The French Connection

“Where do you get your ideas?” I came to international travel later in life. In 1998, I ventured to Paris. I distinctly remember my first impression: the radio in the taxi from the airport was playing classic American rock music. Quelle surprise! I soon discovered it was the same in the bars and cafes, everywhere. It was as if the soundtrack of Paris was the soundtrack of my youth. I could not, however, understand a word the announcers were saying, nor a word of the commercial messages, but that just added to the charm somehow. I wondered if Parisians immersed in American music could understand the lyrics. When I returned home, I searched the internet and actually found some of those very French stations I’d heard, and I learned I could stream their broadcasts. In fact, I believe that was the first time I encountered the word “stream” in that context. So, for a period, I would listen to rock and roll interspersed with indecipherable (for me) French commentary. It was tres cool!

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