Chance of Rain, 50%

The Return of an Undead Building

I felt personally touched by the passing of Jack Davis Wednesday, and I wanted to share it with you. I should mention that another great cartoonist passed away that same day, Richard Thompson. He did not enjoy the longevity of Jack Davis. Richard was only 58 when he died of Parkinson’s disease. But like Jack, Richard was a highly regarded cartoonist’s cartoonist, and he is best remembered for his comic strip “Cul de Sac” and his weekly comic “Richard’s Poor Almanac” in The Washington Post. It was a tough week for the profession.
The Kickstarter campaign raps up next week. It seems to me as if it’s been going on forever, and it probably seems that way to you. Actually, the 21-day campaign is short. Most are 30 days, and they can run to 60 days. We’ll talk next week about how and when we’re going to distribute all those rewards. Thanks, again, to everyone!

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