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The Return of an Undead Building

It hasn’t been that long ago since television movies went digital. Barely 10 years ago, in supermarket-sized rental stores everywhere, VHS tapes were being replaced by DVD discs. Now, if you watch DVDs at all you probably rent them from a vending machine outside a convenience store. I’ve been a Netflix customer for a long time, but I haven’t done the DVD mail swap in years. I stream, although my selection of titles is more limited. Convenience is a provocative siren.

Kickstarters take a breather. Several readers have contacted me wanting to contribute to the parsonage renovation without going through the Kickstarter site. This is allowed. You may send a check to: First Universalist Church, PO Box 86, Camp Hill, AL, 36850. Note on the check, “Parsonage fund.” By the way, all funds raised by the Kickstarter campaign, exclusive of Kickstarter fees, will go directly to the church and not to me. If you do send a check, include a note saying what reward you would like to receive. And to be safe, drop me a confirmation email through this site. Thank you all!

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