Door No. 1, etc.

Digital tools being as they are, this 2008 cartoon would have been an excellent opportunity to draw the first panel and reproduce it three times in the subsequent panels, pasting in dialog and the cat in the final panel. A cartoonist doesn’t want to get lazy and overly dependent on Photoshop, but it would have worked well in this case because of the “wait for it” nature of the gag. In this case, however, I did not. I diligently redrew each panel. I’d like to offer myself as a martyr for artistic integrity, but I’m not sure I qualify. I was using a felt pen which is a speedy medium, and I suspect it simply was easier to knock out each drawing than it would have been to involve a lot of computer chicanery. That can often be the case with me. Oh, that felt-tip pen thing I was going to talk more about. I have not forgotten!

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