord was telling you something there?

    OK, we are back to the original plan…Dad is not going into hospital overnight, baby sister will be taking him to an outpatient service to have a catheter put in. I will be leaving here Sunday and be gone for two weeks…going to miss you guys. #3 sister said she puterwould sit with Dad so I can use her computer..so maybe I drop a quick hello.

    Thanks to all for the well wishes on my kicking the habit…it’s not going to be easy, (I’ve been smoking since I was 15 or 16) good thing I like black licorice. The only time I quit was when Ian was 4 and was in hospital for 19 days and I was by his side every day. He was in traction from falling and had a spiral break in his left thigh bone. Don’t know why I started up again. And since then Ian has become a gamer addict.

    And TR, they sure can swing that hair…love that song and the lyrics are awesome too.


  69. I am up early due to kitty meowings saying let us out, now!!!! Ghost came in so I am going back to bed with him and Dickens. Ate English muffin, took meds and started Cajun red beans and rice for work crew.

    Debbe tomorrow it hits mid 50s and drops to 11 here in single day.

  70. Daughter getting on a plane in a few hours to come down to OZ for Christmas with us, will arrive Sunday just before my son who has been on a school service trip to Cambodia. Happy Daddy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  71. Makes up for the big Huntsman spider I just killed that was hanging out right overhead in the bathroom. That makes 3 so far. I have never been a fan of spiders, but those things really dislike. At least we don’t have very many deadly spiders here in Perth (unlike Sydney). Yikes! Good night all!

  72. Debbe: My dad sucked on mints when he was going through the quitting process, thus becoming a non-smoker with bad teeth. Take care of yours! My husband has often said that going from menthol to regular cigarettes was harder than quitting completely. When he did quit, many years ago, it was not on his first attempt. It worked when he was really ready and it sounds like you are. Good luck!

  73. Thanks Ruth Ann, and I am definitely packing my toothbrushes….smiling after eating black licorice is not an appealing sight. I smoke menthol cigarettes, and if I run out and someone offers me a non-menthol, I decline….I’ve said it more than once, I’m more addicted to the menthol, maybe I’ll pick up some menthol life savors…yeah that sounds like a better plan.

  74. -4ยฐ F, pred. hi 8ยฐ, 40%. Happy Beethoven’s birthday [Schroeder and Lucy may remind us]; also Jane Austen’s, and the day Camille Saint-Saรซns died in 1921, at 86, remembered best for a composition he would not allow to be played in public during his lifetime. Wrote about that Jan. 2000, in a column re G&S. Starts out thus:
    ‘What do A.A. Milne’s “Winnie the Pooh”, Maurice Ravel’s “Bolero”, Camille Saint-Saรซns’s “Carnival of the Animals”, George Enescu’s “Romanian Rhapsody No. 1”, and Arthur Sullivan’s “The Mikado” have in common? Each regretted that this was his best-known work. Milne hated being remembered mainly as a children’s author, Saint-Saรซns allowed no public orchestral performances of Carnival of the Animals during his lifetime, and Enescu said “Please don’t love me, at least not for this when there are so many other things I have written!” Ravel complained that Bolero contained no music, and Sullivan considered himself a “serious” composer, not just a collaborator with William S. Gilbert in creating light opera.
    Gilbert & Sullivan operas are actually the product of the stormy partnership of three men: Gilbert, Sullivan, and their impresario Rupert D’Oyly Carte. The partnership lasted from 1871-1896. Gilbert was a leading Victorian writer and playwright, and Sullivan a noted composer (when Britain was not known for first-rate classical composers), but their biggest success was as the team known as Gilbert & Sullivan (G&S).’ Peace,

  75. Wow. All this cat talk makes me want to talk about my favorite cat,Beauty. She has beengone for six years now, but I still miss her. I raisedher from a kitten, and she was the only cat I ever had who would ride on my shoulders as I walked. When she was tiny kitten I set her on my shoulder. I thought that she would jump down, but she stayed. I started walking with her sitting there. S he stayed. I got a kick out of it, and so did everyone who saw it. In the seven years of her existence, she never clawed me. I’ lucky she was always a small cat.

  76. Laura, my husband’s favorite cat, Bobbee, was like that too. She was a rescued kitteh. When I took her away from an abusive boy, I took her straight to the vets. He said she was a he. So we called ‘him’ Bob (remember ‘What About Bob’)…anyhoo, when I got home I released in the front yard and went inside as husband was working in front yard.

    I went back out to check on ‘him’, ‘he’ was digging and covering up his…well we know what cats do to their doodoo. But I also noticed ‘he’ was prolasping…I quickly got my husband and he told me to get some ice to shrink the intestines, when I came back out there stood my husband with a vinyl glove he uses to AI the cattle we had at the time. Good grief, I thought, he’s just a kitteh. Long story short, my husband was successful….come to find out, he was a she….didn’t get a chance to have ‘him’ spayed before she had kittens. Thus the name Bobbee.

    She would follow husband around when he’d go mushroom hunting, returning with her on and around the back of his shoulders and neck. She gave us 12 wonderful years and is buried in my back yard with a marker.

    Laura, do you have any more cats?

  77. We had two dogs, some cats, and an unplugged BSU freezer full of large [raccoon, eagle, and smaller] wild critters buried in our old garden, and one cat and a porcupine buried out at a lakeside cabin. Also a rabid[?] raccoon that an animal control officer shot in our yard. Saved him the gas and trouble of taking it to his usual spot out of town. Lotsa good fertilizer. Peace,

  78. Mindy, that is such heartening news about Marie! Prayers for her continued improvement and for your friend and her family.

    Debbe, I can’t possibly add to the wise words posted here about quitting smoking. But I do want to say that I admire all who have, and all who have tried, and I truly admire you for doing this. Steve’s story of his MIL and her sister remind me that we’re all in this together.

    Gary, your temps make mine feel positively balmy! The warm fall we had in Michigan has delayed the onset of my winter cold tolerance this year. I’m rooting for the continued functioning of your snowblower. Our snow forecast is only six inches…but it looks like it will be an icy, heavy six. The eleven we had recently was the fluffy, light stuff.

    I just looked up Huntsman spiders, Rusty. Yikes, indeed! I will never complain about the “big” spiders I find in the bathroom again. They are probably the size of the Huntsman’s babies.

  79. Smigz,
    They tell me that the bite isn’t too serious, but that they look so scary (and can move so fast) that you tend to hurt yourself gettng away… ๐Ÿ™‚

    A friend told me she discovered ne in her car, while driving down the highway. We no lnger leave the windows down in the garage.

  80. When my 17 year old cat died a few weeks ago, I asked my brother-in-law what he did with his cat and he buried under his deck. The ground was still not frozen, but frankly I could not bear to do the deed, so I spent the money to have him cremated. Of course I was was offered the deluxe package, which included an urn to carry his remains in. I spent enough for the communal cremation!

    We get pretty attached to our pets.

  81. My yard is full of cats and dogs, alive and deceased. When my daughter bought her historic home in Illinois the previous owners exuded all their many pets and moved to their new house except for one they never found.

  82. Debbe, I have had many cats over the years,but right now I have just one . S he is way too big and fat to sit on anyone’s shoulder even if she wanted to.

  83. Thanks, Mark for the additional description of poor Trigger. Cleared up my mistake.

    Rusty, a common thread, over on TerminalLance’s blog, under ask an Australian, had been different versions of ‘Australia is trying to kill you’. As a meme that the geography, flora, fauna, water and even the sunlight is trying to reduce the headcount. People are as nice as Canadians, but the continent wants you gone. A dry kind of humor I enjoy.

    I like reading about places I haven’t made the opportunity to see myself.

