Was Ist Das?

Every morning, I rummage through my digital files and find an old cartoon that doesn’t embarrass me, and I show it to you. What I choose from is a written directory of file names, which usually gives me a clue as to the topic of an old comic strip if not a direct mental image of a specific strip. This morning, I ran across a file tag that included the word “komikern.” I thought, “What th’ heck is ‘komikern?’ That doesn’t sound familiar!” Well, it was this oldie from 2006. This is what I was talking about the other day: the speed with which technology moves on. A decade ago, I was doing jokes based on the menu presented at the beginning of video DVDs, which seemed quirky and vaguely threatening at the time. Of course, kids understood it all innately. Today? DVDs? Kids? Fuhgidaboudit! Of course, it doesn’t help that by the time I am conversant enough in something new that I can draw a cartoon about it, that “something new” is already out the door.

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