Storied Past IV

I’m sorry about yesterday! This site was down for much of Saturday, and when it seemed evident it wouldn’t return on its own, I grimaced and called my web host, EarthLink. After I’d gone through the preliminary rigamarole (“What was the favorite toy of the third pet you ever had?”), the nice fellow on the other end typed in the address of my web site and said something like, “Yes, I see it,” to which I replied, “You do?!” I looked on my computer, and sure enough there it was. It turned out, certain sites built with WordPress were not functioning properly on EarthLink that day. The corrections apparently were finalized about the time I was trying to think of my third pet’s favorite toy. That was the easiest call that young man took all day, although it was a while before I could get off the phone, because he was obligated to try and sell me stuff. I will say, I pay a bit every month for EarthLink, but it’s served me well for years.
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