Wallpaper and Cat Logic

I’m posting a two-fer today as a way of apologizing for being so irregular with posts lately. The first I chose because of the current A&J in newspapers and on GoComics. Yes, the technology has changed. The iPhone did exist when the above cartoon was drawn in 2008, but barely. The other is a cat cartoon, also from 2008, and one doesn’t need an excuse to run a cat cartoon, does one? Speaking of modern phones, my own recent migration from a flip phone as depicted above to a smart phone is well along. I’ve always made fun of people who sat around and fiddled with their phones, but I may have been unfair: they probably are still adjusting the settings! I’m doing all right, tough. Actually, my new Galaxy phone isn’t the first smart phone I have owned. Five years ago, I went to an iPhone. That did not end well. Today, I am much more resigned to the idea that the phone is the master, and I am its slave. We’re going to get along fine.

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