Ahoy or two?

This was a comic strip that first appeared after mountainous landlocked Switzerland won the quadrennial America’s Cup yachting race. I’ve been a water enthusiast all my life and a boater of one sort or another most of my adult life, but I will say that the America’s Cup is about the dumbest, dullest, most unsporting sporting event in the world. Except that year Ted Turner won it and got so drunk at the awards ceremony he passed out under a table. That was cool. Speaking of boats, it took “ToysGeo” about five minutes yesterday to claim the free t-shirt by asking the question, “Whatever happened to Arlo’s boat?” If ToysGeo will get in touch with me via the above email link, we’ll make arrangements for delivery of the prize. As for the question, we’re going to talk about that tomorrow. Or soon. Also coming up will be an opportunity for many of you to purchase an original A&J comic strip for a good price and a good cause. Y’all come back now, hear?

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