  84. emb, I’ve read your later response. And I apologize, I did not read your earlier post as a reversal of your original pillorying of tobacco growers and sellers. Nor did it seem to me that you gave government an equal place alongside them for encouraging their activity. It appeared you quoted Mark and his doubts on prohibition, even refuting there was a net revenue benefit. I might have confused handles.

    You tell me you meant you had. I accept you at your word. And more explicitly, I apologize for not recognizing your intent. Sorry you had to repeat yourself. My effort at amends will take the form of recognizing that what I see as one thing, may be another.

    I do hope you regret presupposing a third misunderstanding, before giving me a chance to even read your words. You then declared exhaustion, and attempted last word. I had promised to rejoin and re-engage today, if you still have interest.

    I felt it was important to post this much. But I must chew on your unrelated remarks before saying more.


  85. emb: Agreed, yesterday’s subject closed.

    But you continue today to claim the conflict you feel is best blamed on Rheta’s words, or Ghost’s declaration of ‘A Good Thing’. Several have posted opinions of all kinds since then. They have said interesting things, speaking as themselves, without claiming to be peaceful afterward. That is honest expression without begging any questions.

    It has been quite a year, and while I was away for much of it because my free-time was dedicated elsewhere, I have engaged with you from different angles. And I have not changed your presentation one iota. Fine. I was stuck for a time on how I should view our interactions.

    In recent times, a Southern Belle, debutante to matron, felt the freedom to say vile things as long as it was followed by, “Bless her heart.” This was near universally recognized as false piety by more than just my generation. When I observe a Northern Elder make a pot-stirring post, using the same technique to introduce a divisive subject under the cover of, “peace”; I have the same reaction. I call the cast-iron pot black, at risk of being the kettle.

    Last attempt, it is not your opinion that causes my displeasure. It is the invocation of an elitist wish for peace, without acting peaceful.

    If others view this as false equivalency — may I say I disagree without having to endlessly repeat respectfully, can it simply be assumed? No? Fine — I respectfully disagree.

    [PGDN] and scroll function will be re-engaged. I feel a lost opportunity, but it was my own making. I hope to continue enjoying the village, and will while others respond to my thoughts

    You did give me humor, and will take what I can get. Seeing an elephant in your pajamas is funny. “How he got into my pajamas, I’ll never know!” — Groucho Marx, a plebeian moving picture star.

  86. Nancy/AZ: A former grad student with me mentions [Christmas newsletter] that an October visit to KU revealed that Stouffer Place has been entirely torn down! I wonder where the married students now reside on campus, if, indeed, they live on campus.
    I wonder how long it’ll be before Google maps will notice….

  87. Out buying gingerbread house kits for my grandson. Called to say I had four and did I need more? His mom said he was anal about putting them together and they had to beat exactly as pictured, no changes allowed or deviations.

    I said in other words he was going to be an engineer, not a decorator? We always did all these free wheeling wild gingerbread houses, a do it yourself individual foray into candy decor.

  88. Is there some discontent in the Village? Well let’s see if I can help. If you were listening today you may have heard the first shots of the civil war being fired in North Carolina. As for pet burials my choice is silicon gluing a plastic cooler and include toys, blanket etc. Bury in an area of the property not likely to ever be disturbed. My former neighbor, a ramrod former army officer who survived having his chopper blown out from under him in Nam, buried his dog in his backyard, put in a permanent marker, and erected a flagpole.

  89. In bed a few minutes before 9 p.my. with just devoted dog with a foot fetishist licking my soles and toes. I thought about that with that painting this morning with gossiping women. I drove 50 miles each way for cookie gift boxes and gingerbread houses for my daughter and grandson. Bought lots of cake mixes and cookie mixes for Jack and I to bake to make cupcakes and cookies to give to neighbors.

    And this year he assured me we are making real cookies, not play dough cookies. He is very excited. He did make real cookies last year but his mom told him they were play dough so he’d not eat them. So he warned neighbors not to eat them either!

  90. My grandson has learned all about the nativity in school. He goes to Catholic school which I pay for happily and furnish all his clothes for the uniforms and dress codes happily. I approve of schools that have prayer and say the Pledge of Allegiance each morning. Today Jack got to hold the flag for the Pledge. He was so proud.

    His mom is putting out the bisque China nativity I painted when she was one year old which was lovely but had many pieces broken by her older sister. I had forgotten we had found unpainted bisque replacements and Jack was so excited that I was coming to paint the replacements.

    He enumerated we had ten chickens, five sheep, two goats, two donkeys, camels, ducks, three cows, dogs, shepherds, kings, angels and the Holy family. He knew exactly how many of each and knew names of Mary, Joseph, the kings, even the angels and shepherds. He knew what each king gave the Christmas child.

    Now I know these are creations of writers and there is only legends, but I am happy my four year old grandson is being taught this and that he cares deeply. I am happy his school had a birthday cake for Baby Jesus this week, just as we did long ago at his mother’s school. I am happy we will go to mass with Jack to the children’s mass.

    Honestly, Jack’s grandmother crosses herself, bows her head in respect and genuflecs before the altar, the cross or the Virgin,
    , even if none of it is totally true. It is respectful and polite and observant of tradition. And that is enough for me to say it is deserving of observation and doing.

  91. Jackie, your grandson is an amazing child — able to learn all this! Has a burning interest in everything. Must run in the family. And you, how can you do so much each day? Your days have 24 hours just like mine, and I can hardly get out of my own way. Oh well, I am not fretting about this, we are different, that’s all. Chris used to say, “Vive la difference!”

    On another topic, how many of us could go to the right book and find the right poem from which the title of this thread was taken? Without Googling and so on.

  92. Robert Burns. My mind will kick in perhaps with title if not book?

    I am listening to instrumental Christmas music, I am making some improvement I think in handling the season. OHOLY Night is playing. I once had to play the role of the composer in a church play because my male star chickened out and I as director producer was only other who knew the lines. In a fake beard and a strapped down chest beneath the dark man’s suit. Playing a small keyboard in lieu of organ.

    Love the song but that silly play clouds my enjoyment. I truly loved my Baptist grandmother to do some of the things I did for her and her faith in the Lord.

  93. Miss Charlotte I asked a Swedish chef customer that same question in same way and he answered that he and God had an understanding and he was given extra hours each day that others did not get.

  94. Charlotte: I could go to one “right” book – Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations – but that’s probably not what you had in mind ๐Ÿ™‚

  95. Debbe this is for you. I am trying to get back on my healthy diet and diabetic eating plan. I have kicked the bucket over and eaten the contents. I desperately need to get back and eat as I should, just as you need to quit smoking.

    I’d like to challenge you to stay clean and smoke free by pledging to do the same, sweets and sugar free, just eat healthy raw, steamed and baked or grilled to lose weight I gained plus exercise . I will be honest in my success or failure as I know you will.

    How about it? Anyone else want to support Debbe in this?

  96. Debbe, and Jackie, oh I very much want to cheer both of you on! Debbe is seeing possibilities around her, coping with change, AND quitting smoking. Jackie is regaining control over cravings, finding new purpose in the season, sharing crafts time/nativity lessons with grandson. Great things are afoot.

    My current three areas of improvement pale a bit by comparison. And I do not want to make light of your big changes by setting them against yours.

    So see me jumping in celebration, shaking pom-poms, and yelling “GO GET ‘EM GIRLS!”

  97. It is 61 degrees out there with 80% humidity and high winds. My porch and decks and patios are soaking wet. This time tomorrow will be about 11 degrees with high winds and a wind chill warning of minus 10 to minus 20 degrees.

    I have to entice all the cats inside with canned cat food after lunch. Temps hitting freezing by lunch and falling off thermometer by midnight.

