Don’t Even Think It!

Another rare Monday post. Today’s retro strip is from waaaaay back in 2015; as the cold-natured know, seasonal temperatures have arrived in most of the eastern U.S. I wanted to clarify something about the ongoing cartoon-art auction. The listings in “Galerie Arlo & Janis” continue to reflect a “Buy It Now” price of $250 on all the original strips still available. Actually, this is no longer an option. Items put up for bids can be purchased at a buy-it-now price but only until bidding begins. Bidding has begun on all remaining art, so it’s no longer possible to snap one up by paying an asking price. Not even for $250. You have to bid. I’m not sure why the buy-it-now price still appears. It is eBay, after all. The good news is, most bids still are well below the original purchase price!

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