Finish Line II

I said I would finish my thoughts about pens. A felt pen doesn’t work as well for me as a dip pen and India ink, but I do not mean to generalize. In the hand of many talented cartoonists, a felt pen can render wonders. I think of the best felt-pen art as loose, with bold lines, interesting textures and rich shading, marvelous to behold. However, having come of age in the prime of Peanuts and Beetle Baily and Hi & Lois and BC, I guess I’m more of a line guy. I think my educational background as a reporter and editor played a part, too. When I started, many years ago, I thought of the drawing as a necessary evil, a means to a greater end. This was a mistake on my part, but I have learned and developed. I’m proud of that, but it’s all moot anyway. Young cartoonists starting out today draw with a digital tablet!
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