Through the magic of the Web

I make it a rule to never explain a particular comic strip when asked. If I paused to do that, I’d never get anything else done! However, the above Sunday, which ran in 2005, probably deserves some explanation. By necessity, it required a lot from the readers’ imagination. I say “by necessity,” because the full dénouement was too tasteless for newspapers. I got the inspiration—if it can be called that—from my friend Gale. Gale is to “blithe spirit” what “major hurricane” is to “summer zephyr.” Often when any of her several cats would sashay past one of her frequent dinner parties, she would gleefully exclaim, “Oh, look! He’s wearing his Ohio State sweater!” I think if anyone got this cartoon, it was the cat people. As I recall, I was searching for a zinger to wrap up the previous panels, which I think were presentably clever. It never was meant as an insult to friends and family of the Ohio State University. Well, it wasn’t meant that way! I trust they have a sense of humor. Now that I’ve explained it to them.

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