Occasional Table

The crash of my Web site yesterday was just one more reminder how much work I have to do here. I had always believed that The Great New Web Site of the Future would be unveiled in toto one glorious day, like some statue. I have come to realize the upgrade of my online effort will be a gradual thing, more like the carving than the unveiling. I could start, say, by posting more often! The folding in of Facebook is part of it. It’s all incremental, and we get to enjoy it together.

We went over this a few weeks ago, so I hope you’ll excuse me for mentioning it again, but it is significant. If you visit GoComics.com to view the daily Arlo & Janis, or any other comics, I hope you will consider signing up for a subscription, those of you who haven’t already. There are two options: free and not free. For purposes of our discussion here, either will do. Either plan will enable you, among other things, to choose certain favorite comics that will be assembled for you each day on your own customized comics page. At that time, I hope you will include Arlo & Janis. That is all.

(Addendum: To clarify, one signs up, or “subscribes,” to GoComics.com in a general sense, and this allows one to choose, or “subscribe,” to a specific comic, such as A&J. Or Wallace the Brave, etc.)

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