  98. Jackie you knew the author right away! You have read widely. Ruth Anne, and Old Bear, you are good too. As for the wording, I think Jimmy paraphrased Burns’s Scotch dialect. From this same poem comes the most familiar words, “The best laid plans of mice and men” …

    Debbe, and Jackie, great idea for you to collaborate on the healthy efforts. You can both do it!

    More tomorrow, it’s late.

    Have you noticed that emb ends ALL his Emails with “Peace”? It’s something he’s done for quite some time and is not directed at any special person.

  99. Good morning. I am going back to bed except I haven’t gotten out of it yet. It also just occurred to me that no real coats nor warm pants have emerged out of those stored bins of winter clothes. We are about to have several days of Temps in the teens.

  100. Yuck, I have to get up while post office is open and get dressed, go into town. I have no benadryl or allergy mess and nose ran all night. Plus animals may be low on foods. My hair looks awful.

    None of those things are in any way connected. Don’t try.

    Debbe, I don’t know about you but I am almost 24 hours without eating sugar laden food nor bad for me fat laden but delicious stuff I cook for others. I am almost two years from day I began this effort and I am not staying back there.

    You are not either Debbe. Did you know sugar and high fat, fried or otherwise, are addictive too?

  101. Jackie, Debbe, et al.,

    Specific chemistry is involved in many addictions, and people differ chemically, both because of genetic differences [which are mostly not fully ID’ed. or understood] and differences in the chemical environments we were raised in [which . . . etc.] So alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, and chemicals inherent in foods or produced in cooking them, may have different effects on different. I’ve mentioned a person I know who found kicking booze much easier than kicking cigarettes.

    Specific internal chemistry may be involved in kicking habits that are not directly related to external chemicals. My demon is cptr solitaire. Initially, it produces a feeling of satisfaction, perhaps due to self-generated endorphins, but then I’m hooked until I either win a game [or more] or have to quit to go somewhere, eat, or whatever.


  102. Gary, only three inches of snow and not as wet as expected. I think the system is over you right now. I hope it’s as good to you as it was to me and Steve in RO.

  103. Good morning Villagers…

    Jackie, I throw my gauntlet down ๐Ÿ™‚ This is not going to be easy, my target date is Monday, Dad gets out of nursing home then.

    Emb, I too have enjoyed your signing off with peace…if I could I’d give you the hippy version back….the V with your two fingers.

    I too need to go back into town and get the generic benedryl…very pleasant temp out there right now…going into hen house and do anger management out on the curtain backs.

    Need to pry Ian out of bed….temps are going to start dropping here later on.

    Jackie, I’ll tell you about my 10 years of a Catholic education which I will always treasure. I’m so happy to hear you are going to spend time with your family this year. Jack sounds like a little big man.

    Thank you Morphy for the ooorahhh.


  104. Bemidji pred. through Sunday:

    Today Hi-7ยฐ F, Lo-24ยฐ, tomorrow Hi-2ยฐ, L-9ยฐ; all: 10%. Sunny right now, sunglasses time. Wh. Christmas very likely; some drifts over 1′. Often windy, which sucks. Pretty, though.


  105. I’m still on the road, so comments may be sporadic for another day or so, if existent at all. But I had to take time to say…

    Debbe and Jackie: Strength and tranquility to you as you pursue your worthy goals. I believe in you.

    Yes, Jackie, weight lost is hard, and maintenance of weight loss is even harder. (Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.) But as you already know, the benefits in the form of better health and improved self-esteem are more than worth it.

    Debbe, you are undertaking the challenge of meeting an important goal at a time when you probably feel you need the false solace of smoking more than ever. Job-loss ranks right up there with loss of a spouse or other loved one in causes of severe stress. (Been there, t-shirt, etc.) But, see para 2 above.

  106. “Basically, all a team has to do to be invited is win six games!”

    “Ahh, that’s sweet! And do all the teams that don’t get invited get a participation trophy?”

  107. Found the umbrella again at whether.com….I’d better get me an umbrella….or I’ll take my business else where ๐Ÿ™‚

    ….can’t pry Ian out of his bed (depression and I’m not going to be here for him, told him he could stay with me Monday night at Dad’s)….but I did go into hen house and cleaned the packing room…mice have been having a time in there….found three dead ones in my live trap and into the pit they went…what’s Sylvester say “I hate micies to pieces” ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yes, GR ๐Ÿ˜‰ . I am somewhat no…scratch that…anxiety is starting to set in. Worried about Dad, Ian here, and today’s my husband’s 64th birthday…there’s a song there.

    Getting my list put together of what to take…found an old needle point I started some 30 years ago….cross stitch, naturally it’s a cat…a black and white one at that. Taking that with me too.

    Be safe out there GR ๐Ÿ˜‰ and thanks for your encouragement…..I’m praying too….taking my Max Lucado daily devotional with me and one of his books titled “When God Whispers Your Name” https://www.goodreads.com/work/quotes/1615234-when-god-whispers-your-name .

    Dryer is screaming for me……


  108. Debbe, as much as we love them we cannot be responsible for them all their lives. Someday they have to grow up.

    Who me? The immature irresponsible one? “Growing older but not up.” As Mr. Buffet sings.

    Where are Ian’s medications? Is he under treatment? Can he be admitted to a hospital?

  109. For some of you it’s hard to lose weight and keep it off. I find it almost impossible to gain, except for useless, temporary water weight. Right now, the nighttime temps are in the low 40s to high 30s, and the cold goes right through me. If I were still working and had the choice between relocating to someplace in the snow belt or getting a new job, I’d be out there hunting for interviews as fast as I could. And, I’ve been smoking a pipe for over forty years and have no desire to stop. Of course, two a day is a lot for me, and sometimes days go past without any smoking, so it’s not like it’s a heavy habit or anything. Those of you who want to stop, go for it, and I wish you the best!

  110. Jackie, Ian is on an antidepressant….and has been for several years…generic /zoloft….his doctor doubled his daily dose. I try to be an inspiration….get your arse up and move it or lose it. It’s up to him to make changes….I’m not going to be there for him and yes, he does have issues.

    AND…the septic problem has returned…arrrggghhhh….had Ian put sssssnake going down the washer’s out take….who me? nah, I just poured two big bottles of draino super strength down the washer drain….I was washing the work clothes….we’ll see. Had been working fine the past two weeks until I decided to wash work clothes….this too will pass, maybe I should drop a M80 down the drain…that will move some $hit.

    So, life, hit me with your best shot….speaking of shots…. ๐Ÿ˜‰ think I could use one now.

    Sideburns, since I’ve lost my job I have put on about 10 pounds…glad I kept my ‘bigger’ jeans.

    Jackie, the manager at the south side Jasper Dollar General wants me to come and work with her…said she knows good help when she sees one…told her after I get my Dad taken care of I’ll apply on line….so, I have a job to look forward to….and I love Dollar General too.


  111. Smigz, we chose to watch The Best Years of Our Lives, instead of Wonderful Life last night. Dana Delaney did the introduction for Robert Osborne. (I enjoy his insights into Hollywood’s machine. But I hope he makes a quality of life versus retirement decision soon.) I was disappointed she called Myrna the perfect wife, without expanding the theme. I thought that glossed over the entire plot point of a lasting marriage – or friendship – having several hate/love cycles. A point I failed to find agreement on, once, in my personal life, so particularly poignant. This was the film that brought Myrna into my life more than twenty years ago.

    And by the way, going back a bit, a big snarky, THANK YOU, not. For sharing your ear-worm. There will be vengeance. ‘we all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine…. sky is blue… sea is green… yellow submarine.’ Love the Fab Four, but this one’ll get ya after a while. Cโ€ข8

    \ /,, or V,, is two fingers, up two down. The commas make it only work for the left hand.

