Holly Go Lightly

I’ve been doing the Web site in this format and appearance since January, 2008. That will be nine years next month. My first WordPress post was to plug an original Arlo & Janis cartoon being sold on eBay by “Ken in Framingham,” a friend and reader then and now. Ken is in the retail comics business in Worcester, Massachusetts, and—as I noted way back in 2008—he likes the “saucy” ones. That would include the above, I assume. Of course, before this version of the Web site appeared, there were others. I’ve been throwing up something on the Web since 2004. OK, perhaps a poor choice of words, but the point is we’ve been here on a regular basis, many of us, for over 12 years. And that’s just more-or-less steady posting. I’ve been dabbling on the Web for more than 20 years. Is that not incredible? I am grateful for all of you who’ve been with me online, today and over time. I really can’t believe how quickly it is passing. Whatever changes come in the new year, I hope we’ll all be here come 2027. I plan to be!
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