Dollars and Sense

From this month in 2008, Arlo receives a revelation. I said we were going to talk about colorization of the Arlo & Janis comic strip. Contrary to not long ago, newspapers can print color comics seven days a week if they so choose, not just the traditional Sunday funnies. Many papers still publish the Monday through Saturday strips in black and white, as God intended, but many print comic strips in color every day. I personally color the Sunday A&J comics. The original is drawn on white paper with India ink, as in olden days, but then I scan it and color a digital version in Photoshop. Easy peasy. The technical process is the same for the daily strips (Monday through Saturday), except I do not actually color them. Black and white digital copies of the daily originals are sent to the syndicate offices in Kansas City where someone else colors them, presumably in Photoshop, or something like it. I do not send any instructions; I leave it to the poor minion upon whom the task falls to choose colors. I guess this got started, because I am so old-school. There was a time when colorization of the dailies simply did not seem important. (“Oh, it’s a fad! It’ll pass! Who colors dailies!?”) I’m telling you all this for a reason, but I’m not going to tell you the reason just yet.
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