  112. Debbe, I too fight life long depression and stress. I know of what I ask. No one can do anything for the person except that person. It is my observation that like many other illness only the affected person can make the changes. Pills are not what actually keep you going or functional. It is helpful but won’t cure you.

    As Ghost says, been there, done that, got the tee shirt. Maybe ran that marathon more than once, got multiple tee shirts. I think it is like alcoholism, diabetetes, other similar problems, you can get better, improve, gain control. But it is always there and you have to learn what to do to stay well or prevent illness. You are not cured, just better.

    Anyway, you can’t carry him. Put him down and let him walk if he will.

    Love you.

  113. Going to bed for a nap, it is dark, cold and VERY windy. Laid down to discover two cat food cans in my bed. Someone brought a bed time snack with them. Then a very soft gentle kitty tongue started on my foot.

    Ghost Kitty likes to lick and hug, pat you. He is small and compact, has the softest body and fur. Dickens is being possessive, he is down licking foot Ghost was working on.

    Trying to bring cats inside from weather.

  114. Jimmy, I was reminded just now of a Ludwig strip. Arlo recognizes the need to ‘reverse polarity’ is why cats must periodically change direction throughout the grueling schedule of sixteen hours rest.

    My eye-line had been distracted by my current Hemingway domesticated tramp of seven years. Stand, upward cat pose, shshaaake and hold, release, blink twice, reverse position, rest. repeat in 20 to 30 minutes.

  115. Just woke up, thought it was morning and was worried about what to put on. Went into living room and looked out window, big clumps of snow flakes falling through outside lights. It is 21 degrees and I remembered just in time to start water running in faucets before they decide to freeze.

    Think I will run dishwasher and washer to help keep pipes moving as long as I am up. Made it all day with no sugars, no bad fats, left cheese off late lunch and no rice, no desert. In other words I turned my three ounces of grilled chicken breast into a Mexican green salad with salsa and Pico for dressing. Didn’t eat tortillas either.

    Of course I woke up hungry.

  116. Have half cats inside being house cats over their objections. No sign of other half. We are watching for them and will bring all we can find inside. They are mostly young cats and have no idea what snow is.

  117. Sand, respect. Glad it missed most of you. Wish it had missed by a bit more.

    I have an uncle, also served, but uninjured there. Well, you know, how it shows to the eye anyway. But as a well driller, received a similar injury. Usually unnoticed, he smiles a little when an introductory handshake goes a little funny. He has a way about him that puts the surprised person at ease fairly quickly.

  118. Got two more cats inside. Lacking Oreo, Fluffy Too, Blackie and Hoochie Mama.

    Enjoying a delicious Super Greens salad. Bought myself a dozen assorted to help provide good nutrition instantly available with no cooking. That and chocolate Glucerna diabetes control shakes.

    On one of my trips I had a green salad for breakfast with poached egg on top. I may make a version for brunch tomorrow? Anyone here eaten breakfast salads?

  119. Jackie, have to admit, never considered a leafy breakfast before. Well, there is the B.E.L.T bagel at Tim Horton’s, if that counts. No I don’t think it does either.

    But I did try, briefly, the green smoothie craze. Wore a smile every time my sister showed off her latest flavor. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a salad course when having a more organized meal, and like spinach and other darker leaves. But Kale is still Kale no matter how long it’s been purrรฉed, or how much fruit you put in it.

    I can see a leafy greens with scrambled eggs, crumbled and chopped tomatoes being good though. I guess it’s really a reversed omelette?

  120. Yep, I think one I ate had bacon or ham added, lots of trendy stuff.
    My salad tonight had cranberries, golden raisins, pecans, almonds, bacon crumbles, goat cheese and garlicky dried onions with raspberry dressing.

    Will let you know how breakfast salad turns out.

    You are like my late husband who said he did not claw his way out of the primadeal ooze to be a vegetarian. That doesn’t look right

    Might have raspberries and oatmeal and nuts for breakfast, should I be up that early.

  121. How’s the rest of the Village? It is 17 out there in Oklahoma and feels like 1 according to Weather Channel. Going down to 11 here, 9 in Tulsa tonight. Light dusting of snow on ground.but snow has stopped.

    Doing some laundry, dishes and picking up house a little. Going back to bed. No company but cats and Dickens to cuddle with.

  122. Jackie, I have troubles finding iceberg lettuce with any substantial green to it any more at the grocery. Seems it has been decided to grow it for the white heart material only. That’s the part I used to punch out, and leave for animals, preferring the green leaves with romaine. I know it can still be found, for restaurant buyers at least. P.F. Chang’s lettuce wraps have huge beautiful leaves. So far only dandelion and kale are to weedy tasting for me. My father on the other hand, considered all vegetables fresh or blanched as ‘rabbit food’. Baked, grilled or boiled, preferably with a substantial sauce was more his style.

    So my salads are mostly spinach, with assorted other greens to avoid boredom. Your add-ins list is wonderful. But I wasn’t sure they all fit with your new needs, so was shy to say. What you described is flavorful enough for a complete meal! But it takes a BIG bowl to keep me from grazing in the unhealthy cabinet later.

  123. My views on sauces that drown instead of accent (admittedly out-dated):

    Everyone knows the British cannot cook a decent meal. The secret is neither can the French. But they cover everything with different colors of butter so you can’t tell. Go Mediterranean for food that tastes how it was grown.

    GR6, I like your travel destination. How timely. They don’t call them vegitables though?

  124. Ghost, how about sending some of that warmth our way? Will you have to kill me if you tell where you are? I am assuming Florida or the Keys.

    Morphy all those goodies still added up to a healthy 300 calorie salad including the dressing. The secret is small portions, not what most people pile on at a salad bar. The way I lost this weight was by counting calories and measuring portions. And exercise. That simple.

    I shoot for 1000 calories per day because I can’t do it on 700, 500 or 300 per day which I admit to having lived on consistently for years to stay tiny body. Now I shoot for better than the average bear as Yogi used to say.

  125. Note for Ghost I reward myself for good behavior with unnecessary things. Tonight I bought three new European bras in Merlot, chocolate and cream, Bordeaux Marseilles.

    Sounds like a good French menu doesn’t it? Healthier than eating although the Red wines might be allowed in small servings of 3-4 oz.

  126. My family has asked me what I want for Christmas. Well, you can imagine, there isn’t much an 83 year old person needs or wants, but I’ve been trying to write a list. Dark chocolate, dark roast coffe, pecans — after that I was stuck. But yesterday’s comic strips, two were joking about fruitcake, which reminded me how much I love fruitcake! So I posted on Facebook that I really like it and want to get some for Christmas presents. This simple statement drew some rather odd comments. What do you guys in the Village think?

    It’s bedtime in NH now and I’ll get back to this tomorrow. Sweet dreams everyone!

  127. Wow, the place picks up late on weekends! I’ll bow out after this.

    Jackie, That’s doing it right, I’ve been told. Those smaller numbers are kind of scary.

    Remember the ‘all-day’ jawbreakers kids in the 70’s liked? They often started out like three or four inches across. I know it’s a younger age group but this leads somewhere. We had been traveling cross-country in the family RV. Noisy things back then, like school buses. Difficult to get someone’s attention without shouting, if they weren’t looking at you. I had licked this candy down to a manageable size, and so was enjoying rolling around in my mouth cheek to cheek and leaving it rest there while I was reading. Just exactly the way a dentist might hate.

    Dr. Heimlich’s maneuver saved me that day. My father had learned it at a work certification in the previous year, before our summer trip that year. Had never expected to use it, and was scared he was doing it wrong. Roadside on I-60, traffic zooming by.

    Glad to hear the good doctor’s death was not caused by choking.

