Revenge Is a Dish

I noticed a question has arisen: how does one spell the nickname of Ludwig, the cat? Well, I can tell you that the nickname should rhyme with “moody.” Apparently, I have spelled it differently in the strip over the years, as some of you have observed. (That’s the problem with digital archives and comments.) Anyway, my task is to produce a phonetic spelling that sounds like “moody.” To me, “Luddie” should be pronounced “LUHDdie,” so that won’t work. “Ludie” might be better, but a vestige of confusion remains. That, of course, leaves “Loodie” or “Loody.” In the future, owing to the “moody” example, let’s go with “Loody.” Also, it’s one less letter than “Loodie,” and you might be amazed how much that can help in certain deadline situations. OK, that’s settled. The reason I haven’t been consistent in the past is, I haven’t given the issue nearly as much thought as some of you. But thanks for thinking of me!
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