Work in Progress

This A&J strip from 2015 is about as close as I come to office humor these days. Actually, I did a lot of office humor starting out, when the dysfunctions and inanities of the communal workplace still were fresh to me and those around me. I was doing office humor when Scott Adams worked for the phone company. I will admit, though, many of the experiences upon which I drew have been exorcised by time, and today I feel neither inclined nor qualified to comment on “the office.” Besides, working or not, I think most of us the age of Arlo and Janis find our lives centering more around relationships and home and less around career. Remember careers? When I started in 1985, there were no “jobs,” only “careers,” and I think it’s safe to say Arlo and Janis both considered themselves on a career track. Well, that little fad went off the rails long ago, and many of us count ourselves lucky to have any kind of “job.” So, do Arlo and Janis still have jobs? Are they retired? To be continued.

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