  128. Oh, Charlotte, fruitcake is one of those things I did not understand people about.

    I must have had ‘traditional’ or ‘home-made’, good fruitcake when young. Because I could not understand the running jokes year after year. Then in college, I learned what ‘store-bought’, or more accurately door-stop and paperweight fruitcake was. So for all the bad stories, just know there is such a thing as good fruitcake. Alcohol content may vary.

  129. #3


    As you can see in this picture, the exhaust pipe is bent in a U and touching the right rear tire. Photo #2 shows the right rear fender and the amount of damage done when the Honda Civic hit it. Photo #1 shows the right rear door of this crew cab pickup. So it wasn’t a complete T-bone, looks more like an angled strike.

  130. The storage fees were almost $4000 so thank God for my very experienced cousin guardian who finally got the insurance company to move on it and pay the fees which were their fault, not mine. Trigger is still not being worked on yet but there is hope.

    Miss Charlotte, Morphy and Laura, I too love fruitcake which is result of being raised on homemade good fruitcakes and fantastic Texas made fruitcakes sent around the world by oil field contractors. I will post a link but they are expensive.

    Russian Rocks and tiny fruitcake mini bites are my favorite Christmas cookies. And yes, I used to make my own, along with plum and figgy puddings, steamed in a special steaming pudding pan. With hard sauce.

  131. Just woke up AGAIN, as Forest Gump always said.. it is 9 degrees outside. I think my pipes have frozen and I am worried about cats we never got inside house.

  132. Ashes the blue Persian or whatever he is has taken over my empty oatmeal bowl. I ended up having fresh raspberries and low sugar oatmeal for whopping 200 calories. Taking mess and returning to bed. No sign of missing cats yet. Rest are in here jockeying for position.

  133. Good morning Villagers…

    Jackie, your wind chill factor is also a -5! It is 17 here with a real feel of 4.

    My one niece lives in Davenport and the wind chill is a minus 30, she is also a daily runner….I pray she decides not to run outside…I am sure there are inside places she can go. She works for the athletic dept at one of the high schools as a specialist in orthopedics…can’t remember what degree she carries. She is the one who has a beautiful golden lab named Hoosier….she brought him home with her over Thanksgiving…I had fun with him, like “hoosier your daddy” ๐Ÿ™‚

    Still have plumbing issues, going to borrow that longer sssssnake drain opener. Everytime I think/say snake I think of that line from a movie…Snake, we thought you were dead…name that movie. And thanks guys for clearing up the Mr Jinx quote ๐Ÿ™‚

    Miss Charlotte, you are so humble and selfless, now me on the other hand would pick out big ticket gifts…like a new car. The chocolates are wonderful idea, dark chocolate is actually healthy for you.

    GM Old Bear


  134. In honor of Debbe and all the other fruitcakes in the Village, here is Jimmy Buffet singing Fruitcakes with the official video and the “strutting naked in the crosswalks” rollerskaters and the crazy Parrot heads.

    And slices of dancing Fruitcakes. Sugar plum fairies?


  135. Debbe, great idea to take the cross-stitch project; it will keep your hands busy. And the readings couldn’t hurt.

    Morphy, yep, you returned the favor. “We all live…”

  136. GR ๐Ÿ˜‰ thank you….I’ll pray for your safe return home and that you will have a blessed and peaceful Christmas. Check out Lucado’s quotes I posted in the above link, I think you will find them to be inspirational. I did.

    ….and a big ‘ooorah’ for Ian, who busted up the block in the pipe…he entered from the outside drain with the 100 foot sssssnake…..proud of him as the wind chill out there is 3 degrees. (Still no takers on the name of that movie…..Mark??)

    Now to do some laundry and get packing.

    Smigz, had to double check to see if the instructions and thread are still in the box as it’s been well over 30 years since I started that project,

    And I can’t find my “When God Whispers Your Name” book…if I remember right, I loaned it out and it was never returned…can’t remember who, I hope it inspired them as it has me….I’ll just get me another one. Think I will add him to my bookmarks menu, he posts a daily devotional. I really like the way he writes.

    Sister #3 just called, the mother of the Athletic Trainer in Davenport. I had to ask what Whitney’s degree was in and that’s what it is. So, anyhoo, she told me that #2 sister (I’m #1) was picking Dad up after she gets off work. So I’ll have plenty time to put things together tomorrow.

    Spittin some snow here……


  137. Another fruitcake fan here. I like Claxton best so far, but am wiling to test others, too. If things work out, there will be some available in a week….

    Expected high today is below zero; we’ll see if that is actually the case.

  138. Debbie ๐Ÿ˜‰ Said to Snake Plissken in “Escape from New York”. I thought everyone knew that.

    For bonus points, which actor played Snake?

  139. We’ve been discussing fruit cakes here for years. But not so much for the last couple of years. Perhaps someone has come up with something new in fruit cakes since then? ๐Ÿ™‚

  140. I may RTB this afternoon, or perhaps tomorrow. Will probably know in a few hours. If today, I’ll likely encounter some precip while driving. If so, hopefully of the liquid persuasion.

  141. Ghost you don’t have to kill me should I ever find out what you do. I once had same levels of security clearance as FBI or Treasury, other investigative departments. I had to for what I did and I never told secrets. Still don’t.

    But I just worry about you, like everyone else in Village does. We don’t want you disappearing on us.

    There is cream of chicken and mushroom soup on stove. It has gotten up to 20 degrees here but still single digits wind chill.

    And yes, I can eat soup if I measure portion. I still have 700 calories to use.

  142. Here’s a laugh for everyone. I buy wild colors of bras and unless they are unlined lace today’s bras look like a basket of very colorful melons.

    Late last night I was opening some boxes from post office and I go “What the heck? I don’t remember ordering navy blue and cognac colored suede bras?”

    Took them out of packing bags and realized they were suede ball caps with cardboard forms inside for display! So now we know what size I am. Ball caps.

  143. Ian wants the laptop, guess I pass the curser….since he was a good boy and fixed the plumbing


  144. Ghost Rider 6, I apologize for stepping on your joke with Jackie last night. I thought I was extending the humor. I assumed you had correctly spelled vegitarian, while I was commenting on the English language – not your skills – when I wrote ‘we don’t call them vegitables’. Bad joke, wrong assumption, bad timing.

    Ron, along with that BBQ sign is the line: I get all of my nutrients from plants, the cows, pigs, sheep, and deer just start my digestion for me. I like to delegate tasks.

    Debbe, as GR6 and Mark added, Kurt Russel’s Snake Plisken in two movies Escape from – first New York, then a return for more cash, from Los Angeles. One of the occasions where I thought the action/comedy brain candy, farce stood up well in a sequel/homage. The don’t all have to be Gone with the Wind.

    Ian gets a manly clap on the back, ‘Atta Boy’, well done.

    Smigz, you’re welcome.

  145. If you really want to zone out on Kurt Russel goofy machismo, I recommend Big Trouble in Little China.

    Not for redeeming qualities, just mindless entertainment. Supporting cast was great. Don’t bother too much with the plot.

  146. Jimmy, right before I read “Well, quit wookin’ at me,” my husband and I had played a round of middle-aged peek-a-boo. Good relationships never grow up.

    Debbe, if you get cravings, would something like mint TicTacs help? Easy to keep handy, two calories each, and maybe the mint would help curb the menthol desire. And hooray for Ian’s clog busting abilities!

  147. Ghost kitty was down playing with my furry sweater tails and decided to scale me from floor via sweater. Then he decided he wanted to lick the salad bowl before Dickens could lick it.. we are having cat squabbles, this is first effort to turn some into house cats.

