Who’ll feed it until Christmas?

We haven’t had any really good Little Gene humor for a long time. This one is from 1991. I’m reluctant to keep bringing this sort of thing up, but I’m learning here, too. I was talking last week to those of you who view Arlo & Janis on GoComics.com, the Andrews McMeel Universal web site. We talked about how to “like” a particular strip, if you were so inclined. (The response, by the way, was quite amazing! Thank you!) I have noticed, though, that another metric important to the GoComics people is the “favorite.” That’s the blue icon to the right of each day’s cartoon that looks like a pushpin. The whole idea of the “favorite” is vague to me. It doesn’t mean that A&J is your favorite comic strip or even that a particular strip is your favorite strip of the moment. What “favorite” allows you to do is save a cartoon, as if you’re cutting out a “favorite” cartoon and sticking it on a bulletin board, hence the pushpin. The vague part of it to me is, why would you want to do that? I suppose so you easily could find it again or show it to someone later or just have it cluttering up your device. Maybe you really like the cartoon that much! You can find more information about this on GoComics.com. Anyway (sigh) it apparently will help me if you take an additional two seconds to click on the “favorite” icon. But only if you really want to do it! I have less pride than last week, but I still have a little.

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