Olive Pits

(I was looking for an old cartoon we haven’t seen in a while when I ran up on this post, from four years ago this month. I figured I’d share the entire post with you and give you an update: the olive trees didn’t make it. The olive trees didn’t nearly make it.)

Tonight, we’re supposed to get the coolest weather of the season so far in my neck of the woods. It might frost, which would be about on schedule. Remember the olive trees? They’ll be facing their first winter outdoors. I think if they survive a couple of winters, they’ll have a chance. The problem with where I live in Zone 8 (Refer to the above link for a refresher in all that.) is that many tropical and sub-tropical plants—citrus plants for example—would thrive year-round 99 percent of the time, but sooner or later will come that two or three days in winter when the temperature hovers near zero. Then, it’s game-over for many plants that may have been perfectly happy for years. Olive trees could be another example. I’ll keep you posted.
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