    Thank you for support Ghost, it will take me awhile to get sugars, salts and fats out of my body but weight dropped three pounds already. By next week I will be clean again. I sent all the sweets I had bought home with Kyle, especially the decadent chocolate ones. Gone to Kyle’s wife who is still fat and not dieting, so I don’t feel guilty. Hopefully he gets to eat some.

    I am below my calorie allowance and full of salad greens including kale which I actually like.

  148. Ghost is back playing with my tails. This sweater is a long vest that goes over another sweater dress and leggings and boots. It is fluffy like an angora wool and has gray and black large animal spots so he may think I am large cat or cat toy.

  149. Note to Debbe, keep your mouth busy and your hands. Cigarettes are mouth and hand addictions. Remember Kojack and that lollipop? He put it in and out all the time.

    Drink something, anything and do it constantly. For me it is iced tea or Diet Coke but it is the hand mouth thing. Get nuts or chips or anything you can chew on, celery, , gum, jerky things that need lots of chewing mindlessly. Ice works too.

    If you can phone or text I will give you my numbers. I am entertaining, even more so when I am not online being sweet and polite. You can tell me anything, say anything and I am not shock able.

    You do this and do it one day, one afternoon. One hour, one minute at a time. If you fail, turn the page and start over. You can do this.

  150. Good morning. Up for short break. It isn’t cold in house, I am in a tank tee pajama top, but my iced tea glass on night stand has not melted ie. the ice and tea is still there. I went back and looked at posts, so six hours?

    So I am drinking it. It says 9 degrees outside. Guess it was sitting close to outside wall. Hope those cats that ran out are OK outside.

  151. Good morning everybody. Hope everybody’s week goes well as we head for Christmas. I haven’t posted much here since I moved, what with getting settled in and other distractions.

    Just wanted to say the move has had many positive effects for me, and I feel more upbeat about the direction my life is taking. Getting out more, meeting new people, and eating healthier. So not all of 2016 has been bad.

    I wish the rest of you could say the same, but this year’s nearly done and a new one is coming. May all of the Village have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And may God bless all of you and give you the strength and peace you need to carry on! God us, every one!

  152. Awake again, it is a whopping 13 outside! I coughed a lot all night and began to fear I was getting ill. Still planning on going to Illinois. Bought fleece lined leggings which I have never owned.

    Haven’t found my corduroy or velvet jeans yet.

  153. Debbe and Jackie: Strength and tranquility to you as you pursue your worthy goals. I believe in you.

    (I have to add this stupid parenthetical because stupid software will not let me post “same” message twice.)

  154. When Jackie mentioned “suede bras”, my first thought was that they must have been meant to go with Janis’s lederhosen. (Well, OK, my second thought. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) But I think we can all agree that her lederhosen were more “effective” sans bra.

  155. Good morning Villagers….

    Mark, I am so happy for you and post above is greatly appreciated.

    All my bags are packed and I’m ready to go……there’s a song there ๐Ÿ™‚

    Well, I’ve already blew today off…got to go into Home Depot and buy a couple of bottles of liquid Septic Shock.

    Jackie, I don’t have your email address. And I won’t have access to the internet so I will be off the radar for two weeks. I hope that one of my sisters will relieve me for a night or two. Sister #3 lives in town, she said she would sit with Dad and I could use their computer.

    I’ll be back….need to get to town now. Post your email and I’ll give you Dad’s phone number.

  156. This morning is messed up, some good, some bad. Weight is down seven pounds from where I began last week but we all know that is fluid, water retention, not fat.

    Got up in dark and ran into bathroom, water all over floor from toilet but clear water coming out from toilet bowl. Thank goodness. Bailed out into tub, it is full again. There is an outside faucet right behind. Frozen?

    Found some fleece leggings. NOW I can see those extra pounds! I hate layering. So far have the fleece leggings, a sweater, a crocheted tunic, adding a long cardigan over that, a hat, gloves aND heavier shawl or poncho of some sort. So I can peel like an onion. Sun is shining too.

  157. Debbe contact me at jackie.monies2324@gmail.com and do not forget that silly dot between jackie and monies. I will call you on your dad’s land line so it doesn’t cost you anything. You can vent your frustrations on me.

    And you ARE going to need someone to talk to. Family isn’t going to work. I am a florist, we have heard and seen most things.

  158. Ghost, my first thought on suede bras were where the heck had I been shopping? I mean I get stuff all the time I do not remember ordering or why? My buying mistakes go to my young house cleaner cum closet organizer or my hair dressers. My new policy is “It ain’t ever gonna fit you” so don’t keep it.

    Think about ball caps, they look like these new molded bras that promise you’ll look two sizes bigger. That blonde who was on Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition poses for a lot of “full figured” lingerie ads, she is easily recognized. I want to know where they found one big enough in inventory to shoot the ads?

    Since normally they top out at 40DDD or 42DDD in largest, makes me wonder. I honestly think I was 34 or 36 when I was young and no one admitted to being larger than a C cup in those days so we squeezed into the smaller sizes.

    Can’t imagine all they “lifting” and “pushing” and “two sizes bigger” are not solely for benefit of men like you!

  159. There was a ’60s college song re ‘Jennifer 44D.’ Among other accomplishments, she made the football team. Am still in annual contact with ‘girl’ who taught it to me. Now lives down with some of you. Houston? Her annual letter is at the other end of the house.

    Trouble w/ annual letters = they sometimes contain news you’d not want to hear. OTH, gives you someone to pray for [a couple, standard m/f variety], a top BSU student and her spouse, both now retired, I think. That’s another trouble: former students now retiring or, a few, dying. Student in 1st par. above is close to retirement.


  160. Mark, that is sure some wonderful news. May things be even more positive for you in ’17!

    Jackie, please take care of yourself so you don’t miss time with your little baker!

    Liquid Septic Shock sounds like probiotics for your septic tank, Debbe. ๐Ÿ˜‰ My only encounter with a septic problem was in a cottage we rented for a week; made this suburban gal thankful for sewer lines.

    Travel safely if traveling you do this holiday season, Villagers. I hope it is a season full of the people and joys you most treasure.

  161. Here is another thought from me. From age 13 on I was constantly not eating rather than eating. That was to stay thin and yet I think I was regarded as chubby or at least full figured. I can honestly only remember a girl or two who was actually “fat.”

    In 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s the goal was thin, skinny, not even full figured. I was always not eating or on a diet. I moved to Oklahoma in 1990s and everyone seemed fat, no one skinny except in Tulsa.

    Now I look around me and people of all ages are fat, children, teens, young adults, older, seniors, men, women. I see them in restaurants, groceries, shopping. When did obese become the norm? And why?

    Has it become accepted, like dressing badly, sloppy appearances?

  162. “When did obese become the norm?” When we reached the point of having an abundance of relatively cheap, if unhealthy, fast food, coupled with an increasingly sedentary life-style, I would suspect.

    I didn’t have too much leisure time during my three-day weekend trip, but I did get to enjoy a couple of things. One meeting took place at a “dive bar”, or at least a newly built facility designed to look like one. They had a limited but actually quite good “feed-the-drunks-so-they-will-stay-and-drink-some-more” menu. I struck up a conversation with the “cook”, who turned out to be a full-fledged chef from Lafayette. The barmaid/waitress was friendly, efficient, and well-equipped cleavage-wise, due in no small part to her obligatory push-up bra. (As the man I was meeting said, “I keep getting older, but the barmaids stay young!”)

    I managed to get some decent goyza and makisushi for lunch yesterday, before the temperature started dropping. Another benefit of being in still-warm climes was the young lady at the next table wearing what a friend once described as “short-shorts, cut off and rolled up”. Annnd she had the legs for it, praise the Lord for small favors.

