Ne laissez pas les b√Ętards vous broyer!


(Cartoonist’s update: In my work, I have consciously chosen to address foibles and issues that unite us humans. After beginning my career as an editorial cartoonist 35 years ago, I have evolved away from controversy. If I don’t directly comment on the issues of the day very often, it isn’t because I am oblivious or shallow. I am trying to make us all feel better. Sometimes, though, events seem to overwhelm, and holding a mirror up for us to make silly faces just doesn’t seem like appropriate behavior. That feeling will pass, thank God. I am going to leave yesterday’s post up for another day, and I’ll come back Saturday to share a lot of interesting information about the Kickstarter campaign. It is going fabulously, by the way, and I thank everyone who has contributed so far.)

I’ll return to the classic A&J cartoons soon, but I want to announce, formally, that the oft-delayed Kickstarter campaign has launched. It went live yesterday about noon. I did post a short message about it late yesterday morning, and I want to thank those of you who already have responded. The campaign is a third of the way to its $10,000 goal already! Yes, fund raisers must set a goal within Kickstarter, and if that goal is not met no funds are collected. It’s as if nothing ever happened. However, this is the point where I should mention that the sky is the limit when it comes to exceeding the stated goal. Insert smiley face.

I’m new to all this myself. We have a lot to talk about. For one thing, exactly what is this big project for which I’m campaigning? And there’s much to talk about in the area of rewards, which will be the fun part. They’re fluid, by the way. Rewards can be changed or added during the course of the fund-raiser. Let’s do it this way: if you’re at all interested, go to my Kickstarter page; watch the silly little video over which I toiled for hours and hours; familiarize yourself with the project; check out the rewards. We’ll meet back here over the next few days, and I’ll try to cover all the questions. Whether you participate or not, I hope you enjoy the project. Go here: Work with Arlo & Janis


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