What is Montpelier?



I’m late posting today. I know you’re not going to believe this, but it’s true: I got up early to work on the A&J book files, and the next thing I knew the time to update the Web site had flown by. I really don’t keep mentioning the book just to gin up your enthusiasm; it’s just that it’s pretty much consuming my waking hours these days, and it’s talk about that or nothing.

I passed through the original Montpelier in my travels one time. It’s in France. Over there, it’s pronounced something like “Mon puh YAY.” In fact, I changed trains there. I almost missed it, but one of those awful French people surmised that I, being an obvious tourist, probably did not want to keep going wherever it was the train was going, so she poked me and conveyed that I might want to get off. I did!