  163. Jackie,

    Not sure of all the factors involved, but the desire of entrepreneurs and their marketers, and their displeasure at official standards and required nutrient content labels just might be factors. The medical community is concerned, and all of us are paying for some of the added med. expenses, and lost worker time and efficiency. The obese victims and their families are also paying in terms of misery, self-image, lost longevity, etc. Back in the ’80s and ’90s, when Elaine and I took several tours overseas, American tourist groups typically stood out, on average, from average leaner groups from elsewhere. Unfortunately, it seems contagious.

    Another tragedy is that, because of natural selection, indigenous and other groups that had more precarious, unpredictable diets than had in the last few centurie become true in many European and North American Caucasian populations, had evolved insulin metabolism that was better able to utilize carbohydrates whenever they were available. That’s great, no?

    Well, yes and no. While I was still of reproductive age, in my 20s-40s, under food deprivation conditions, I’d have been at a disadvantage vs. a local American Indian male given identical food availability. I’d more likely have starved and had no offspring. He’d have more likely survived and reproduced. But natural selection does not possess foresight.

    Both he and I, however, have plenty of carbohydrates available, and his culture combines with that availability to yield obesity. My pancreas is doing very well, thank you. His, however, is worn out, and he has diabetes, or is dead. But he likely has more offspring than I, and grand offspring. We see this, on average, among American Indians, native Hawai’ians, Afro-Americans, and other groups favored by natural selection for a past regime of food availability. Add all the cultural factors, and marketing and such, and we have a dietician’s nightmare, which results in a human tragedy.

    There are humane scientific solutions, but how likely are we to use them?


  164. Beautifully said Mark.

    I like prime numbers, they appear prettier to me. I hope ’17 has hopeful impact on us all.

    Jackie, you’ve proven will-power to yourself many times. For as much as a faceless poster can care, I care less about the lipids you may see in the mirror. It is the blood chemistry numbers of low-calorie intake that worries me more. But you have more current information here than I do. Balance in all things, slow and steady wins the race. More inane platitudes. Stay healthy my friend.

  165. Ok Villagers…I am out of here for awhile. Need to meet phone repairman in an hour.

    Jackie, I sent you an email…..

    My dearest friends here in the Village….thanks for being my cyber friends, and may your Christmas be filled with family, love, joy, and peace.

    I’ll try and check in when I can……

  166. Morphy, I no longer do those low, low calorie numbers any more. I shoot for 1000 to 1200 nowadays and I add nutrition anywhere I can, sneaking in low calories for taste, appearance and fiber, vitamins. Breakfast was oatmeal, peaches, raspberries, almonds. Real ones with canola butter.

    Lunch was 420 calories of cheese potato soup with Hatch peppers, corn and low fat Polish sausage, tiny amount bacon bits, real ones. Added chicken broth for half water. I eliminate sodium where I can, fat where I can and try to add protein, fiber, whole grains, vegetables where I can.

    Dinner tonight will be a salad and I use salads that have a calorie count on entire salad including dressing. When I beef them up I measure and add the calories in.

    My problem is not lack of knowledge. I have that and the skills to use what I know, the cooking and measuring equipment. Sometimes the ambition is lacking or .motivation.

    What bothers me are all the obese people I see. Yesterday I stopped in to take gifts to my beauty salon girls. They are not fat but one is chubby cute. Looked around and realized everyone there was fat. Not chubby, fat.

    Go to Chinese restaurant, everyone there is obese except my friends who own it. Go to nail salon, same story, just Vietnamese girls are tiny. Go to Walmart and it looks like packs of elephants.

    My obese mother in law said that she liked coming here because everyone else was fat as well. I think that is the answer, if everyone else is, why be different?

  167. So I guess Florists and Bartenders are going to need, at minimum, their Masters in Psychology and Counseling. However, my Mom was an RN and the last year of her life she was a nurse at a local Mental Health Clinic (patients stayed overnight but not too long). She had no training in counseling, but the mother of 7 kids. She was a natural.

  168. My favorite job skill to hire to work in my flower shop were Crisis Hotline, suicide prevention phone volunteer and first responders, police, firemen, ambulance drivers. I am not kidding.

    But the mothers of large families, especially boys, we’re very capable. I remember one of first big weddings we did and one of my designers taking the ring bearer aside and telling him if he touched the bridesmaid bouquets one more time she was going to spank him.

  169. Jackie, I knew you had the knowledge. If I recall, you are monitoring some numbers anyway. In the general case, maybe less yours, sudden or sharp cuts can be dangerous. For a contrasting special case consider a Sumo wrestler, a 3,000 kcal/day ( half again more than peak adult male ) would be a starvation trigger.

    But as I noted, you have the best information for you.

    Steve, sheepskins not given for hard knocks. But practical experience can be priceless. Seven should be considered a Maternal Doctorate.

  170. Post above would be clearer by adding one word in the last four lines: ‘favored by natural selection for a past regime of unpredictable food availability.’ Peace,

  171. Thinking back over past weight and fat issues, I have a lifetime of body abuse including many starvation diets. Most under view of “fat doctors” or obesity clinics. Only a few tried to teach you how to survive and eat a maintenance diet.

    Most medical programs used liquid shakes which gave you low calories and basic nutrition needs. Or very restricted meal plans which did same thing. Weight Watchers is only one that tried to teach.

    Well, Richard Simmons did as well and the diabetes control diets stress nutrition. Those were best and most livable diets that taught.

    I keep wishing I had bought that Mississippi Weight Watcher’s franchise back in Hawaii when Jean Niedich offered it to me. I weighed 107 pounds when I got pregnant and size 5 and 7 clothes.

    Of course my daily meals about then probably ranged from 300 to 500 calories per day, I did not follow a healthy diet.

  172. Richard Simmons was under-appreciated by the wider culture. (may be a pun there) His clownish antics were an easy target of mockery. Instead of recognizing them for the marketing technique they were.

    But he allowed obese or weakened people to believe exercise was for them, too. Not just the California girl hot bodies. And reached a larger audience than Charles Atlas or the juice man, Jack LaLanne. Today Show appearances helped.

  173. Trip down memory lane just now. Daughter is hosting party tomorrow night and called for her dad’s favorite easy pate’ recipe. Have been through four very old and dusty cookbooks. I got an allergy attack from dust and no recipe yet.

    Found all those wonderful oyster recipes I used to cook in New Orleans and Houston. Had forgotten Oysters Casino but remembered Rockefeller.

    Funny note about me substituting buying bras for fattening food. I just got notice company had shipped Creme’ Bralee. Do not know if typo or that is name?

  174. Oysters Bienville too. Bienville, Rockefeller and Casino. Four each flavor and share them or eat them all.

    And stuffing, soup, chowder, pan fried, battered, poor boys. That is food porn.

  175. Morphy, I usually baked mine in small ramekins (more sauce possible) or small oval baking ceramics and put several oysters in oval dish under sauce for appetizers, served with buttered toast point for dinner parties.

    I used scrubbed shells too for baking which all involved jarred oysters. However I do not believe baking in she’ll releases that mussel. I think you must cut before cooking so guest can eat easily.

  176. Best Rockefeller recipes do not use spinach but watercress. I will look up.

    First cookbook said spinach, parsley, onions, and bacon, buttered bread crumbs.

    Second says butter, chopped parsley, celery, scallions, garlic, fennel, watercress, Pernod and buttered bread crumbs

    Third says spinach, scallions, celery, parsley, garlic,, Haldeman head lettuce, Worcestershire, anchovy paste, Tabasco, Pernod and buttered bread crumbs.

  177. Have never prepared oysters, and thought they were made of sterner stuff. Thanks for the tip.

    Another fond movie memory I cannot name at the moment, has Rita Hayworth and two friends of long standing always looking for ‘Poy-earls’ in their lucky ‘Oye-stears’ using mo-jo and hand jive.

  178. All four cookbooks said to cut muscle when opening shells.

    The recipe two is more like what Mike made on real oysters in she’ll because I remember how hard anchovy paste was to find.

    I also made a version of this using chopped oysters in a spinach parsley watercress mix that resembled the spinach artichoke dip they have on menu at many restaurants now. Put it in chafing dish with toast points to scoop with.

    Mike got his recipe direct from Antoines in New Orleans. The restaurant was a major account of his.

  179. Oooo, third recipe for me please. The time that I was a smoker required stronger flavors to make an impact. My taste buds are back, but the craving remains.

  180. I keep two dozen cleaned oyster shells in my pantry, for preparing Bienville and Rockefeller.

    Some years ago, I was a Suicide Prevention Hotline telephone volunteer. For about two years, until I could tell I was starting to burn out. Never realized that could get me a job in a flower shop. ๐Ÿ™‚

  181. Jackie: I know this isn’t the pate recipe your daughter is looking for but it’s an interesting option for non meat-eaters. I got it from the late Norm Schwartz; he and his wife Millie owned The Deli in Winter Park – long gone but still missed.

    “Vegetarian Chopped Liver”

    1 lb. green beans
    1 large onion
    3 hard-cooked eggs
    1 slice stale pumpernickel bread or pumpernickel bagel
    1 tsp salt
    ยฝ tsp pepper
    ยผ tsp granulated or powdered garlic

    Cook green beans with seasoning, al dente. Grind with onion, eggs, bread. Mix well. Season to taste.

  182. Oysters Rockefeller I I

    24 OYSTERS

    1 CUP BUTTER (knew that was coming)

    1/3 cup fine parsley

    1/4 cup fine celery

    1/4 cup fine scallions

    1/2 clove garlic minced

    2 cups chopped watercress

    2/3 cup minced fennel

    1/3 cup soft breadcrumbs minced

    1/4 cup Pernod.

    Salt and pepper

    Put all the raw ingredients into saute pan with butter and cook about 3 minutes. Put all into food processor or blender until pureed. Spread evenly to edges of sheLloyd and .Bakr in 450 oven about 4 minutes

  183. Rockefeller Oysters #3

    36 oysters

    1/2 pound spinach

    6-8 scallions (green onions)

    1/2 head of lettuce

    1 1/2 stalks celery

    1/2 bunch parsley

    1 clove garlic minced

    1 CUP butter

    1/2 cup fine bread crumbs

    1 tbsp. Worcestershire

    1 top. Anchovy paste

    1/2 TSP. Salt

    Several dashes of Tabasco sauce

    1 Oz. Pernid

    Melt butter and mix all finely minced ingredients. Spread to edges shells and bake in 450 until sauce bubbles.

  184. Anon, I take a small pride in knowing a few things. But that is obscure.

    More information is required for this poor Presbyterian to understand your Romans and what they may be following/proclaiming/?. Care to elaborate, or do you feel your point is made?

  185. Something happened to my post. I have stack of Louisiana cookbooks down. Never found husbands quick pate recipe for daughter but figured out most of it from memory as it began life as my pate for parties about 50 years ago.

    Anyone want more oyster recipes? I found Casino, Dunbar and Bienville recipes.

  186. Anon, full points on brevity. But clarity around here is best found in English. Possibly other languages with a CURRENT speaking population over one-million souls. Or have you shown your superior intellect, and esoteric knowledge, and are busy wallowing in glory?

    Maybe you mistranslated a current idea into a dead language?

  187. Very seldom do I claim to speak another language . If anyone here is fan of King of the Hill they will remember Peggy the wife who thought she spoke Spanish but actually said most godawful things she did not intend.

    That’s me. Not anon any more I am signed in now on all machines. Just me on bad Spanish and menu French.

  188. Went to look it up, surprised I spelled it right.

    But it reminded me of Brittany Murphy.

    She and Heath Ledger.

    Two of the most interesting actors of their time.

  189. Sorry, guess I shouldn’t just let that hang there.

    Think Karate Kid, but for a heart-broken, I mean torn asunder kind of heart-broken, adult woman in a strange land. Relearning life, love, and how to thrive. Get your Kleenex. Then be ready to cheer. Then mourn our loss of this still young talent. Grab some good ramen. And know we will be blessed with more joy.

  190. Here is a YouTube video of Boomhauer calling 911 when the Megalo Martin blows up.


    In the seasons finale it is revealed that Boomhaeur is a Texas Rangers who has been living incognito as an unemployed electrician on Workman’s Compensation. I can buy that, a confirmed Batchelor, loves women, fast cars and guns as I recall.

  191. Mark, Boston Charlie is fun, though I can’t claim reading the first run.

    I have fallen victim to eggcorns and mondegreens many times. But the one that always comes to mind at religious times was my pre-reading age understanding of Psalm 23. I really thought Jesus was supposed to be a pretty cool guy, and I was pretty sure that was who was meant by ‘Lord’ and ‘shepherd’. Why don’t I want Him? Isn’t green pastures a pretty cool place to lie down? Comma placement, and phrased breathing while reciting is very important to message. I really felt like I wasn’t getting this whole God thing until I figured that one out.

  192. Morphy, I can’t claim first run reading either. I didn’t start reading on my own until I was between 3 and 4, I think. My memory of these things probably dates from around 1959 upwards, and all I can say is that I was reading the comics. I had several of the later collections I bought during my time in the Navy, though, and developed an even greater liking for many comic artists during that period.

  193. I am going to call Debbe and talk to her and if ok with Debbe I will post here for her. I know it won’t be the same but could you settle for me?

    Also I kept my food intake to around 1200 or less calories today. Had a weak moment and reached for an open can of pralines mixed nuts. A Ghostly hand hit mine and flung the entire can onto floor upside down and open. I was saved. Swept them up and threw in garbage. Now who did that?

  194. I started reading Pogo around 1949-50 when I was five or six. Don’t think I got the jokes until I was much older. In college Pogo was much read, like Bloom County is loved now. By then we got the satire and jokes.

  195. Wikipedia:

    Kelly died in 1973 in Woodland Hills, California, from diabetes complications, following a long and debilitating illness that had cost him a leg. During his final illness, work on the strip had fallen to various assistants (and occasionally reprints), and Kelly characteristically joked about returning to work as soon as he regrew the leg. He is sometimes listed as having been interred in the Cemetery of the Evergreens in Brooklyn, New York, but there is no grave for him there. He is believed to have been cremated.[10]


  196. If you can give us Debbe news, that will be great, Jacquie. And thanks to all of you for the Deck Us All With Boston Charlie memories. I just put your link up on FB, Jacquie.

  197. Tomorrow I have to get someone to look at why dash lights for anti-skid/stability and ABS brakes came on and won’t go away. Other than that I have to coordinate about 10 days of warm clothes for Illinois.

    And pack some healthy food stuff to take along. My daughter has never been good at providing healthy. She also said to bring Jack’s gifts in sealed boxes or black garbage bags.

  198. Hi all, refreshed again before rest.

    emb, do you know anon’s three word reference from earlier? I’d caught your Order of the Garter motto some time back, but don’t get this one.

    Thought it might have to do with today’s electoral developments because of timing. Can’t quite decide if Romam is the city of Rome as a unit, or people of Rome as a body, or if it’s a distinction without a difference. Couldn’t recall it from Shakespeare. Not a lot of experience in Italian opera. Not even enough to say it has much Latin in it.

    Didn’t plan on staying up so may catch answer tomorrow.

  199. It is an hour later Steve and Brigadoon is still here. Jimmy, wake up! The magic is fading. And I am going back to sleep.

    Don’t you hate it whn people call before 8 a.m.?

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